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Venus in the 11th house of the relocation chart

In a moving horoscope, planets almost always change their location and move to other houses . Thus, you can see in advance where problems will arise, and where, on the contrary, success and profit await, especially when it comes to Venus , the planet of small happiness. Interestingly, by intuitively choosing a new city, and later compiling a relocation chart, the native can make sure that many changes in it just reflect his current state of affairs.

Venus in the 11th house of relocation just symbolizes the fulfillment of long-standing dreams and desires of the owner of the horoscope, his need for freedom of expression and merging with a large structure that can give these opportunities. If there is nothing of this in reality, and a person has a strong Sun, Mars and Neptune, then he will not stay in this place for a long time, or he will suffer.

Features of the transition of Venus to the 11th house of the relocation chart

For a good predictive analysis, it is important to look from which house of the natal chart Venus moves into the 11th location sector. There is a lot of information and multitasking in our birth chart. When moving, the event accents shift, the attitude to various issues changes, but the main tasks of this incarnation remain the same. The native will have to act differently to fulfill them, but the values, beliefs, tastes and preferences embedded in him still lead to natal .

The planet of love can move to the 11th house of the relocation chart from the nearest 9th, 10th, as well as 12th and 1st houses, since the cusps marking their beginning shift in different directions depending on the direction of the move.

For the owner of Venus, the second option will give a greater boost of energy and the return of youth, but much will have to be started from scratch.

The first case with the transition from 1, 9, 10 houses will allow you to realize the accumulated potential, and vice versa, it will become a stage of growing up.

However, it may be that the native used to be a leader and a leading star, and now he will have to merge with the collective unconscious of the 11th house in order to realize his plans. For the owner of fiery and earthly Venus, this will be difficult to do. These are people who are used to seeing the return on their activities for themselves personally, and not for the team as a whole. Therefore, it is very important to understand such moments and at least mentally separate yourself from the team and remind others of your individual contribution to the common cause, otherwise motivation is lost.

It is easier for the owners of Venus in the natal 12th house to join the common cause. They are even more comfortable when they seem to be doing what they love, but everyone is responsible for mistakes, victories or failures. Such people are happy to sing as part of a group, perform in a football team, volleyball, dance tournaments, participate in the creation of a project with colleagues, while sole participation awakens many fears in them.

Problems can arise if Venus or the 11th house cusp has negative aspects. In this case, a confrontation between the native and the collective will arise, which can also greatly change the very system of human values, make him more cynical, materialistic, and even affect faith in divine forces.

Venus in the 11th house relocation charts and friends

Since this sector is responsible for the close circle of communication, the native can be sure that he will not have to stay at home. It is likely that not immediately, but after some time after the move, he will see that his environment consists of people who are very pleasant in appearance and conduct.

Depending on the level of development of the person himself and the society of the place of residence, these can be representatives of art or bohemians, cultured and educated, or simply warm and sweet in communication.

Most often, most of them are women, so if the owner of the horoscope suffers from a lack of girlfriends, they will be in a new place, but a man should think about how his wife will react to such a retinue.

Venus in the 11th House of Relocation and Dreams

There is a high probability that in a new place of residence a person will easily fulfill his cherished desires. He will be able to start any business from scratch, go freelance, do astrology, programming, scientific research.

This factor is very good in the map of pilots and astronauts.

After moving, a person notes that as soon as he dreams about something global, circumstances begin to take shape in a kaleidoscope of events leading to the desired goal.

The negative influence of Venus in the 11th house of the relocation chart

At a low level of development, weak and afflicted Venus, with negative aspects, in a new place a person will easily lose himself, because the basis of self-esteem and internal support is precisely the energy of the planet of love. In the symbolic realm of Aquarius, the beliefs and goals of the native merge with the collective unconscious, and it turns out that a weak-minded person is forced to adapt to those around him. He perceives them as stronger and smarter, thinks that they are better than him.

At risk are women married to authoritarian husbands, children of domineering parents, insecure employees and newcomers applying for high positions in large corporations.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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