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Sun in the 3rd house of the relocation chart

After moving to a new place of residence, our life changes not by chance. Of course, the potential of the natal chart cannot be canceled, but under some circumstances it flourishes through the disclosure of initially inherent talents, while under others it is simply impossible to take place professionally and personally, because events do not contribute to this. The relocation chart is built while saving birth data, but in the city column, people need to select the place where they moved with the time according to Greenwich Mean Time.

The planets remain in the same degrees and signs, only the house cusps shift. The success of a person depends on the power of the Sun, because it is responsible for the individuality and power of the fulfillment of all desires, and most importantly, the ability to achieve goals. If it moves into the 3rd house, the circumstances of life will require new skills from the native in raising the level of education and expanding the social circle.

Features of the transition of the Sun to the 3rd house of the relocation chart

It is important to analyze where thу sun is located in the natal cahrt and from which sector it passes into the 3rd. In general, when making a general forecast, the relocation chart, when interpreted, is symbolically superimposed on the natal one in order to understand where the main accents are shifting in the event feed of the future.

If people have chosen a city or country in a westerly direction, then the house cusps will shift counterclockwise. When moving east, vice versa. It turns out there are two options for events when the Sun enters the 3rd house from the 2nd or 4th sector. This does not mean that now life’s tasks are associated only with this area of activity, but their fulfillment will now involve those areas for which the third house is responsible. Such individuals will have to communicate more, make useful connections, moreover, if they decide to be a freelancer and work from home, as was the case when the Sun was in the 4th sector, this will not bring much money until they begin to communicate at offline events.

The exception is the presence of stronger aspects between the 4th, 6th and 8th houses indicating success in hiring. They will have to act quickly and actively on all fronts; they will not be able to sit out in a cozy family world.

Sun in the 3rd house of the relocation chart and self-expression

The main task of people is learning new skills, forms of interaction with the outside world. It is necessary to literally feed on other people’s knowledge, skills, views, worldview and enrich their resources, expand their horizon.

Without this, they will not be able to earn more than what is included in their natal charts in the 2nd house, but if they grow intellectually and apply knowledge in practice, for example, learn a foreign language, complete computer courses, this will certainly affect the growth of the salary. However, at the same time, it is also necessary to expand the circle of contacts, not limited only to the team at work. In the case when younger relatives live in a new place of residence, they will become a source of favorable news and desired changes.

If the ruler of the 3rd house and the Sun itself are affected by negative aspects, then on the contrary, relatives and neighbors will cause problems and troubles. This is especially true for the owners of the Sun, who moved into the 3rd house from the 4th, who lived calmly and in peace with their neighbors in the old place. It is necessary to analyze all aspects of the relocation horoscope so that alcoholics and brawlers do not end up behind the wall of the apartment.

The native acquires new character traits, or those that have already been laid down, but did not appear in the previous circumstances, are strengthened:

  • increased sociability, talkativeness, curiosity;
  • a sense of humor, a desire to fool around, to treat everything easily, even to be funny if it makes others fun;
  • the need to learn and change, to adopt someone’s skills, to be an apprentice with a professional;
  • speed of reactions, manual dexterity, eloquence;
  • the desire to do something with own hands, for example, embroider, knit, draw, sculpt, but not for the home, namely to participate in exhibitions, competitions, to make themselves known and become famous.

Since most often the Sun moves into the 3rd house from the 2nd, it is important to understand that all these qualities must eventually be put into practice in order to fill people with energy resources and enrich them financially.

The negative influence of the Sun in the 3rd house of the relocation chart

In the presence of tense aspects, such individuals become involved in the whirlwind of events organized by relatives or neighbors. They are forced to attend some gatherings, family gatherings, although they absolutely do not want this. A lot of unnecessary information, gossip is poured onto them, they call them with or without reason.

At a low level of awareness, they themselves initiate an empty pastime, constantly visit guests, sit in social networks. It is difficult for them to focus on really useful things, as if their energy is scattered into trifles, from which it is impossible to put together a whole picture of success.

It must be remembered that the position of the Sun in the 3rd house requires them to focus on learning something new with the application of this knowledge in practice, only then the negative consequences will go away.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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