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Venus in the sign of Virgo

The morning star and Earth’s neighbor, Venus, symbolizes the energy of love, the ability to appreciate beauty, enjoy material goods and create oneself. In the male natal chart, it shows the ideal image of a mistress, exciting the imagination and creativity, and in the female, it determines the behavior in close relationships with the stronger sex, the manner of dressing and behaving in public.

In both cases, Venus in Virgo is weakened and in decline, so it is necessary to develop energy, strengthen planetary qualities, removing excessive shyness and insecurity in personal attractiveness, developing an individual style, for which people will have to work hard, as well as open the locks of sensuality and empathy.

Features of a psychological portrait

The owners of Venus in Virgo are outwardly cold, restrain emotions and adhere to traditional behavioral habits, in part even old-fashioned gallant and overly polite, which is why they remain in the background in the presence of more arrogant and uninhibited rivals in their careers and personal life.

In the absence of an aspect with Neptune, they are loyal to the chosen ones, especially if they have been looking for them for many years, because excessive pickiness and adherence to high standards encourages disappointment in people who are attractive at first. In the first place among the carriers of Venus in Virgo, cleanliness and frugality: even the next supermarket will go in a perfectly ironed suit and carefully styled hair, which will be required from loved ones. It is not easy to get along with them: it is necessary to take into account the key points of Virgo’s impact on Venus:

  • constraint and awkwardness in emotional manifestations, and shyness and modesty, with negative development, turn into stinginess and harshness of statements about unpleasant interlocutors;
  • prudence and low empathy: they do not care about other people’s experiences, the main thing is to get what they want;
  • high moral principles, with which they do not want to part, even for the sake of a career or the salvation of loved ones;
  • a constant feeling of one’s own imperfection and comparison with others more successful and attractive from the point of view of the natives, which gives rise to neurosis and envy;
  • the ability to notice and remember the smallest details, which makes them incredibly talented writers, documentary filmmakers, artists, criminologists and microbiologists, able to create a new work or research result, consisting of the smallest details;
  • profession and friendship are more important than personal life, internal complexes lead to sexual obsession and the desire to prove personal attractiveness;
  • affection for things and pets replaces sympathy for people.

Children with Venus in Virgo are successful academically, but are painfully shy and need parental emotional warmth and approval. Having not received love in the family, in adulthood they often change partners or start several romances at the same time, trying to feel needed and indispensable.

Venus in Virgo

Venus male and female

For a native of any sex, the first sexual experience is extremely important, which more than for any other position on the planet determines emancipation and the ability to enjoy intimacy for many years. A stressful situation with painful sensations will require treatment by a psychotherapist.

A woman with Venus in Virgo carefully monitors the cleanliness of the house and hygiene. She rarely chooses clothes in bright colors, preferring discreet pastel shades and laconic styling. The Earthly Venusian is very thrifty, which is why she is often supported by a strong, financially wealthy partner, however, always on favorable terms for herself: a spouse or companion is himself glad to provide her with all the benefits, just to be together.

Despite material evidence of male sympathy, the owner of Venus in Virgo suffers from insecurity in her beauty and charm, demanding more and more confirmation in the form of compliments, gifts, or begins to find fault with her partner, trying to make sure that he is far from ideal. This complicates relationships and leads to breaking ties.

A man with Venus in Virgo is often a gigolo, despite strict moral principles, often receiving benefits and privileges thanks to the female favor for his external noble appearance. He is not able to fall deeply in love, preferring warm platonic feelings and friendship.

A passionate, emotionally open woman will only scare him, but a modest, notorious and serious lady will cause a desire to patronize and cherish, while simultaneously warming her own soul. He brings up children in severity, demanding unquestioning obedience to the rules he invented, expressing love with gifts, not words.

Important aspects with other planets

The ruler of the Virgo sign is Mercury and partly Proserpine. The favorable aspects of Venus with the first planet from the Sun are important for professional realization: photographic memory, literary and oratorical gifts, handicrafts and jewelry craftsmanship, the ability to subtly say compliments and find a common language with different people.

The harmonious aspect with Proserpina allows people with such Venus to transform internal complexes into advantages, when disadvantages become an advantage. The tense aspect of Venus with Mercury (usually a half-square) makes communication and learning difficult, adds shyness and tension in the process of achieving the goal.

The dry character of the native is softened by favorable aspects with the Moon and Neptune: here love is already possible without calculation, sincere affection, regardless of life’s difficulties, fantasy, sympathy and mercy are enhanced. Unfavorable aspects with Saturn bring many restrictions and cruelty to the relationship with the father in men, and in women additionally with the husband.

Additional description

People born with Venus in the sign of Virgo are quite loyal to their loved ones, sometimes becoming servants for their beloved. It is easier for them to show their love by doing something for loved ones or making a gift with own hands, or even exist for the sake of  loved ones, than just talking about their feelings.

Shyness prevents such individuals from expressing their feelings and affection. They may lack confidence in their own attractiveness. This raises doubts that they deserve love and recognition. There is a strong tendency to be very critical of a partner and expect perfection. Marriage is often delayed by trying to find the perfect soul mate, which may or may not exist.

People with Venus in Virgo want everything that surrounds them to be neat and perfect. The tendency towards constant criticism can be overcome by learning how to serve people without exhausting themselves. They are capable of being  kind and sensual people and can excel in caring for others.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Venus in Virgo:


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