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Burnt Pluto in the natal chart

The burning of the planet occurs within 8 degrees from the Sun, sometimes the orb increases to 17, but in this case there is no slavish dependence on the daylight. It literally absorbs the planet, makes it invisible to the world and takes over its functions. It always speaks of a controlling parent in a child’s life. He does not allow good and bad to manifest along the line of the burnt planet, suppressing these qualities from birth.

In the case of Pluto , we can talk about dominance, aggression, both healthy and hypertrophied, a thirst for admiration and pleasure, a need for fame, which the native cannot fully express, and therefore literally bites himself from the inside, considering his desires to be wrong, wild, sinful. Defective Pluto always involves a person in the Karpman triangle: victim – aggressor – rescuer, where the first and second are his personal emotional swings.

Features of burning Pluto

The term itself is not to be taken literally. The planet is simply not visible in the sun’s rays, because it is too close. However, with the higher planets, not everything is so simple. Pluto can be much more powerful than the Sun and it is difficult for him to cope with it.

This is expressed in the fact that the classical transfer of all its functions to the daylight does not in fact make a person stronger. He may not be able to cope with such intensity of passions. For example, if the burning of Pluto occurs in Leo, in fact a person needs to rule the empire, and without this he falls into vanity, aggressively attacks those who do not agree with his position, asserts himself by manipulating the feelings of loved ones, that is, he simply blows up from within with a huge flow of repressed energy.

Yes, the native has been given a lot, but the demand is different from him. This is a sign that power, fame, money, which the owner of the card so strives for, must be understood by him correctly, from the standpoint of higher justice, and most importantly, used for the benefit of both himself and people. Unfortunately, the opposite is usually the case.

Burnt Pluto distorts the idea of justice. The stronger it is, the more the native demands submission and worship. Any independent opinion and decision of close people, as well as those who are lower in status, for example, the independence of subordinates at work, he perceives as a personal challenge and black ingratitude.

The owner of the card believes that other people are significant only because he distinguishes them from the crowd of others, which means they are obliged to live by his convictions, beliefs and desires. If they have their own dreams, preferences, aspirations, then they betray him. This is what the native perceives as injustice.

And if a wife, husband, employee does not withstand his total control and the imposition of a certain lifestyle, then they are considered traitors at all, and nothing will dissuade a person.

In the depths of his soul, he believes that he was born a king, and the rest of the people are a reverent retinue of his talents and uniqueness.

Three types of Pluto burning

With any kind of burning, the native experiences difficulties, from slight discomfort to the strongest mental crisis. Pluto already creates a lot of problems so that the ward does not sit in a comfort zone, but constantly lives through the process of transformation, changing and striving upward. However, burning limits him both in feelings and in events, in addition, he is stubborn enough to go into the shadows when fate provides excellent opportunities to change fate for the better, and continues to step on the same rake.

There are three main types of Pluto burning:

1. In front of the Sun within 8 degrees. The Plutonian degree is greater than the solar degree. In this case, the owner of the card is clearly aware that he has the advantage of dark power over light and harmless people. He knows how to manipulate them, enjoying such power, to take away someone else’s without a twinge of conscience, in one way or another. He does not suffer from his heavy energy and is even proud of his ability to foresee the future, inflict damage, destroy fates and confuse the interlocutor with ambiguous speeches.

2. Behind the Sun, also within 8 degrees, but the Plutonian degree is smaller in this case. The native himself becomes a victim of stronger people, endowed with power, both state and magical. Various problems are pouring on him, he himself destroys his life with careless actions, and then runs away from the consequences. For example, he was greedy and incurred the wrath of an influential person, got angry and spoke out in the presence of his boss and lost his job. The native suffers from this state of affairs, but cannot change anything.

3. In the very center of the Sun. Kazimi’s position. A person is aware of his power over minds and souls, but is aimed at the productive use of his gift, not forgetting about his own financial well-being and fame. He controls the flow of money, the mood of the masses and can lead his own ideas.

A person with this position in any case always makes a choice between power and submission. Permissiveness makes one dizzy, but creates a boomerang effect, when the native easily turns from the position of the ruler into a petitioner or a prisoner. It is always necessary to be aware of why and for what the impact on people is used, whether there is self-interest in it or whether everyone will benefit.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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