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4th House of the horoscope “Point of origin”

The fourth house is the corner house in the horoscope, so serious attention should be paid to its astrological analysis. This field represents the rear of a person, his support and life foundation. A native moves easily through life when he is supported by his family, parental or his own.

Many astrologers compare the Fourth House to human roots. The feeling of belonging to a family, clan, nation, country gives a person confidence. He identifies with a particular clan and this gives him a sense of stability and security. Everyone wants to be an individual, but it is involvement with ancestors, the association of our personality with previous generations that gives a true understanding of who we really are and what place we occupy in this world.

4th house and its characteristics

Analyzing the 4th field of the horoscope, you can get information about the origin of the native, about the parental family (in particular and to a greater extent about the father), the circumstances of home life and about the atmosphere that reigns in the family.

Good planets in the 4th house (Jupiter, Sun, Venus) will tell about a happy and prosperous childhood, good relationships with parents and a positive attitude of the owner of the horoscope. Such a person is distinguished by independence, homeliness, practicality and knows how to organize a comfortable space around him. The native loves to do business related to land and real estate. They succeed especially easily if the luminaries in the 4th field are kind, strong and have many harmonious aspects. The main goal of a person with a rich and strong 4th field is to stand firmly on his feet and heal with his own home.

The qualities of the planets that affect the 4th field of the horoscope will tell about the conditions that the subject will try to form in his home. For example, the energies of Neptune can create a secluded, relaxing and romantic atmosphere at home. Everything in it will tune in to achieve mutual understanding between family members, to spiritual development, music and any kind of creativity.

The 4th field is meaningfully associated with the sign of Cancer and with the Moon. These two concepts reflect the emotional component of a person, as well as his need for relaxation, peace and rest. Home is the place where we strive to isolate ourselves from the hustle and bustle of the world around us. Here a person takes off the mask and becomes himself, communicating with loved ones. Home is the place where you can feel psychological help and support from your family.

Sometimes the latter is difficult due to the presence in the house of evil and affected planets (for example, Mars, Saturn, Uranus). Various complexes, fears and anxious states can be a consequence of the influence of a dysfunctional 4th field, and therefore it is so important to psychologically work out childhood problems, deal with difficult relationships with parents, etc.


Home value in compatibility analysis

In synastric analysis, it is important to pay attention to whether the planets of one partner fall into the 4th field of the horoscope of the other partner. In marital compatibility, this aspect is especially important. For example, the Sun, Venus and Jupiter of the spouse, activating the 4th field of his wife, help her create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere at home, inspire her to maintain positive, beautiful and harmonious relationships in the family.

A favorably aspected, strong Moon, which is in the 4th field of the partner, motivates him to create trusting relationships with his spouse, makes him sensitive, sincere, caring and attentive. Family members are not afraid of deep feelings and close emotional connection. Intuition tells them the right decisions regarding life together and relationships.

Lilia Garipova


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