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Venus in the 4th house of the relocation chart

The relocation chart will show how the energies of the planets will manifest themselves in a new place of residence, and therefore, in what a person will be lucky, and what will cause difficulties or even karmic distortions, since sometimes it is better not to turn on empty houses at all. However, this does not apply to Venus , a symbol of happiness and good luck in love, money, health, unless it is negatively aspected. In this case, you will have to choose the lesser of two evils.

The transition of Venus to the 4th house of the relocation chart is a favorable sign. In a new place, it will be easy for the native to adapt, especially if the planet rules his 1, 5, 7, 9 or even 12 houses. All internal values of the native will be connected with the actual place of residence, family, history of this region, however, if there are squares and oppositions, it will not be easy to make your home a place of power.

Features of the transition of Venus to the 4th house of the relocation map

The planet of love and beauty in the moving map shows what will affect the system of values and beliefs of the native, from where he draws inspiration and courage for magically successful actions, and for women it also symbolizes the source of their attractiveness and mankost.

If Venus is in the 4th house in the relocation chart, then it is simply vital for a person to make his home an oasis of beauty, comfort and prosperity. With negative aspects, this will not work out right away, it is quite possible that a person will have to live in modest conditions, save on the furnishings of an apartment, but this is a road to nowhere. Sometimes it is enough to even buy an expensive sofa or set, and they will slowly begin to attract more and more worthy things into the house like a magnet. You can’t save money at your place of residence.

However, it is equally important to look from which house of the natal chart Venus passes into the location 4th. Everyone has tasks fixed by the birth chart, and when moving, they will have to be completed on the new energies of another sector, so a synthesis of analysis is necessary here.

Most often, Venus moves into the 4th house of the relocation chart from the nearest 2, 3 and 5, 6 houses, but there are other variations, depending on the distance of the move.

If this is a jump from 2nd to 4th, then you should expect a successful acquisition of real estate. Even if at the time of the move there are no prerequisites for this, they will appear, the main thing is not to miss these chances. The movement from 3rd to 4th hints that there will be a real hostel or a string of guests in the native’s house, but he will like it. Although if there are tense aspects, then vice versa – a person will be extremely uncomfortable. Also, the move can be to the place where relatives live.

From 5th to 4th suggests a transition from a fun, carefree life to a more responsible family life, and from 6th to 4th – freelance work at home.

Venus in the 4th house relocation and residence charts

A harmonious planet will surely lead the native to a beautiful area with many cultural attractions, theaters, restaurants, filled with beautiful architecture. However, this may not happen immediately, since the relocation card does not turn on instantly.

In order for the favorable chance built into the moving horoscope to work, it is important to remember that Venus loves new homes in well-maintained areas so that everything for beauty and health is nearby, for example, fitness clubs, spas, shops with farm products and aromatic oils.

It is also not excluded the acquisition of a private house or cottage, or their inheritance from parents. Much also depends on the sign of Venus, if it is in Aquarius, Leo or Sagittarius, then a person will prefer an apartment equipped with the latest technology in a trendy new building with a lot of sports complexes and fashion stores nearby, and if the 4th house is in Pisces, Taurus or Cancer, then the best option there will be a house in a private village near the lake or a villa on the sea overlooking the mountains.

Venus in 4th house relocation and relationship charts

The happiness of the native lies in the family. This is the key to success in a new location. Any problems at home will immediately affect work productivity, undermine health and undermine the nervous system.

Women’s beauty also directly depends on how her husband, her own parents and father-in-law treat her. Aspects indicate problems.

The opposition of Venus with the 10th house or its ruler already portends a tense relationship with the mother-in-law, with the Moon – with her mother, with the Sun – with her father or spouse, while the self-esteem of the owner of the card is also affected. however, this does not mean that family happiness is impossible, you just have to work hard to create it: find support in yourself, reveal femininity, separate yourself internally from your parents.

For a man, similar aspects also portend a tense relationship with his wife or mother-in-law, so if there is a square or opposition, it is better for the native’s family to live separately from their parents. With good aspects, a planned pregnancy easily happens.

The negative influence of Venus in the 4th house of the relocation chart

At a low level of development, the native becomes a kind of tradesman in the nobility. He boasts of his home, where there is often a deliberately luxurious, but tasteless atmosphere, and even if Venus is strong and harmonious, a person’s personal emotional underdevelopment does not save him from boasting about his wealth, which often causes both envy and antipathy of others.

With quadrature and opposition, there is no sense of security at home, it always seems that someone is threatening peace, and this often happens, for example, neighbors are disturbed or household members often quarrel.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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