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Sirius in the natal chart

This double star is made up of bright white Sirius. A with magical female energy and sparkling yellow Sirius B with male energy, is clearly visible in the sky, except for the summer period. It is located in the constellation Canis Major and is considered a symbol of great glory and sacrifice in the name of high ideals. Sirius has the nature of Jupiter , Mars , Moon and Selene , and by connecting with personal planets, he endows the native with the mission of royal service to the world through healing, mystical, psychic abilities.

They will have to be realized in high positions, and if a person chooses the highest hypostasis of serving people, he often has to give up simple human joys. If the native avoids responsibility and is not sure that he was born for great deeds, he attracts a lot of destructive events up to self-destruction, so it is very important to study your chart at the time of destination according to the Ascending Lunar Node and 10th house.

Features of understanding Sirius in the natal chart

The dog star was once at the heart of the calendar of ancient Egypt, so those in whose horoscopes it is manifested should initially be the keepers of traditions, culture and pass on the knowledge of their generation to another. This applies to both the cosmic laws of justice and the earthly ones.

Accordingly, violation of them by the native himself is punished severely, the demand from him is greater than from someone who does not have a connection of personal planets with this star.

Sirius is located at 14° Cancer and the orb of conjunction for major aspects does not exceed 1°, which makes them a rather rare occurrence. It has been noticed that those born from July 5 to 7, as well as Ascendant Cancers and owners of the exact conjunction of the Sun with the MC (Midheaven Meridian) are also under the influence of Sirius, especially if they belong to peoples who carefully preserve their cultural and religious traditions, the memory of their ancestors, foundations of culture.

These include Russia, Turkey, India, Ukraine, Tatarstan, Chuvashia, Kazakhstan, Japan, China and similar countries. Accordingly, the owners of Sirius living in these countries in major aspects with the planets fall under a stronger influence, and the rejection of the mission is fraught with big problems.

Positive Influence of Sirius

The energy of the star is cold, feminine, in contrast to the masculine, yang fullness of the Sun, and of course, in combination with each other, they give a deep understanding of gender psychology. Such people are usually an example of innate wisdom and integrity of nature, they understand how people work, even without studying to be a psychologist, and always give valuable advice.

It is traditionally believed that the Sun is responsible for the physical component of a person, the type of temperament and ego, and Sirius for the soul and its desire for higher truths. It is from him that the information necessary for development comes, signs and warnings, prophetic dreams and teachers in order to later make the native himself a beacon of light.

Favorable directions in fate, initiated precisely by Sirius:

  • a high position in society, sometimes obtained in a completely fabulous way, but if a person uses it solely for personal gain, it is as if he is thrown out of the matrix to a lower level, because higher powers gave him the opportunity to develop spirituality and help others;
  • popularity, wealth, honors for services rendered to society;
  • spiritual appearance, a person stands out from the crowd, even without being a model of classical beauty, there is something sublime and magnetic in him;
  • success in matters of national importance, service in the army or the church, as well as in art designed to ennoble the souls of people, for example, in the theater;
  • the talent of a healer, healer, herbalist, energy practitioner and traditional medicine doctor.

In prognostication, Sirius creates an aura of miracle, for example, portends a magical healing that cannot be adequately explained.

Negative manifestations of Sirius in the natal chart

For a person with a limited view of the world, obsessed with material values, Sirius can create a scenario with devastating plot twists, but only for the native to understand that not everything in life is measured by money, and that something must be sacrificed for the sake of the common good. .

This is not necessarily the rejection of money, comforts and personal relationships, but rather the cultivation of freedom from attachments in this direction.

Particular attention should be paid to Sirius in the 8th house, especially if he connects with Mars: the danger of suffering from dog bites or dying bravely in battle, fighting for the patriotic views of his homeland.

Sirius conjunctions with planets

The orb of a star for aspects with the luminaries is 1 °, and even less for other planets, and this must be taken into account, since sometimes a person is mistakenly credited with the mission of Sirius, and this force does not act on him. Different combinations of stars with planets manifest themselves in their own way:

  • with the Sun: A brilliant career in sports, astrology, politics and the military field through the patronage of higher ranks. The sooner this happens, the more difficult it is for a person to appreciate his happiness and not fall into pride;
  • with the Moon: influential loving friends, sympathy and patronage of the opposite sex, a homely atmosphere contributes to reaching one’s destiny;
  • with Mercury: the necessary information comes by itself, success in commerce and science, in communication;
  • with Venus: a bright talent in art, the ability to earn money easily and with pleasure;
  • with Jupiter: wealth, fame, career.

Connection with the Ascendant and the MC, in addition to the inevitable rise above others, also brings the danger of suffering from a privileged position in the event of star disease or simple pride.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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