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Venus in the horoscope

Stones : diamond , lapis lazuli , sapphire , malachite , garnet, amaldine,  jadeite , spinel, pearls , cacholong.
Element : Earth, Air and Water.
Metal : Silver.
Day : Friday.
Color : White.
Direction : South-East.
Influence : II and VII House .
Abode : Libra, Taurus
Exaltation (Exaltation): Pisces.
Exile : Aries, Scorpio
Fall : Virgo.
Friendly planets : Mercury, Saturn , Rahu.
Hostile planets : Sun , Moon .
Strong Venus : Beauty, prosperity, wealth.
Venus Struck : Laziness, aloofness, bad habits.
Organs : Genitals, circulatory system.
Diseases : Sexual problems, impotence.
Turnover in one sign / whole zodiac : 28 days / 11 months.
Map Legend : R

Venus’s zones of influence: beauty, love, art, choice, friendship, partnership, material values.

In love, romance is preferred. An important role is played by walks in the moonlight, poetry, interesting communication, going to the theater. Venus also affects the sexual side of relationships, but they are still in the background.

Venus is the mistress of the second and seventh houses. The second house indicates money and property. It influences the aesthetic taste in matters of home interior, on what things we surround ourselves with. The seventh house is responsible for matrimony, partnerships in business and politics, business contracts.

As a symbol of the feminine principle, Venus does not like aggression, tries to avoid conflicts. It is endowed with intelligence and a deep understanding of beauty.

Under the influence of the “beautiful planet” a predisposition to professions related to art is formed. Venus is the patroness of actors, artists, musicians, poets. In addition to  this list – designers, fashion designers, perfumers, advertising specialists.

The role of Venus in health matters is to control the circulatory system, kidneys, thyroid gland, and female organs.
Aspects of Venus

Strong Venus and positive connections

With a positive connection, strong Venus is a source of warmth, tenderness and selfless devotion.

Man has an extremely strong magnetism. A charming appearance can contribute to this. But even in the absence of external attractiveness, he evokes sympathy and trust in others. The secret of charm lies in the wealth of the inner world.

The life of the chosen one of Venus is full of vivid, interesting impressions. There is also material wealth.

Auspicious but weak Venus can lend a cold restraint to a character that makes it difficult to find happiness and love.

Venus Struck

With an affected connection, a desire to live at someone else’s expense may form, not to work, but to spend money. Life philosophy boils down to taking only without giving anything in return.

Outbursts of jealousy provoke endless dramatic scenes and lead to a breakdown in relationships.

Unfavorable conjunction means sexual problems, unsettled personal life, hostility of others.

Another variant of the evil manifestations of Venus is the lack of artistic taste. Man prefers kitsch and consumer goods. High art leaves him indifferent.

Harmonious aspects

Provide prospects for spiritual development. From the enjoyment of art, people can move on to participation in artistic creation.

The beneficial aspects teach owners of Venus how to make money, get along with colleagues and household members.

Individuals are full of original ideas that are recognized by others. Their houses are always beautiful and cozy.

The absence of serious problems can develop passivity and laziness, both in work and in love, and success with the opposite sex – narcissism and a tendency to erratic relationships.

Tense aspects

They symbolize difficulties in communication, failure of choice. Work or creativity is not satisfying. There are no true friends. Family life is clouded by quarrels, misunderstandings. Colleagues show coldness, bosses show disdain. Home furnishings and clothes, on which a lot of money is spent, seem tasteless, not enjoyable.

Numerous disappointments can block their ability to love, act, change something in their lives.

But it should be remembered that tense aspects always conceal the preconditions for the development of the personality and for changing the situation. Such individuals need to fill the voids in their own souls with beauty, warmth and light. People cannot fail to notice this.


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