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Sun in the 9th house of the relocation chart

When moving to a new place of residence, people assume that they will start life from scratch and accomplish what they could not do before. If they look from the point of view of astrology, they can see in advance those directions where this will work out. When moving, the chart changes, because the cusps of houses shift, and the planets find themselves in new event spaces, where they have to manifest themselves differently than was prescribed in natal chart.

The sun is responsible for willpower, success in society, internal energy and support, the self of the native. When moving to the 9th house, it is filled with a powerful resource. The most daring desires come to the fore and people believe that they can do everything. Often they strive further beyond the horizons, considering other countries as the main platform for the fulfillment of their desires. If the luminary is struck, on the contrary, the collapse of hopes is expected.

Features of the transition of the Sun to the 9th house of the relocation chart

It is important to understand that the Sun does not move into another sign, and all the planets remain in the same place as in natal chart, but the cusps, the vertices that mark the boundaries of houses, shift. Accordingly, celestial bodies move to other sectors. Depending on the movement of a person, changes in the chart occur clockwise or against its movement, therefore, the Sun most often moves to the 9th house from the 8th or 10th house.

In the first case, a person literally takes off one level higher in terms of energy and intellectual development. It is no coincidence that the 9th house of the horoscope is considered a symbol of happiness and joy, subject to spiritual development and personal growth.

The owners of the Sun in the 8th house in natal chart, who are used to enduring difficulties and proving their right to success, it seems that they have gone to heaven. Not immediately, but gradually in a new place of residence, everything seemed to favor their appearance. In the presence of good aspects, teachers, patrons, friends appear out of nowhere, ready to help. They are offered a job, studies are arguing, they can earn money without overcoming obstacles and stress.

However, this does not mean that the tasks of the 8th house do not exist. If people continue to deeply study this world, astrology, esotericism, wisely invest their finances, advise, help other people who are in a crisis, the energy of the 9th house will save them from personal stress and loss, bestow unlimited abundance.

The transition from the 10th house is not strongly felt by the native. After all, this house is also associated with a high position in society. It’s just that such individuals begin to be more relaxed about their status, worry about meeting bold dreams disappear, the impostor complex disappears, it turns out to see the forest for the trees and understand where to grow further. They begin to enjoy their achievements. It is very good to enter a university and get a second higher education, if the first one already exists.

Sun in the 9th house of the relocation chart: self-realization and study

Traditionally, the 9th house is associated with education and mentality. Often the move itself, in which the luminary enters this sector, initially involves a trip to another country and the need to adapt or at least understand someone else’s worldview.

Even if people move to another city, they can meet foreigners, work with them, or they will awaken an interest in the culture of another country, a desire to get a visa and go on a trip.

A great way to prove yourself is to work in a foreign company, in the department of international relations, as well as in all areas related to translations.

To activate the luminary, as a sun-kindling action, people are recommended to learn foreign languages, attend linguistic clubs, where they can apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

The transition of the Sun to the 9th house during relocation is incredibly favorable for:

  • students who have just entered a university or who have come to study on an exchange;
  • people who came for an internship, contract work, a long business trip;
  • priests sent abroad to serve independently and expand the influence of the church;
  • teachers, writers, journalists, politicians;
  • representatives of creative professions and athletes;
  • children who used to be bullied at school, or who are often ill, with a weakened immune system.

In addition, people come to understand the meaning of their lives. For some, this happens immediately after moving, someone goes a long way, but it always turns out that the soul simply requires spiritual fulfillment. It often has to do with religion.

The owners of the Sun in the 10th house in natal chart understand that they need to share their accumulated potential, the carriers of the luminary in the 8th house go even deeper into esoteric practices, decide to make them the main type of income, in which they are certainly lucky.

Spirituality is not always associated with religiosity. It is assumed that the owners of the Sun in the 8th and 10th house are set to manage big money and career growth, but they are not always able to get joy from this. Now the circumstances are developing in such a way that the meaning of their being and work is revealed to them. It is highly recommended to engage in charity, this will also enhance the positive influence of the Sun.

The negative influence of the Sun in the 9th house of the relocation chart

It occurs at a low level of development or in the presence of unfavorable aspects. Squares are felt periodically, but the opposition is constantly acting, which often leads to fanaticism in religion and the imposition of one’s worldview on other people. Because of this, the native often quarrels with others, and if there are connections with the 12th house plus tense aspects with Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, there is a possibility of imprisonment abroad, especially when the native moves there for permanent residence.

The 9th house rarely provokes fatal events, much depends on the reactions and actions of the people themselves. Therefore, only snobbery, vanity, a sense of superiority over other nationalities, fellow students, colleagues can lead to total collapse.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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