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3rd House of the horoscope “Point of communication”

The third house of the horoscope will tell about a person’s intelligence, about his ability to make acquaintances, communicate, negotiate, find the necessary information. A strong third house will indicate that the owner of the horoscope is easy-going, often travels and maintains communication with close relatives, friends, neighbors.

3rd house and its characteristics

The third house of the horoscope describes the ability of people to know the world. Acquaintance with the realities of life begins in childhood, when the baby begins to recognize things, to distinguish them from the general mass, to establish relationships between various objects. Over time, the child begins to crawl, walk and talk, and the picture of the world around him expands more and more. The baby’s speech becomes richer, he begins to defend his opinion and feels more independent.

Thanks to the knowledge gained in childhood and adolescence, a person forms his ideas, views and way of thinking. The information that people comprehend at this time determines their future life.

In this regard, it is very important to conduct a third house analysis in order to learn about the interests and inclinations of the child and contribute to the development of his intellectual talents. High-quality knowledge, the ability to interact with other people and confidence in their abilities will help children in the future to effectively manage their lives and make fewer mistakes in their activities.

The third house represents logical thinking and analytical mind in an adult. Through mental operations, the native collects scattered facts, adds them up and draws appropriate conclusions. The planets and signs in this house will tell how fast we think. For example, if the 3rd house is influenced by the signs of Fire or the planets Mars and Pluto, then the owner of the horoscope quickly learns and reacts to changes in the environment. If the influence of earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus) and the planet Saturn is present, then the native’s mind is distinguished by its slowness, and knowledge – thorough and fundamental.

Analysis of the 3rd field of the horoscope can tell about the peculiarities of the subject’s thinking. The presence of Neptune in this house will tell about the intuitive mind and abilities of the psychologist, and Uranus – about the native’s originality and his penchant for invention.

In addition, signs and planets in the 3rd field will give information about the manner of a person’s communication. If the top of the third field is in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, then the owner of the horoscope does not hesitate to speak out openly and make public statements. He is confident in his views and knows how to speak convincingly. If the third house is influenced by an earth sign (for example, Capricorn), then the subject is secretive, laconic, careful in communication and makes contact with difficulty.


Home value in compatibility analysis

When assessing interpersonal interactions, it is useful to analyze the entry of the planets of one partner into the homes of the other. It is often possible to observe that the luminaries of a person fall into the 3rd field of the horoscope of his sister or brother. If the planets in the 3rd field are strong and kind, then they strengthen family ties and contribute to the establishment of good-neighborly relations.

Third house interactions are also beneficial when it comes to coeducation. The luminaries enhance such qualities of the owner of the third house as curiosity, sociability, readiness to perceive new information and make acquaintances.

The properties and qualities of the planets that fall into the 3rd house of the interlocutor affect the quality of communication. If it is Mercury, then communication between people is easy and relaxed. Saturn causes the desire to communicate only when necessary, and Mars inclines to disputes and discussions.

Lilia Garipova


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