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Vertex in aspects: fate always finds its way

Axis Vertex – Antivertex – a significant line of the horoscope, the karmic twin of the axis Ascendant – Descendant. It is also called electric: on significant transits, synastry with people of interest to the native, and even with the mental intentions, a spark is born, including turning fateful events. Vertex is an important and sensitive point, that place in the natal chart, where any emotional contacts with people: friendship, love, enmity, change personality and attract events that cannot be avoided. This is destiny itself.

It is possible to prepare for a revolution in the life, because when the rotation of the Vertex changes under the influence of transits or emotions, the area for which the house, sign and especially aspects of the turning point of fate are responsible is activated. Any contacts with the planets show what talents and skills will help not only to get into the maelstrom of incidents, but to emerge victorious from it.

Vertex Aspect Features

The vertex does not always work, but only at emotionally significant moments of life, but it is initially associated with sensory relationships.

When the turning point of fate changes its rotation on the emotional desire of the individuals to meet the needs and requirements of people significant to them, during interesting and important events and on transits of personal planets, the so-called gates of fate open.

There is a quantum leap in consciousness and space, when overnight they can become a star, a millionaire, or vice versa – lose everything.

Aspects of the Vertex in the natal chart show the talents and skills already laid down initially, in the name of matching the scenario proposed by fate. These are magical tools that help the native pass tests with honor, get a positive new experience in the houses where the Vertex stands, and these are usually the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th sectors. The orbis of aspects here is 1-3 degrees.

Conjunction, trine, sextile mean that people with such position in the horpscope easily and quickly develop these abilities in contacts with people who are symbolized by the planets (the Sun – father, husband, Moon – mother, grandmother, Mercury – younger brothers and sisters, etc.), as well as on their transits.

The square, the opposition symbolizes obstacles or the need to work hard to become those who fit into the stream of fateful changes.

Aspects of the Vertex with planets in the natal chart

The point of fate shows what image a person needs to master in order to work out the deep fears and problems of generic scenarios inherent in the house and the sign of Antivertex.

Any activity on the planet in aspect with the Vertex contributes to the improvement of fate and the transition to a favorable development of events, for example, if the Vertex is in conjunction with Venus in the 5th house, the meeting with the loved one will not take place in a cheap nightclub, but at a social event, if the native develops in imagine in advance the best characteristics of the planet of love.

Qualities that people need to cultivate in themselves with the aspects of the Vertex with the planets:

Sun : organizational skills, public relations, public activities. Good relations with the father and husband, from which comes the support and development of the personality.

Moon : emotional flexibility, compassion, femininity, maternal instinct (for girls), respect for women (especially for men). Mom and wife are the source of good changes.

Mercury : sociability, desire to learn new professions and languages, communicate and expand the circle of friends. The younger ones are involved in the cycle of interesting events.

Venus : external attractiveness, building harmonious romantic relationships, developing admirable talents. Important events on the energy of love.

Mars : courage, determination, nobility, playing sports, the ability to own knives and firearms, respect for men. The male team promotes development and change.

Jupiter : finding the meaning of life, a good education, communication with influential and wise personalities, obtaining a high social status. Fateful contacts with foreigners.

Saturn : endurance, discipline, diligence, friendship with the elderly, experienced people, the study of jurisprudence, politics. Old people push for important decisions.

Uranus : extravagance, development of unique personality traits, immersion in astrology, esotericism, IT, electronics, space exploration. a wide circle of communication, liberalism of views.

Pluto : the ability to be a powerful, hidden leader, respect themselves and others, understand the energies of money, manage them, people and energy resources. The study of esotericism, psychology, medicine. Meetings with celebrities and the rich are the starting point for changes in life.

Positive aspects are manifested by the ease of getting what they want. such individuals intuitively understand what to do, they want to develop the talents and skills of the planet in aspect with the Vertex.

The owners of tense aspects, on the contrary, will not do this until circumstances push them to the need to change. It will work out or not, depends on the strength of personal planets in natal.

Connection of Vertex and karmic knots

This is a powerful sign of the need for karmic processing related to personal relationships.

The connection of the Vertex with the Ascending (North) Node means that people make all important decisions under the influence of others, as a rule, emotionally significant for them.

The meaning is the same as when the Ascending Node merges with the Descendant (cusp of the 7th house) – karmic marriage, enemies as teachers, the need for development in partnership. Life depends on the will of other people, sometimes literally. In a good version, the retinue creates a king.

The connection of the Vertex with the Descending (South) Node is less fatal, but those around them deliberately or unconsciously harm the plans of the owners of the horoscope, which leaves them with the only possible course of action, the implementation of which depends on their willpower.

Such people often jump into the last car, but at the same time they become pioneers, gain fame and title. The meaning of the aspect is similar to the conjunction of the North Node with the Ascendant.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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