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Sinistra in the natal chart

Sinistra is a fixed star of 3rd magnitude from the constellation Ophiuchus, projected in the natal chart at 29° Sagittarius. This is one of the most terrible stars, symbolizing the accumulated black karma of the family, when the measure of evil is exceeded, and now the descendants are reaping the destructive consequences. However, before you get scared, you need to see if the personal planet or house cusp is in exact conjunction with the degree of Sinistra , because only a mathematically precise conjunction includes negative programs.

The native becomes a source of evil, pain and destruction, and if he consciously leaves the bad, he is considered to be left alone, without family and children. However, as examples show, if you actively engage in charity and do good, this moment can be changed. Another thing is that most often a person is already born with a number of destructive inclinations, the smallest of which are laziness, immorality, denial of the rules of decency and the desire to destroy everything bright and good.

Features of Sinistra in the natal chart

Sinistra really says that there were many different crimes in the family, most of them hidden from descendants, which is why this star appeared in the map. Even if we simply find out who, when and why committed crimes, this will already ease the native’s position in the world.

We can distinguish two levels of manifestation of the negative influence of a star. In the first case, a person becomes the enemy of everyone around him. He is envious and wants to forcibly appropriate for himself everything that he likes, regardless of whether it belongs to another person. It is no coincidence that Sinistra is called a black hole. Its owner also absorbs everything he likes, even if for this it is necessary to violate moral standards, rob, steal, kill or frame good people.

Such a person often hates representatives of another nationality, faith, and even simply those who disagree with him or are superior to him in some way. He is especially disgusted by people with physical disabilities and congenital genetic diseases. He sympathizes with the ideas of fascism about the purity of the race and is not against participating in genocide. All these traits appear at a low stage of development and become aggravated with appropriate upbringing.

In the second case, at a higher level of consciousness, when the native grows up in a good family, where moral principles are instilled in him, the situation softens. However, such powerful dark karma of the family cannot be completely removed by good behavior alone. The native faces events leading to his public disgrace. He causes antipathy and cannot build long-term relationships; he is betrayed and humiliated. And here is the starting point: will he respond with evil to evil or will he still come to terms with the state of things and remain on the bright side.

Few people can withstand such a test, because Sinistra gives them simply enormous destructive power that requires release. It’s like a demon waiting to burst out of the bottle. Even in the process of self-defense, the native can kill the enemy or seriously injure him.

Sinistra’s conjunction with other planets

For a long time it was believed that a star brings destruction regardless of its conjunction with other planets. However, it turned out that if they are in a strong position with positive aspects, then it is easier to overcome the call of ancient evil.

A person is capable of taking the bright path on his own. Of course, he is subject to temptations and outbursts of rage, but fatally destructive consequences do not occur. It is much more difficult if the aspects are intense, and Sinistra, along with another planet, becomes part of Jones’s complexly worked out figure. However, one must always proceed from the nature of the influence of the planet itself:

Sun : it is important for a person to obtain a high status and he succeeds in politics, law, business, although, most often, he uses forbidden methods of struggle and proceeds solely from his own selfishness, without thinking about others. Family is not important to him, because he does not know how to think about anyone other than himself.

Moon : The native strives for fame and achieves it, although more often bad than good. All life is connected with the loss of family, money, reputation and the desire to restore all this, even with the use of black magic. He often finds himself in situations of shame and public scandals.

Venus : a person perfectly disguises himself as a favorite of others, can be a psychopath, imitating the feelings that are expected by those who he needs in his multi-steps. Uses people in love to achieve his goals.

Jupiter : high position thanks to lies and the ability to quietly do dirty work. Manipulating people through religion, fanaticism and nationalism

Mars and Pluto : the most difficult position, where everything is possible: murder, fights, violence, black magic using living beings.

You shouldn’t worry too much if Sinistra is manifested in the horoscope of your loved ones, because you can soften its impact.

How to work through Sinistra

A negative fixed star does not appear in a chart just like that, so it cannot be completely neutralized. You can consciously decide to direct destructive energy to fight the forces of evil, exposing them or identifying criminals in the role of an investigator, prosecutor, or judge.

High official position can be used to restore justice and help. If the native is afraid of loneliness, he should throw all his strength into helping disadvantaged families, helping them reunite, be it charitable assistance to sick children so that they remain longer in the bosom of their family, or through opening a marriage agency, contributing to the creation of happy couples.

One should act actively, symbolically destroying obstacles to happiness and justice. You shouldn’t expect that all this will be done out of the kindness of your heart, because a person will still remain cynical and little sensitive to other people’s troubles, but by transferring his consciousness to a creative wave, he will save himself from fatal crises.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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