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Eighth House of the horoscope “Point of boundaries”

The eighth house of the horoscope is associated with crises, danger and transformation of people after the events they have experienced. This house is traditionally called the house of death. It is considered an unfavorable indication if an element of the eighth house damages the ruler of the first house, thereby endangering the native’s life. If the elements of the danger house damage the tenth house (career house) several times, then people can choose a dangerous profession (for example, the work of a military man, stuntman, firefighter, rescuer, etc.).

In addition, the eighth house is also called the house of other people’s money. These are the funds that our partners provide us with. The eight house is associated with both significant gains and large-scale losses.

8th house and its characteristics

In the most general sense, the 8th house represents the resources that come to a person from the outside world. It can be financial means of marriage and business partners or money from banking and credit institutions (loans, mortgages, loans, etc.). The 8th house is insured and inherited. In addition, the 8th house denotes large incomes and amounts that are usually kept in a bank account.

In crisis situations, when people lose support in life (for example, a source of income and personal property), partners (marriage and business) can support them with their own funds. The eighth house teaches people to maintain a balance in the material sphere. Today one helps another, but tomorrow it becomes necessary to repay the debt to the needy.

The eighth house says that people cannot use what others give them all the time. The house of other people’s money is located opposite the 2nd house – the house of personal funds. This disposition indicates that it is important in life to learn to maintain balance in material matters. In order to feel the support of partners and society at the right time, people need to invest in a common pot. They cannot constantly take without giving anything in return.

People with an active 8th house make a lasting impression and have a magnetic influence on others. They have a strong inner core, they are not afraid to look danger in the eye, they are used to taking risks and getting their way. For politicians and businessmen, the 8th house plays an important role in the horoscope, because the topic of finance, the struggle for influence and the support of others is important in their life.

Individuals who have experienced a tragic event in their lives have experienced a kind of personality transformation. The characteristics of the 8th house will describe the degree of difficulty of this strength test. If the crisis has not broken the inner core of a person, then he becomes doubly strong. The 8th house symbolizes rebirth, renewal and cleansing. Successful work on fears, passions and complexes gives the personality a sense of liberation and transformation.

The 8th house is associated with the sign of Scorpio, which has a secretive, but at the same time energetic nature. Intimacy and sex help the personality to open up. Alone with a loved one, everyone appears in a completely different image. This is the time when all embarrassment recedes, there is no longer a mask on the face, and a piercing frankness sets in in the relationship. The 8th house can provide information about a person’s sexual inclinations, preferences and abilities.

House value in compatibility analysis

When analyzing the compatibility of marriage and business partners, it will not be superfluous to see if the planets of one person fall into the 8th house of another person.

Such interaction testifies to the material background of the relationship. In a marriage of this type, the topic of material support will be important, which will be especially manifested in difficult times for one of the spouses. If sexual planets (Sun, Mars, Moon, Venus) fall into the 8th house, then this increases the sensual attachment of partners. It is also possible that the spouses have a common interest in esoteric and psychological topics.

Lilia Garipova


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