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Venus in the sign of Sagittarius

The planet Venus shows the chances of success in love and the disclosure of the feminine principle in the fair sex, and in men, creativity, a source of funds for the joys of life, the image of an ideal lover and the nature of relationships with mother, wife, sister and daughter. In the sign of Sagittarius, it is quite rare – only 30% of people. She gives inexhaustible optimism even in the event of an unsuccessful marriage, a difficult family atmosphere, ruin and betrayal. The owners of Venus in Sagittarius easily shake off tears and fragments of past relationships and move on, towards new adventures.

Features of a psychological portrait

The planetary position in 90% of cases shows a passionate love for a foreign partner, erudite, religious and educated, as well as financial well-being when working abroad, especially if it is a short-term contract project, business trip or tour.

The owners of Venus in Sagittarius are idealists by nature: honest, generous, incredibly generous and compassionate, but they demand the same attitude in return, and sometimes twice as much, especially at a low level of development, when Jupiter’s egocentrism makes one think that the whole world is at the services of a native …

In the future, it is this quality that will allow not to be upset when parting with a partner, but to be inspired by the search for a more suitable one. When communicating with representatives of Venus in Sagittarius, they need to take into account their characteristic features:

  • sincerity, positive and open type of thinking, ingenuousness, rude humor;
  • ambition in love affairs: they prefer to fall in love with people of high social status, rich and successful, with a good education, often older in age;
  • amorousness and frequent change of partners in youth, the philosophy of free ties and guest marriage with age gives way to the idea of ​​a lasting family union and fidelity;
  • huge interest in celebrities and foreigners of the opposite sex, as well as in foreign education, politics and art: cinema, literature, poetry;
  • freethinking, enjoyment is gained from trips, visits to new places: thematic cafes, quests, fashion shows, political forums, participation in flash mobs and rallies to save the environment, where they often get to know future companions.

Children with Venus in Sagittarius are sociable and friendly, surrounded by friends and do not hesitate to protect weak classmates from injustice, even if the source of trouble is the teacher. The need for new experiences can lead to bad company if there is no social and sports activity. They need to feel like an authoritative figure, which will be helped by classes in the drama club, victories in international talent competitions.

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus male and female

In the chart of a male native Venus in Sagittarius is an indicator of a womanizer, but unlike Aries with an excess of sexual energy, there is a deep philosophical approach to the search for one and only love. If he is lucky enough to meet a partner who shares his ideals, cheerful and easy-going, athletic and ambitious, the enthusiastic native will come up with a new life concept, where loyalty to the bonds of marriage will be the key motive.

A woman with the planet of love in Aquarius, Taurus or Leo will suit him. The owner of Venus in Sagittarius will not delve into everyday issues that make him bored, so the chosen one needs to prepare to solve them herself or choose the option of a guest marriage. It is interesting that even if the native’s companion is not connected with abroad, after the emergence of a strong relationship, she receives interesting job offers abroad or moves to another country with her husband.

The woman with Venus in Sagittarius is an incorrigible optimist. She wants a holiday every day and idealizes men, expecting that her husband will arrange romantic dinners, surprises and shower her with gifts. Disappointed, she gets married again and again, preferring to formalize the union legally, and secretly also because of a beautiful wedding ceremony.

The girl with Venus in Sagittarius wears long hair, loves sports and tattoos in foreign languages. The best way to win her heart is to arrange a romantic surprise while traveling in the mountains or on a trip to an exotic country. Such lady need to know that aiming at a career and self-education, she will not become a homebody. She will suit the liberal-minded Mars in Aquarius, Sagittarius or the homely Mars in Taurus.

Important aspects with other planets

The rulers of the constellation Sagittarius are Jupiter and partly Neptune, which explains the native’s burning interest in successful and famous people, the desire to make a brilliant career and leave a mark on history. Positive aspects with Jupiter help such people to assert themselves professionally and emotionally in personal relationships through the qualities of Venus: charisma, charm, sincere sympathy from superiors, finding loyal friends and loved ones.

The conflict between the planet of love and Jupiter includes the native’s main fear of being humiliated and disgraced by a partner, which gives rise to suspiciousness, irascibility and suspicion, darkens the family union with quarrels and leads to ruptures, especially if there are negative aspects with Saturn and Mars. The favorable aspects of Venus with Neptune enhance romance, compassion and personal magnetism, contribute to becoming a star of theater and cinema. The tension between the planets leads to a vain search for the ideal lover, described in the books, but having nothing to do with reality.

Additional description

In a love relationship, people with Venus in Sagittarius are looking for those with whom they can grow, expand their horizons and consciousness. They are attracted by cheerful, playful and open-minded people, ready for new adventures and impressions. Travel together, meet new people and explore new pleasant horizons. Foreigners help them discover a new world and discover themselves. Such individuals are willing to share their dreams, aspirations and ideals with their partner. Spiritual and intellectual understanding with their loved ones is very important for them, for sure, this is even more important than emotional or physical relationships.

Sagittarius with Venus are not particularly sentimental, their partners may think that they are not serious about them and not romantic. People with such Venus are responsive, kind, generous, full of optimism. They are even capable of idealizing love. In the constant search for a better life, they cannot stay long with  partners who do not help them grow and provide special emotions. They are willing to share the love of God expressed through religious devotion for people, providing all the good and generosity to the people they love.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Venus in Sagittarius:


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