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2nd House of the horoscope “Point of Opportunities”

The second field of the horoscope is traditionally called the house of money, income and property. His analysis is of particular importance in business astrology. In a broader sense, the second House means everything that we possess. These are energy and natural resources of a person, thanks to which he acquires a certain financial status.

2nd house and its characteristics

The second house of the horoscope will describe not only the material values ​​that a person owns, but also his natural talents and abilities, using which, with certain efforts, he acquires material wealth.

By analyzing the signs and planets in the second house, you can get an idea of ​​whether a person knows how to make money, or if it is difficult for him to do it due to laziness or lack of motivation. From the analysis, you can understand how a person relates to the topic of finance in general, and what methods and techniques he uses to gain financial well-being.

Since Venus is the planet associated in meaning with the 2nd field, the subject’s assessment of his real desires and capabilities is of great importance in the formation of an attitude towards money. First, there is an awareness of their basic needs: safety, comfort, freedom of action, etc. The subject begins to understand that he truly values ​​life, and tries to surround himself with the objects that he needs for a calm, stable, measured and prosperous existence.

As soon as a person’s values ​​change, his being also changes. He builds a new life, satisfying other needs and based on a new perception of the world.

The 2nd house gives the native a sense of his own worth. Realizing himself in society, he increases his own self-esteem. The feeling that we own our own things gives confidence in the future. It often happens that the more expensive personal items are and the greater their number, the higher the person’s opinion of themselves.

Focusing only on earthly values, a person can fall into a trap. If, by chance or under the influence of force majeure, the native loses everything he has acquired, then the mental stability of a person is violated. Attachment to things carries a great risk, because we can lose them at any time.

The way out is to form strong spiritual values ​​in oneself, based on which, a person will be able to withstand any cataclysms and at the same time not lose a sense of their own worth and dignity.

That is why you need to study the elements of the 2nd field. Astrological analysis will make it possible to understand your rich natural potential and constantly work on its development and improvement. Knowing about your talents and the ability to present them to society will give a person the most important thing – confidence in himself and in his future.


Home value in compatibility analysis

Assessing the impact on the second home is important when analyzing the relationship of both marriage and business partners. It will be good if the good planets of one partner (the Sun, Jupiter and Venus) fall into the 2nd field of the horoscope of the other partner. This will expand his financial capabilities, strengthen his business acumen and inspire him to create the material well-being of the family.

If the weak, evil, afflicted and energy-consuming luminaries of the partner fall into the second house of a person, then losses are possible in such an alliance. For example, the owner of an affected and weak Moon will interfere with the native’s business activity. In his presence, the owner of the 2-field will be lazy and apathetic. Saturn, falling into the 2nd field of the partner, will provoke long and regular spending, which is also undesirable when conducting a joint business.

Lilia Garipova


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