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Sun in the 2nd house

The sun in the second house of the horoscope indicates that resources are an important part of a person’s life and worldview. The second house of the horoscope is associated not only with material values, but also with people’s talents. By developing their creative potential, they get the opportunity to perform all new types of work and thus earn more money.

The self-esteem of such individuals largely depends on what they own, therefore, throughout their lives they seek to increase their wealth. If the Sun is harmonious in the birth chart, then such people competently dispose of values. They know how not only to make money, but also to invest it correctly. In the event of the defeat of the Sun by other luminaries, these natives can be wasteful and spend money on empty entertainment and creating an influential image.

If the Sun is aspected by energetic planets (for example, Mars, Jupiter), then people in this position are enterprising and active in search of sources of income. And, conversely, planets that take away energy (for example, the Moon or Neptune), negatively aspecting the Sun, make them sluggish, lazy and indecisive when it comes to making money.

The sun in the second house is an indication that people must learn to appreciate what is given to them by fate. There is no need to envy the welfare of others; they should create their own solid foundation in life. At the same time, it is not worth working because of the money. Doing any kind of work from the heart, doing quality things and providing services in the best possible way, the owners of the Sun in the second house feel truly significant and happy, and the fame of a jack of all trades and an expert in their craft is fixed to them. In this case, the reward for a job well done is not long in coming.

The sun in the second house of the horoscope will indicate possible sources of income. This can be income from teaching, training, master classes and presentations. Such people can make money by doing management  in large organizations, organizing creative, sports and entertainment events, participating in auctions and playing on the stock exchange. The sun also symbolizes jewelry and gold, so the subject can earn income from jewelry making.

Sun in 2nd house in various zodiac signs

The sign of the zodiac, in which the Sun is located, will clarify the character traits of these natives and tell in more detail about their creative abilities.

If the Sun is in the air sign of Aquarius, then these people develop their intellectual potential. People around Aquarians appreciate ingenuity and ability to use a non-standard approach in business.

The wealth of such people with the Sun in fire signs (for example, in Aries) is in their energy, ability to lead. The sun in earth signs indicates financial talent, practical acumen and hard work, and the water Sun endows people with powerful intuition and understanding of the material laws that govern people.

Sun in the 2nd house in a man’s birth chart

If in a man’s horoscope the Sun is in the house of money, then the central theme in his life will be the acquisition of material stability. This position of the luminary will describe him as a hardworking, practical, thrifty and at the same time creative person. If the luminary is damaged, then the negative qualities of a man can be greed or, conversely, extravagance.

Sun in 2nd house in woman birth chart

This position of the Sun indicates that the men in the family of the owner of the horoscope have bright talents, are inclined to multiply professional skills and accumulate material wealth. In a spouse, such a woman will appreciate solidity, the ability to work fruitfully and make good.

Lilia Garipova

Celebrities with the Sun in 2nd House:


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