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Vertex in the houses of the natal chart

The astrological Vertex was named after the Roman god Vertumnus, the patron saint of fruit trees and the change of seasons. He knew how to take on various guises and thus won the heart of the impregnable nymph Pomona, awakening in her sincere pure love. The place where the “soft part of the skull” of the horoscope is located (another name referring to the intersection of the ecliptic and the first vertical of the chart) shows: what qualities, skills, talents and opportunities will develop in a person under the influence of karmically inevitable relationships with other people and the events caused by them and in what areas of life it will happen.

The vertex is located in the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th houses of the horoscope and extremely rarely in others, only at birth in the Northern latitudes. During the activity of the turning point of fate through the synastry, directions, transits, progressions, the god Vertumn comes to our garden in an unfamiliar guise, and we must be ready to accept his gifts, reacting on the highest floor of the house in which he was found.

The position of the Vertex in the houses

The point of fate is not alone. This is the axis, at the opposite end of which is the Antivertex, which is responsible for the hidden mechanisms of events that change the life of the native. Accordingly, it is necessary to consider not only the 5th house, where the Vertex stands, but also the opposite 11th: its antipode is located there.

The axis theme is powerfully played during transits, including those that involve entire masses of people in global events. For example, the death of the Titanic occurred on the transit of Uranus to the Vertex, which affected the fate of thousands of people.

The axis Vertex – AntiVertex is called the electric Ascendant, because from a single spark current flows through the wires of the natal chart, activating many nuances. If the Ascendant in the 1st house is responsible for the image that people try on in society, then their electric Ascendant is an actor’s super task for the chosen role: those qualities that need to be acquired in order to correspond to the best version of one’s destiny.

Vertex in the 5th house

Unexpected meetings and changes occur along the axis of romantic – friendly relations. Love and everything connected with it plays a paramount role in human expectations. TThe individuals with such position in the horoscope subconsciously try to influence a large number of people, to make them fall in love with their image according to the Ascendant (Rising sign in the 1st house) through the events in the 5th house.

Such people aspire to the stage, to public activities, they love holidays and romantic surroundings. At the same time, the fear of being rejected lives in the depths of their souls, therefore they regard the sympathy of the crowd as success and a means to fill the inner emptiness. They are first involved in a certain team or organization, within which suddenly there is an opportunity to become a star or meet love that changes all their views and values. These people need gifts and admiration and are ready to shower the object of sympathy with fireworks of surprises and compliments. Without it, they suffer.

Vertex in the 6th house

This situation is more typical for those born in the winter. Antivertex in this case falls into the 12th house. This is the axis of service and self-sacrifice. The turning point is activated through the performance of routine work, a subordinate position, the execution of other people’s orders and endless dreams.

In part, it is similar to the position of Cinderella, who, being in service, retained the kindness of her heart and received the fulfillment of her cherished desires, being in a seemingly hopeless situation.

So people important to the horoscope owners come to them, who are able to change their lives dramatically, precisely in physically difficult periods, while performing routine, monotonous work necessary for professional growth and health promotion. This is probably facilitated by the scenarios of the 12th house: the manifestation of self-sacrifice, creativity, solitude, visiting the temple, being in the hospital and charity. The love of such a person is expressed in caring for the life of a loved one, taking on the daily duties, care during treatment.

Vertex in the 7th house

The most difficult situation is when such individuals do not feel like a full-fledged people if they are not in a relationship. From here, a dependent position often arises when falling in love, and partners can treat the owners of the horoscope as they want, especially if the latter had difficult relationships with emotionally cold parents who violated their personal boundaries.

Such people are horrified by the prospect of loneliness and are ready for anything, just not to lose loved ones.

When 1st house is struck, where Antivertex stands, it literally attracts abusers, but they are also karmic teachers.

The purpose of the lesson is to preserve in relationships an individuality that relies on oneself and not on another, and until the owners of the horoscope understand this, they will be in an eternal search for ideal love. There is a second option – the complete denial of intimacy and friendship for fear of disappointment or inflated ideals. In this case, they wait until old age for  perfect partners, similar to the hero of a book or movie, or even love a certain celebrity all their lives.

Vertex in the 8th house

People with such horosocope position have a deep need for complete merging with partners, they long for passion on the verge of pain, when it is impossible to breathe from mutual attraction. The antivertex in the 2nd house includes monetary issues in these scenarios, they want to sacrifice their fortune in order to be with their loved ones, like the heroines of novels, or win the heart of the objects of passion with financial offerings, as if buying their attention.

The situation is aggravated by the fear that the partners will not fulfill their obligations, betray or change. Such people need constant evidence of devotion, fidelity and sexual desirability. In their families frequent scenarios of fatal passions are not uncommon.

How to elaborate Vertex in houses

The turning point of fate includes a kaleidoscope of fatal events and encounters that occur regardless of the desire of people.

However, knowing the approximate scenario, they can prepare by developing the skills and talents of the sign in the sphere of the house where the Vertex stands.

Also, they can partially influence the fate by moving to another country, but for this it is important to make a relocation chart and see which house the Vertex will move to. Thus, it will be possible to mitigate the undesirable scenario of events or introduce new circumstances there.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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