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Sun in the 4th house of the relocation chart

The relocation horoscope gives an idea of how life will turn out when moving to a new place of residence. With the introduction of the geographical coordinates, but with the preservation of the rest of the birth data, it turns out that the cusps of the houses are displaced. Personal planets may be in neighboring houses, which means that the emphasis of their influence on fate changes taking into account the scope of the new sector of the horoscope.

As in the solarium in the relocation horoscope, the position of the Sun determines the main theme of the activity and self-expression of its owners in a new place of residence: how people will show their ego, innate talents and leadership qualities. The 4th house is associated with the household, family, ancestors and clan of the native. This is the beginning and end of life, so it can symbolize both a new marital status and the completion of retirement, but the negative aspects and connections with the 8th and 12th sectors are especially dangerous here.

Features of the transition of the Sun to the 4th house of the relocation chart

Depending on the direction of the move, the house cusps move clockwise or counterclockwise. This can be seen when building a relocation chart (it is important that the time of birth coincides with the Greenwich data, according to the year when the native was born).

The sun shows the main life task of a person, and the place of its position – the circumstances under which it is performed. This is a kind of uniqueness, personal energy and talents that help realize ambitions. It moves to the 4th house from the 3rd or 5th sector, depending on the choice of country or city.

The sign and degrees of the planet remain unchanged, but the influence of another house changes a lot. These changes do not begin instantly, but after 2-3 months, sometimes a year or more. It is important to note that the relocation horoscope does not completely replace the tasks of the natal chart.

If the Sun moves into the 4th house from the 3rd natal, then people must not forget about the need for communication, training, self-development, but in the circumstances of the 4th house. Perhaps the owners of the horoscope will study remotely or expand their worldview through communication with relatives and guests who will often visit their apartments.

The transition from the 5th house to the 4th shifts the focus of creative self-expression to the family nest.  Such individuals will want creative design, comfort, or the hobby will turn into earnings at home. This is also a sign of dedication to children’s interests, when they want to spend more time with a child, create something, draw, make crafts. For teachers of creative disciplines, tutoring is likely when the students comes to them.

Sun in the 4th house of the relocation chart: housing and family

It is important for psuch individuals to understand that with such a move, it is more than likely to take root in the chosen place. One way or another, circumstances will contribute that they will stay there for a long time. If they really want this, the city and country delight and inspire, there are good aspects to the Sun and 4thhouse, this is an encouraging factor.

It is in this place that people find a real good home and family, feel like a fiery center that warms and attracts relatives, explore the secrets of the kind and even fulfills a karmic task or approaches its solution.

The fourth house of the horoscope is always associated with karma. The transition of the Sun there raises questions of connection with the father, his relatives, or it becomes necessary to become the head of the clan.

In the female horoscope, most often, this means immersion in family affairs, but she can’t become a housewife, occupied exclusively with domestic issues. When moving from the 3rd house to the 4th, she should gain new knowledge, study at courses or in absentia, arrange meetings with friends, make friends with neighbors, welcome younger relatives.

If the Sun has come from the 5th, children and their creative development will become the main theme through which there is a chance to open up to the owners of horosocope themselves. For example, a single mother takes her child to different sections and meets a handsome man, and together they build their house. Also, among the new circle of friends of parents of other children, people can meet a future employer or get offers to teach classes themselves.

The transition of the Sun to the 4th sector of relocation most often means finding the own home, and the sign of the luminary will indicate the features of the place of residence. If it is in Gemini, most likely it is the city center, next to busy streets, libraries, clubs, in Pisces – next to water, church, music schools and a philharmonic society, in Virgo – near a shelter with pets and clinics.

The negative influences of the Sun in the 4th house of the relocation chart

If the Sun has many positive aspects, there is a high probability of finding a family, a home, a desired pregnancy and a safe birth of a child in a new place of residence.

However, do not forget that the 4th house also symbolizes the completion of affairs, so it will be very difficult to leave from there. This is true for those who have tense aspects to the Sun, the cusp of the 4th house and its ruler.

In this case, people will get bogged down in routine, household chores, everyday life, endless economic issues. Their house will be a passage yard, they will live in the interests of children and parasitize at the expense of them, forgetting about their own destiny. Such individuals should also undergo regular medical examinations so that the new place of residence does not become the last refuge. If there are negative aspects between the 4th, 8th and 12th houses, as well as between their rulers, Mars in the 4th sector, the dwelling itself becomes a source of danger and it is better to look for another place for permanent residence.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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