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Burnt Venus in the natal chart

Connection with the Sun is not always considered a burning, but if the planet is too close to it within 10 degrees, the fact that it will no longer be an independent unit should not be overlooked. The creative solar ego subjugates the functions of Venus so much, which, like Mercury, never goes far from it, that the native either cannot manifest its qualities, or knows no limits in narcissism and vanity. The fewer degrees between Venus and the Sun , the more the planet is oppressed.

A person with a burned Venus is deprived of empathy, he does not care about the feelings of other people, but his feelings and desires come first. He will not sympathize even with the death of a loved one if it violates his plans and agreements. In severe cases, these are psychopaths, in a milder case, narcissists, who also know how to pretend to be sensitive and attentive when it suits them.

Three types of burning Venus

Symbolically burning in the rays of the Sun, the planet becomes invisible, which means that a person is deprived of guidelines in the form of clear life values. The joy of earthly existence eludes him, although he tries in vain to find support in pleasures, material purchases, achievements in creativity and career, but he cannot know deep true happiness. He either doesn’t have enough or doesn’t need anything. Sometimes there is an unconscious resistance to comfort and beauty, when the native does not want to dress stylishly and fashionably, wear jewelry, and develop spiritually.

In love, such people immediately put themselves at the center of their partner’s life, demanding worship and admiration, or vice versa, they completely merge with the ego of a husband or wife, if they are stronger energetically, drawing a sense of significance from the nuances of relationships with a bright and popular personality.

Three types of burning of Venus can be distinguished, depending on the position next to the luminary:

1. Venus burns in front of him, its degree is greater than the sun, and the distance is less than 8 degrees. A person perfectly understands that he has a need for sensual distance, he does not want to get closer, share his experiences, joys and sorrows, and he accepts this feature without reflection. The native deliberately does not make many friends, can be limited only to novels without obligations to satisfy carnal desires and this does not bother him. Such women allow themselves to be loved, but they themselves meet with fans, as a rule, for the sake of obtaining material benefits.

2. Venus is behind the Sun, also within 8 degrees, and in this case a person does not understand why he does not accept romance, warmth of feelings, intimacy, and suffers, seeing that he brings negative experiences to loved ones. For example, such a child does not allow his parents to hug and kiss him, avoids friends, plunges into his deep inner world, but is very worried that he cannot meet other people’s expectations. The native would like to become a creative emotionally warm person that everyone loves, but he does not understand how to change the basic settings.

3. Venus stands in the very center of the Sun, the circle of conjunction does not exceed 17 minutes. It would seem that the position of Kazimi should endow the native with the best qualities of the planet, but Venus is the enemy of the Sun, which means that the intensity of pride will be incredible. Such a person skillfully influences the feelings of others through his nature, beauty, talents and dazzling brightness, but he himself is hardly able to love selflessly, unless he has a harmonious Moon in Pisces. At the same time, he has great taste and creative talent.

The karmic reason for the burning of Venus is various kinds of crimes against love. The native could betray people in love with him, mock other people’s feelings, destroy works of art, or similar things happened in his family.

Burnt Venus and relationships

The planet creates big problems in love and friendship. A girl with a burned Venus does not feel feminine, does not know how to attract the attention of the opposite sex, always gets into ridiculous situations, putting on all the best at once, or vice versa, hiding her beauty. There may also be doubts about their gender, falling in love with abusers, a complete denial of the sexual side of the relationship.

Since the Sun deprives Venus of willpower and self-sufficiency, very often such a woman merges with a man, especially if she did not receive warmth and admiration from her father in her childhood. She is ready to sacrifice the creative bright side of her personality for the sake of male attention. Such a girl is completely submissive to the will of her partner, cannot make a decision without his approval. She sits at home, refuses beautiful clothes, career, self-realization, just not to lose the meaning of her life – the Sun man.

Another thing is a woman with Venus-Kazimi. She herself turns partners, realizing what an impact a compliment and a kind word from a beautiful woman with powerful Venusian energy can have. However, she cannot love herself and selfishly requires attention and warmth only for herself.

A man with a burnt Venus is never sure of the love and fidelity of his partner, even if she does everything for him. He perceives her slightest manifestation of self-sufficiency or an independent decision as a betrayal in relation to himself. In principle, it is difficult for him to show feelings, even if they are. He thinks that he is generous towards her and is very surprised that this is not enough. However, he physically cannot force himself to commit a romantic act or spend millions on a chosen one.

Sometimes he is simply not able to love and cannot give a woman anything other than sex, believing that she should be happy simply because he is next to her.

Burnt Venus is good to work out together with a psychologist through effective practices for the development of a sensual-emotional beginning.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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