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Venus in the sign of Cancer

The planet, named after the goddess of love, in the individual horoscope reflects sex appeal, deep values, the direction of creative giftedness, symbolizing also the ideal image of the beloved in the male chart and the expression of sensuality in relationships with the opposite sex in the female.

The second line of reading is the emotions and behavior of the mother, girlfriends, sisters, daughters of the native and the way of interacting with them. Venus in the “crown” of the water sign of Cancer is in a difficult position, prompting the ward to experience the full range of deep, conflicting emotions, which leads to mood swings in a vulnerable and sensitive person and desperate attempts to hide it, putting on a flair of deliberate importance. An insatiable thirst for love and attention is difficult to satisfy without knowing the nuances of the multifaceted influence of the planet of winds and thunderstorms on the character and sensuality of the native.

Features of a psychological portrait

Holders of Venus in Cancer have been striving all their lives to find an ideal lover and friend who, from a half-glance, understands their contradictory nature, able to listen to feelings about past mistakes and reflection on the topic of offenses caused in personal relationships, or their own misdeeds. They acutely experience harsh words and criticism from parents, girlfriends, spouses, although in bouts of resentment and suspiciousness, they are able to hurt loved ones in the most painful places, and then suffer for a long time because of their imperfection.

A strong family and a cozy, beautiful home is a dream they strive for, but the strongest emotional impressionability, suspicion and amorousness sometimes encourage the carriers of Venus in Cancer to destroy quite tangible happiness. Their partners should consider the aquatic traits of the Venusian character:

  • identification with partners: merging into one whole, such individuals react sharply to changes in mood, beginning to obsessively ask what is wrong, feeling a sense of guilt, even if they have not done a bad thing;
  • solicitude, compassion and unconscious energy support from friends and relatives;
  • an increased need for confidential heart-to-heart conversations, the manifestation of signs of attention akin to those received from a mother in childhood;
  • acute experience about their own sins, deceptions and infidelity, threatening with neuroses and depression;
  • attachment to the parental home, the habit of falling in love with elders who resemble father and mother in appearance or in certain character traits;
  • sentimentality, the habit of keeping a lot of old things that are associated with memories, and piles of albums with family photos;
  • increased sexuality and interest in the opposite sex with a complete lack of initiative: will dream of meeting and suffer, but will not take decisive steps.

The owners of Venus in Cancer are often short-sighted, as they tend to abstract from the cruel and ugly realities of life, concentrating only on the beautiful and the high.

Children with this position of the planet are modest, sensitive and gentle-minded. They need a warm, loving atmosphere in their home. Acutely experiencing quarrels with family and friends, they may get sick or contact bad company, where, as they think, they fully understand and accept. It is best to remove negativity and energize the planet of love on a vacation by freshwater lakes.

Venus in Cancer

Venus male and female

A sacrificial and compassionate woman with Venus in Cancer, despite her incredible beauty and charm, is often unlucky in love. She suffers from lifeguard syndrome, pulling alcoholics and spenders out of problems. The position of the planet makes emotional attachment easy due to habit, even to painful experiences, and soon she can no longer imagine life without a familiar relationship algorithm, trying in every possible way to keep her companion close to her through scandals or exaggerated care when he is perceived by another child.

However, a more devoted and loving soul cannot be found, especially if there are signs of care and attention from the husband. Dryness and neglect hurt the heart of the Venusian woman, including her rich water fantasy: suspicions, reproaches, manipulation of feelings and quarrels begin. She will suit a strong-willed partner with Mars in Capricorn or a calm homely Mars in Taurus.

A man with Venus in Cancer is an idealist and a dreamer, looking for motherly warmth and understanding in the chosen one, subconsciously wanting all her interests and desires to be focused on him. Falls in love with a girl who resembles her mother as much as possible, taking into account also the economy and culinary talent.

A charming and sweet-spoken native loves modest, shy women with curvaceous forms, starts many novels, looks after him beautifully and romantically, however, when he gets married, he pays less sentiment to his wife, perceiving her as the keeper of the hearth, and not an object of conquest, which gives rise to cold and alienation, given him resentment, a tendency to sort things out and remain silent for weeks after quarrels. Sacrificial Venus in Pisces or earthly Venus in Taurus will suit him.

Important aspects with planets

The ruler of the Cancer constellation is the Moon, whose favorable aspects give people with such position intuition on the verge of clairvoyance, healing abilities, endowing them with poetic and artistic talent, and in conjunction or sextile with Neptune an incredible acting gift, the ability to convey emotions and reincarnate.

However, negative aspects with these planets tend to depressions and disorders of the nervous system, alcoholism, as a way to escape from reality. A favorable aspect with Mars and Jupiter will add cheerfulness and self-confidence, balancing the yin nature of aquatic Venus.

Additional description

People born with Venus under the sign of Cancer are calm, shy, sensitive, gentle and romantic, the feelings of such individuals are strongly attached to family values, old friends, familiar places, memories and the past. All memories of celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, family traditions and other significant days are very important for them. These Cancers seek nurturing and emotional support and security in love affairs. They can be changeable and inconstant in matters of feelings and emotions. They strive for peace and harmony at home.

People with Venus in Cancer cling like a crab and do not let go of those who care about them. The caring and love of such Cancers can go too far and express possessive feelings. Feelings of self-doubt, feelings of not being loved, can lead to the fact that they begin to seize their insecurity and gain weight. People under this sign love rich and tasty food, which can lead to problems. They also love to feel needed, and their personal charm, magnetism, and empathy make them truly caring. They have a strong maternal instinct.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Venus in Cancer:


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