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Spica in the natal chart

The brightest star of the first magnitude in the constellation Virgo surpasses the Sun in its radiance by 1000 times. Relatively recently, it was discovered that it is double, but unlike similar fixed stars, its effect is still considered lucky, without a catch, although much depends on how clearly a person uses his talents, and whether he guesses what these gifts are. Spica is a symbolic ear of wheat, which is held in the hands of the goddess of abundance Demeter. That is, it is a specific ability of the native, creating for him an eternal source of happiness.

In the natal chart , it corresponds to 24° Libra. The connection with the planet or cusp of the house at this point colors the reality of a person with specific emotions and events. Without aspects, it is difficult to feel the influence of Spica, at least it will definitely not affect material well-being. However, in any case, the star provides brilliant opportunities for applying their talents in business, thanks to which, later, you can reap a rich harvest.

Features of Spica in the natal chart

The brightest star in the symbolic bouquet of wheat held by the Virgin is also called the guiding star. It is very important to determine if there are major aspects with her at 23-24 ° Libra, because it is in this house that the gift is located through which you can reach your destiny and feel uncomplicated, even life-long happiness.

If there are no indications of wealth in the natal chart, then it will be more difficult to acquire it on the basis of the exact conjunction of Spica with other planets, but it is still possible if desired. On the other hand, a person can give up a brilliant career as a world-class star, work in a small town and still feel calm and happy.

In most cases, Spica patronizes artists, lawyers, diplomats, peacekeepers of various levels, but it is interesting that many of her wards express a love for bread, ranging from the desire to grow wheat and other cereals to the desire to bake, and sometimes make money on this business. In any case, baking bread at home serves as a kind of compensator and connection to the energy of abundance for those who have a Spica conjunction in the indicated degree of Libra, not exceeding 1 °.

The nature of the star is correlated with the energies of the Sun and Venus, to a much lesser extent Mars and partly Jupiter. That is why it is worth a person to show at least a little determination to show his gift to the world, as all circumstances immediately begin to take shape in a favorable way. However, the first step needs to be taken. Further, Spica will give a huge credit of good luck for a very long time. With good natal scores, a steady stream of guidance continues until the person dies.

The star gives an artistic and literary gift, the ability to speak beautifully, innate graceful manners and the ability to win over people who occupy a high position in society.

The negative impact of Spica in the natal chart

And yet, the dual nature of a star can affect fate and not in the best way when the luminaries are hit, multiple destructive Jones configurations, or with several indicators of negative events.

Of course, in conjunction with the Ascendant, MS, Venus, Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury, Spica endows the native with talents, the happiness to show them and even monetize them, although just under her influence, money is the tenth thing, it is the joy of self-realization that comes to the fore.

However, there are conjunctions of Spica with the affected Saturn, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and here it is already difficult to avoid a period of destruction after a brilliant flight. And then everyone is surprised: how is it, because the person was at the very top and suddenly everything went awry.

Spica conjunction with other planets

Planets in conjunction with a star become its servants and transform this powerful flow of energy according to their own strength and characteristics. The peculiarity of the manifestation of Spica in the life of the native depends on who is nearby.

Sun and Moon: family happiness, prosperity, high social position. Interestingly, after the birth of a native, his parents begin to get lucky, they also successfully build a career, but at the same time they do not forget about the family. The children of such a person are also lucky, especially if the Sun rules the 5th house. Symbolically, this position creates a king with many subjects who try to please him, but you should not get carried away with early success. Fame and wealth in youth can corrupt and a person will easily lose them.

Mercury: happiness from the mind and intellectual activity. Very favorable for writers, journalists, TV presenters, priests. At a low stage of development, this is a charming swindler, to whom people themselves bring money, and he comes out unscathed, unless Mercury is struck.

Venus: Career in the arts, easy money, incredible charm and success with the opposite sex. In defeat, life destroys the envy of friends.

Mars: Sexual attraction, success in commerce, sports, military service, in any business where you need to act quickly and boldly.

If Spica gave a person good luck, you can be sure that this is for a long time, and the glory of a person will continue even after his death, but it will only be good or bad in many respects depends on the planets in conjunction with it, and if they are struck, then first of all you need to work out their weaknesses.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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