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Twelfth House of the horoscope “Point of loneliness”

The twelfth house of the horoscope is considered an evil house. The key words to its interpretation are isolation, solitude, secrecy and limitations.

This house describes a situation when a person cannot influence the prevailing circumstances. All initiatives are constrained, and it is not possible to make decisions.

Monasteries, hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums and rest homes run along the twelfth house. Here, isolation from the outside world can be both voluntary and compulsory. In the case of prisons and colonies, a person is forcibly isolated from society.

If the activities of individuals are related to the twelfth house, then they can work in any closed institutions or secret organizations, or often travel abroad. The work of doctors is also often associated with the house in question, as it is the house of disease.

12th house and its characteristics

The 12th house is the final house. People go a long way from birth to death, and at the end of this path they realize many important things. They are no longer as active, optimistic and energetic as before, but in return for all this they gain wisdom, tolerance and a desire to be more spiritual. It is at the end of life that people devote more time to communication with God, and religion acquires special significance for them.

The 12th house in meaning intersects with the astrological symbols of Pisces and Neptune. It carries in itself detachment and withdrawal from everything worldly and vain. This withdrawal can be of a positive nature, when people resignedly and humbly serve in the church, help those in need, and work as a volunteer in shelters and nursing homes. Often, creative people deliberately limit their contacts with the outside world and create beauty alone, feeling the long-awaited inspiration.

But sometimes a departure from reality can be a sign of weakness, cowardice and a low level of development. Spiritual self-destruction occurs when people stop struggling and sink using alcohol and drugs. The simplest and easiest solution is to get away from the conflict situations of the outside world and give up, and this is the negative manifestation of the 12th house.

If in the horoscope the 12th house is significantly expressed and filled with a large number of planets, then people are by nature very impressionable, intuitive and vulnerable. They feel good about other people’s emotions and show empathy. These individuals will listen to their neighbors without any condemnation or reproach, thereby freeing others from emotional oppression. But the owners of such a horoscope still need to often withdraw into themselves, into their inner world, in order to re-fill with spiritual forces and energy.

House value in compatibility analysis

When analyzing a synastry, one has to deal with situations when the planets of one partner fall into the 12th house of the second partner. It would seem that this does not carry important information on the topic of personal or business relationships. But still, this astrological interaction should not be deprived of attention.

If a strong and kind planet that has harmonious aspects falls into the 12th house, then relations between people are full of mutual understanding, kindness and mercy. Partners feel like they have a spiritual affinity, share common values, and place great emphasis on serving others. They not only communicate and listen to each other, but also try to feel the inner world of the partner, imbued with feelings, moods and ideas.

The worst case scenario is when the planet in the 12th house is angry and afflicted. In this case, there can be a lot of secret and illusory in a relationship. One of the partners may be wrong, deceitful. Frequent illness in the family, circumstances of ambiguity in the union and forced parting are possible.

Lilia Garipova


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