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Ninth House of the horoscope “Point of spirit”

The key words that reveal the meaning of the ninth house are education, travel, the search for ideals, connection with the divine, religion.

The ninth house refers to the falling houses, that is, the least significant and effective ones. But, nevertheless, it precedes the tenth house of career and life purpose. Thus, any developments on the ninth house are important. They are prerequisites for the social success of people.

9th house and its characteristics

The 9th house is a house of perspectives and the discovery of new life opportunities. The characteristics of this house will show in which area the owners of the horoscope want to expand their horizons and develop creativity.

Over time, people form their own system of views and worldviews. Whether they believe in God, are atheists or recognize absolutely all religions of the world – all this depends on the qualities of the 9th house, on the signs and planets located in it. The owners of a rich and strong house early begin to form their own judgments about social order, laws and religion. Such people are also interested in philosophy and are looking for the meaning of life.

Each of us strives for high ideals. Without a certain internal code and system of ideas about the world, we cannot move forward. People with a problematic 9th house cannot decide in life and often change the direction of their movement. Although this house does not directly indicate success in life, it is impossible to set meaningful goals and achieve heights without participation.

The 9th house is related to sports and various contests and competitions (including intellectual ones). It describes our desire to develop abilities (physical, mental and creative), which will make it possible to further achieve social success.

In addition, the house in question describes the need for people to expand their personal horizons, and most often this happens in contact with foreign cultures. Signs and planets in the 9th house will show what knowledge people will receive during travels. It can be a bitter experience (for example, when there is a defeated Saturn in the house) or a positive impression of another country (an essential strong Sun in the 9th house).

A large and strong 9th house is in the horoscope of travelers, diplomats, lawyers, judges, religious leaders, teachers, and writers. Such people will always find something to share with others. For each person, they can find a good, life advice or parting word.

Since the 9th house is meaningfully associated with Jupiter and Sagittarius, it will show how much the people are inclined to think about the future. The 9th house gives the ability to summarize past experiences and form a vision of future prospects in life. People with a strong Jupiter in the 9th house are blessed with a good foresight.

House value in compatibility analysis

Is the 9th house important when analyzing personal and business relationships? A large number of planets of one partner, falling into the 9th house of the second partner, will tell about the presence of a spiritual component in the relationship. The owners of the planets will encourage the creative and intellectual development of their companions, expand their understanding of the world, contribute to their personal growth and formation.

Marriage and business collaboration will be based on shared views. Such partners can be called like-minded people striving for a common spiritual goal. For the sake of such partners, household trifles and inconveniences can be forgotten.

If conflict planets (for example, Mars and Saturn) fall into the 9th house, then this may indicate mutual accusations, reproaches and ideological disputes between partners.

Lilia Garipova


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