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Vega in the natal chart

Fixed stars rarely bestow good luck for free. There is always a kind of double bottom where a person can fall if he deviates from his mission. And yet, there are those that lead and literally pull towards the light. The star Vega is located in the constellation Cygnus, on top of the Lyra, symbolically related to the myth of the musician Orpheus, who literally breathed the energy of life into souls with an incredibly beautiful harp playing. Vega is a kind of color tuning fork; its flawless white glow determines the shades of other bright stars. She is somewhat reminiscent of Sirius, but brighter and hotter, Neptune , Jupiter and the Sun serve her , which means that a person is under the powerful patronage of good forces, especially if he is engaged in art.

If in the natal chart there is a connection of this star at 16 ° Capricorn with other planets, we can assume that you will definitely be lucky in life. Vega is a sign of the pure karma of the clan, the native is also kept by the generic programs of worthy ancestors. He is endowed with talents, the gift of foresight, a subtle sense of lies and truth. It is important not to miss the period of good luck and not become attached to your achievements, giving more than life gives.

Features of Vega in the natal chart

Fixed stars have a strong influence on fate only in major aspects with the luminaries and planets, therefore, it is necessary to consider Vega as a star of luck precisely under such conditions. She gives artistic talents in theatrical art and music, and in addition, the gift of a healer and a prophet. These two qualities will make the native an excellent diagnostician who, in addition to knowledge, also feels exactly where the problem is in the patient.

Other important characteristics of Vega’s influence are:

  • luck comes in interaction with government structures and political projects;
  • idealism, the desire to live according to an invented scenario suitable for a film in which the native plays the main role;
  • love for pleasures, emotional and material pleasures, which often involves in the whirlwind of bohemian life and spoils the reputation;
  • highly developed intuition and foresight of events.

Despite the fact that Vega patronizes actors and musicians, one should not forget that her location at 16 ° Capricorn hints at a connection with higher power. A native is destined to have a high social status, to manage a large audience, it’s another matter that even if he wants to become a president or head of a company, artistic data and a desire for spirituality will still help him in this.

Any conditionally lucky fixed star can easily throw the native off Olympus if the terms of the individual contract are violated. Each has his own. Vega assumes a calm attitude towards his successes and victories. As soon as the owner of the card experiences conceited pleasure from his popularity, and moreover, arrogance towards ordinary people, the “bells” immediately begin: failures, losses, loss of audience confidence.

Accordingly, as soon as one goal is achieved, it is immediately necessary to set a new one, because Vega has long been associated with distant luck, which the native must look for, as in the fairy tale Ivan Tsarevich is looking for the Firebird. As soon as he stops searching, that is, does not strive for new frontiers, the hope for happiness immediately disappears.

The negative impact of Vega

At the middle and lower levels of development, the native easily falls ill with star disease. On the one hand, it is easier for a person who is not burdened with high morals to pick up the wave of Vega’s success, because she gives her adventurous people, capable of some impulsive actions, who are not afraid to show their talent in front of a large audience.

However, as soon as the fear of losing success and unwillingness to share one’s achievements and material fruits of labor with other people appears, self-destruction begins, even injuries out of the blue.

Creative people should also not save their masterpieces in the table, being afraid or embarrassed to show them to the world. This is also regarded as an unwillingness to part with the fruits of one’s creativity, and the flow of good luck fades at best, at worst, depression, apathy and Saturnian problems also begin: headaches and joint pains, osteochondrosis.

Vega conjunction with the planets

Depending on the exact aspects with other participants in the horoscope, the positive and negative influence of Vega will be expressed in different ways:

Sun : high position, wealth, fame, but in the negative – oblivion for many years, loss of privileges.

Moon : success in medicine, law, art, but intrigues of enemies behind your back, confrontation with women, public shame and health problems are not ruled out. The person himself, due to emotional incontinence, provokes these things.

Mercury : A brilliant career and business are at risk due to the excessive frankness of the native.

Mars : Courage and impulsiveness bring both success and failure if a person succumbs to anger or becomes insensitive to the problems of other people who are less fortunate than him.

Connection with the Ascendant and the MC gives success in social activities, but at the same time, the native feels lonely and ahead of his time.

The most important thing to remember about Vega is that she turns off the streams of luck as soon as a person is content with what she has. Any anxiety of the spirit and dissatisfaction with one’s position, on the contrary, gives a signal that help and support from above is needed.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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