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Toliman in the natal chart

After Arcturus , Canopus and Sirius, it is the fourth brightest and largest star in the sky. It is located in the constellation Centaur, and is projected onto the ecliptic at 29° Scorpio. Any conjunctions of planets in this degree and aspects to it highlight the role of Toliman in the life of the native. Its energies are similar to Jupiter and Venus, but modern astrologers compare this star with Chiron , believing that it guides a person on the path of a spiritual mentor and healer.

However, unlike Chiron, Toliman is not associated with painful birth programs, with the exception of connection with him. In any case, such a powerful celestial body, with precise aspects, will not go unnoticed: the native is born into an elite family, or takes off like a comet onto the horizon of world politics and show business, like Barack Obama, in whom Toliman is strongly emphasized. Patrons find it themselves, but relationships with the opposite sex will be difficult.

Features of Toliman in the natal chart

Despite the strong and sometimes fatal influence of the fixed stars, much still depends on the free will of a person and the level of his development. For example, Toliman gives a certain tendency towards envy and selfishness. However, this moves some forward and forces them to achieve brilliant results in order to catch up and surpass those who cause envy, while others throw themselves into anger and self-destruction.

They are determined to destroy the happy owners of what they do not have. A connection with the Sun is especially dangerous in this regard, because a person believes that he is the only star in the sky, and the rest are just extras in a film about his life.

Toliman gives ebullient energy, such people are always on the move, they need to grow and travel, otherwise they become depressed and melancholy. Friends play a big role in their lives, helping them cope with problems and becoming patrons or assistants in their common business. The only problem is the selfish nature of the native himself. Narcissism and concentration solely on one’s own problems push people away from them. They quickly turn yesterday’s friends into enemies, insulting them with the best feelings.

Toliman promotes choleric temperament, however, if the element of earth dominates in the horoscope, then this is only beneficial: it refreshes and ignites the phlegmatic native. But with the predominance of fire, air and water, there can be strong emotional outbursts, from fits of anger to hysterics with tears.

Such people are always aimed only at winning. Whether this fight will be fair or all means will be used depends on the native’s environment, on how he was raised. In the negative version, a person will go over his head and sacrifice any principles, but only for the sake of a great goal.

Negative influence of Toliman in the natal chart

The star does not like lazy people and cowards; she not only blocks positive events and makes a person invisible to society, but sometimes literally sends to prison those who live at the expense of others, even out of fear of acting on their own.

Particular attention to this topic should be paid to owners of Toliman on the cusp of the 12th house , or if it is connected in the same sector with Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. These are clear indications for deprivation of liberty. You can compensate for them through courage, honesty with yourself and charity.

The most pronounced negative impact of Toliman is the deterioration of relationships with women. Most often this concerns men, but representatives of the fair sex also face the sudden loss of girlfriends and cannot understand why this happens. It’s all about male egocentrism and hidden female envy, which influence the behavior of the native; accordingly, not everyone can withstand a close relationship with him.

It happens that a relationship that started successfully is suddenly interrupted not through the fault of the native, but as a result of sudden circumstances. Here you need to look to see if the karmic nodes are affected. Perhaps there is karmic processing of relationships.

Conjunction of Toliman with other planets

In contact with important points of the horoscope, the star’s influence intensifies or changes dramatically. The connection is especially powerful:

Sun: despite success in politics and sports, a person has many enemies, many of whom are former friends. Egocentrism can manifest itself especially clearly here; it is important to ground yourself and take into account the interests of other people.

Moon: at the highest level the talent of a diplomat, at the lowest – an intriguer. He knows how to get away with it, has many loving friends and the support of high patrons. If you do not succeed quickly, there is a high risk of alcoholism.

Mercury, Venus: artistic literary talents, dependence on friends. A person hesitates a lot, it is difficult to make a decision on any issue, but it is necessary to learn how to do this.

Jupiter, Saturn: huge ambitions, the ability to lead and direct people towards certain goals, but with negative activation there is a high probability of going to prison if you break not only human laws, but also heavenly ones.

Interestingly, positive aspects with the Moon and Neptune hint at the native’s calling to be a doctor or healer, if there are also other indications of this in the natal chart.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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