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Venus in the 5th house of the relocation chart

Recently, people have been moving a lot in search of their place of happiness, where everything will be better than before. Surprisingly, a far from always desirable country or metropolis turns out to be a springboard to success, as it is seen in dreams. The moving horoscope will help you look into the future and see the expected outline of events according to the new positions of the planets. From this, as well as from their aspects, it will depend on how successful and happy a person can become away from the usual realities.

The transition of Venus , the planet of happiness and love, to the 5th house is definitely an application for well-being and radiance in all aspects of life. Here she feels good and comfortable, which means that the native will start to get lucky in relationships, finances, business, as self-esteem and internal energy increase. The only thing that can overshadow the fabulous picture is the negative aspects that introduce obstacles and activate the complexes of the past.

Features of the transition of Venus to the 5th house of the relocation chart

If the horoscope of the move is drawn up correctly (the time of birth is necessarily corrected according to Greenwich Mean Time), then the cusps of the houses move clockwise or against its course, and the planets themselves remain in the same degrees and signs. Thus, Venus transfers the energy of good luck and the so-called small happiness to other sectors. However, this does not mean that now the native is unlucky in the usual areas. It’s just that the aura of good luck is expanding, and the tasks of the natal chart will have to be performed with drive and courage in the 5th house of relocation.

Most often, the planet of love moves there from the nearest 3, 4 and 6, 7 houses, although there can be many variations. It all depends on how far the native travels.

Moving from the 3rd sector promises a lot of romantic acquaintances, which often come through younger brothers and sisters, and if there are none, then through colleagues and friends. From the 4th, it involves meeting a loved one in your own home or thanks to your parents, and the native will also want to make his apartment an oasis of romance and love. For couples, such a move will bring the return of past passion, the birth of children, or the strengthening of ties with existing ones. Unmarried promises a civil marriage, cohabitation in the same territory. If there is a connection with the 7th house, then we can talk about marriage.

But the transition of Venus to the 5th location sector from the 7th just hints that passionate love will develop into a marital relationship, and most often in this situation, girls begin to make offers almost on a 2-3 date, and a man thinks not just about entertainment , but about the official registration of relations. For married people, it may be tempting to go left, but this can also be played out simply as a burst of creativity at work, as well as when Venus moves into the 5th house of the relocation chart from the 6th, in addition to the main meaning – an office romance.

Such changes are favorable for representatives of creative professions, as well as those who work with children, because they portend an influx of clients and an increase in the native’s interest in work.

Venus in 5th house relocation and love charts

The main influence of the planet of love in the location house is to make the native filled with Venusian energy, and this automatically attracts the attention of the opposite sex and awakens in the person himself the desire to love, enjoy admiration from the outside and become the best version of himself.

Venus does not bring change as quickly as the Moon and Mercury, so if the Moon is afflicted and not in a very favorable position for itself, the native will not immediately feel the Venusian upsurge of energy and optimism. The representatives of the fiery and water Venus will most quickly start up, they will note the increasing sensuality and desire for romantic adventures.

The owners of Venus in exaltation and the monastery will intuitively fearlessly plunge into the ocean of new feelings, begin to shine without unnecessary talk, but those who have the planet of love in exile and fall can rush, force events, or vice versa – suppress their emotions, wait for others to show initiative, or they are completely afraid of such unexpected attention to their own person and go into the shadows.

Venus in 5th house relocation charts and children

This is a very favorable position for those who have long dreamed of getting pregnant and did not succeed. If the location Venus is in the monastery, also in a fertile sign: Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio, as well as the Moon, then everything will happen very quickly and a healthy baby will be born.

In the case when the planet is in a barren sign and it has negative aspects, you should not be afraid. This means that there may be some health problems or financial difficulties that need to be resolved in order for the desired event to occur.

Ties with an existing child are strengthened, the native wants to walk, communicate, play with him, and by the way, other people’s children feel sympathy for the person, which is very favorable for those who work as a pediatrician, psychologist, dentist, teacher, physical education teacher, organizer of children’s holidays .

In any case, if you approach it with passion, effortlessly, without unnecessary expectations and worries, the native will succeed.

The negative influence of Venus in the 5th house of the relocation chart

At a low level of development, the native is so carried away by the new role of the star of love adventures that he forgets about more important things. There is a danger of betrayal or an affair with a married man, which also will not bring anything good.

It is usually believed that the location Venus gives financial success in risky and gambling affairs, but the negative aspects, on the contrary, put a taboo on this. You can not get carried away with sweepstakes, computer games and casinos in the presence of squares.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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