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Sun in the 8th house of the relocation chart

When moving to a new place of residence, the horoscope also changes. The relocation chart does not cancel the karmic and professional tasks recorded in the natal chart, but the circumstances under which a person will act to implement them change. Sometimes moving to another city softens the problem chart and people can get a useful experience that does not exclude difficulties, but without strain and suffering.

It is especially important to take into account all these nuances for a person whose Sun enters the 8th house of the relocation chart, because this symbolizes risks, crises, trials through which the main star of the horoscope burns with bright fire. With negative aspects and connections with the 12th house, there may be a threat to life. At the same time, there is access to big money and success in esotericism.

Features of the transition of the Sun to the 8th house of the relocation chart

Since it is noticed that when a person moves to the west, the cusps of houses move counterclockwise, and to the east, on the contrary, along its course, then most often the Sun moves into the 8th house from the 7th or 9th, and in both cases the person falls into a crisis and tense situation, which is difficult to endure without compensation.

It is important to note that the sign of the luminary does not change, the changes concern only the position in the houses. The tasks of the natal chart also remain paramount, but they will only have to be performed under conditions of emotional or physical stress.

If the Sun moves into the 8th from the 7th house, it can be assumed that the relationship of the native in marriage and business partnerships will undergo significant changes.

It’s not always bad. After all, an almost extinguished passion can wake up, and a second honeymoon will begin (most often when moving to the west and with positive aspects to the Moon and Venus), and the native will reconsider the relationship with the closest social circle, cleanse it of toxic and negatively inclined people, begin invest and improve the quality of life.

However, in the presence of destructive aspects and an empty 8th house in natal chart, divorce and betrayal cannot be ruled out. It may be for the best when people leave a hateful marriage and start life from scratch, but first they have to go through the crucible of suffering and experiences.

If the Sun moves into the 8th house from the 9th, it is difficult for its owners. After all, the role of educator leaders is prescribed in natal chart, who are listened to with pleasure, it is easy for them to gain popularity and climb the Olympus of desired goals. And now it turns out that all this has to be literally won back, to prove one’s professional suitability, to compete, to pay for what used to be free.

The most difficult thing in this situation will be for students who have moved to study at a university, as well as teachers who have received a contract. This is a deliberately losing position for the Sun, and although it does not exclude victories and achievements, their price will also be quite high.

With particularly severe indications, the native may also be in danger from a marriage partner (7th house of natalbchart) or from foreigners (9th house).

Sun in the 8th house of the relocation chart, money and esotericism

Nevertheless, such a position of the luminary will bring wealth to gambling and risky people. For this, of course, it is good to consider the interconnections of 2nd, 8th and 10th houses, and if their rulers are in positive aspects, then people can safely go into a sphere where powerful flows of money revolve.

In this case, a kind of compensator occurs: managing other people’s money or at least working in the field of activity of the largest corporations, and having at least an indirect relation to them, the native works out the sharp corners of the house.

Such individuals can also earn good money in the field of crisis counseling, especially when it comes to insurance, investment, banking (here it is important to be not an executor, but a board member, shareholder, partner), psychological assistance as a professional psychotherapist and sexologist.

Glory and prosperity will also bring activity as a private detective, an employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, a surgeon, a physicist, an atomic engineer.

Great success awaits the owners of horoscope if they decide to professionally engage in astrology, numerology, energy practices, because it will be at the same time what the Sun needs in the 8th house, and will work as a protective compensator even with negative aspects.

The negative influence of the Sun in the 8th house of the relocation chart

Of course, this is one of the most difficult positions for the Sun. It provokes increased anxiet about finances and one’s place in life, and also increases sexual desires. Men with this position may think about cheating, and women will want new sensations.

In addition, if there are squares of the Sun with Mars and Pluto, the fair sex may repeatedly face sexual harassment and attempts at violence, especially if they work in show business.

Threats to life are also not excluded, but for this there must be evidence in natal chart and directorates. The sun in the 8th house in this case will become an accelerator of the events laid down, and therefore it is better to choose another place of residence.

In a children’s horoscope, the position of the Sun in the 8th house is extremely unfavorable, since a child, even a teenager, cannot compensate for it in acceptable ways. There is a chance to face school bullying, dangerous people, financial losses, in addition, this is a harbinger of strong conflicts with the father.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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