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Burning of the planets and Kazimi: in the natal chart

Astrology is taught by different schools and each in its own way presents the nuances of the influence of burned planets. The term itself frightens inexperienced horoscope researchers. It seems to them that there is nothing good in this, although everything is very ambiguous. The truth is that much depends on the level of development of the owner of the horoscope, how much he can raise up the energy of the planet, which has merged with the sun, away from limitation and narcissism.

When interpreting the effect of burning, it is important to consider where exactly the planet stands, in front of the Sun or behind it, going into the distance. The disintegrating connection will be weaker than the planned one. You also need to take into account the distance in degrees from the daylight and such an amazing position as Kazimi, when the planet is in the very center of the Sun, changing dependence on the royal freedom of his favorite.

The effect of burning planets on fate

On the one hand, it is obvious that the closer to the Sun, the more pronounced its influence. However, in practice, being within 17 degrees is not much different from the position of the orb at 4-7 degrees from the daylight. The difference will be seen only in those people who go with the flow without working on themselves. In the second case, egocentricity is brighter, and it is more difficult to correct it.

Burning works even if both participants in the connection are in different signs and houses, although depending on what they control, their overall meaning will also change.

The planet itself seems to be losing free will and personal individuality, ending up in the hot rays of the Sun. There are two very conflicting options here:

  • the planet in slavish dependence, as if bound hand and foot, suppressed and invisible, manifests itself only during transits beneficial to itself ;
  • a crown appears on the head, but without the desire to really correspond to it: narcissism without a sober and adequate assessment of one’s real abilities.

However, the first case is still more common. The very term “burn” implies that a planet at a distance of 8.5 degrees from the daylight becomes invisible in the rays of the sun, and it will take a lot of effort to achieve success in its zone of influence, especially in the subject of those houses that it rules. If this is the 1st sector of the horoscope, then it will be difficult for a person to manifest himself in society, or he will suppress others with his presence, impose himself, go over their heads, not feeling that he is acting ugly.

When the planet is located further away, at a distance of 10-17 degrees, it manifests itself more naturally, interacting with the Sun, drawing on its energy, but not completely obeying. Here a person has more freedom of choice in tactics of behavior.

Also, a planet in its possession or exaltation can clearly declare itself, even in the immediate vicinity of the Sun, but these flashes are irregular.

The negative impact of burning on the planets and human psychology

Most often, the influence of the Sun on a planet near its rays is negative, unless it is in its very heart, but we will talk about this later. When burned, the qualities of the planet are reduced or limited, which is very poorly tolerated by the symbolic emotions of the Moon and Venus, and the intellectual Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, on the contrary, adapt to difficulties.

Burnt Moon

There is an excessive susceptibility to the opinions of others and the mood of others, and at the same time it is difficult for the person himself to express his emotions in public or while in a relationship. He seems to be ashamed of himself. The native keeps a distance even in friendship, love, parenthood, because of which it seems indifferent, in addition, self-digging brings a lot of experiences, especially if the Moon is struck by other aspects.


Burnt Mercury

The native thinks very subjectively, biased towards people and events. He can endlessly talk about nothing, lie, promise and not keep his word. If Mercury is retrograde or afflicted, then tongue-tiedness and silence appear, difficulties in communication and friendship.


Burnt Venus

Selfishness, arrogance, a passion for self-aggrandizement and decorating oneself with all the best at once are the hallmarks of the native. Narcissism, however, does not exclude good taste and the ability to stand out in any environment, but the impressions of others from the native are negative.


Burnt Mars

Creates an angry and aggressive person who considers himself right in any situation. At the same time, he never loses heart and always stubbornly goes to the goal.


Burnt Jupiter

Fanatic, obsessed with personal success, does not recognize other authorities. Achiever and careerist, always teaching others.


Burnt Saturn

The most difficult position. There is no internal support, dependence on others and workaholism. Pessimism, loneliness, depression come unexpectedly. Executive worker, devoted to the cause and superiors. There is no concept of what is good, what is bad, it can be tilted to either side.


Burnt Uranus

The stubborn and quick-tempered native himself limits his freedom. He is sometimes impudent, sometimes shy to tears and always out of business. Your own enemy.


Burnt Neptune

A strange muddy personality with bad inclinations – easily led by religious sects, alcohol, drugs. Often becomes a victim of financial fraud and fraud.


Burnt Pluto

Powerful energy, which the native does not know how to control. Self-destruction or aggression towards other people, abuse of power or complete dependence on it. victim of repression.

The final interpretation depends on the aspects of the planets and their functions of the rulers of certain houses.


Kazimi – Favorite of the Sun

The planet, which is fortunately located within 17 minutes from the Sun, in its very heart, is free from burning and charged with its beneficial energy. This is the position of Kazimi, when all important properties are enhanced. However, some people are perplexed why the seemingly correctly calculated position of the planet does not give them bright talents and a high position.

It’s simple – Kazimi is considered within 17 minutes from and to the Sun, not only in longitude, but also in latitude at the same time, and only then it turns on in full.

However, everything that such a person does becomes public. Including fame brings both benefits and problems.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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