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Vertex in the signs of the zodiac: the arena of passions

The Vertex is called the second Ascendant and the turning point of fate, but there are certain subtleties that few people write about. The fact is that people are forced to master a new model of behavior, image, style and skills in the area where the Vertex stands, but if according to the Ascendant in the 1st housethey themselves want this, then here they are as if pushed onto the stage and given an unfamiliar role. They can’t refuse, they have to reincarnate in order to survive the trials or match the one they love.

Vertex is located in 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th houses, respectively, it is in matters of relationships with other people that the owners of the horosocope have to reveal new character traits, talents and resources in themselves. This is a fate, especially on significant transits, and there is only one way to prepare – to develop in themselevs the highest qualities of the sign where the point of fate stands.

Vertex in the signs of the zodiac

All new qualities of character, talents and opportunities people discover in themselves, being involved in the cycle of events and as a result of the requirements and desires of other people whom they love or want to keep.

On the opposite side of the Vertex, in the same degree, is the Antivertex, so we can talk about a parallel axis with the value Ascendant – Descendant with a similar influence.

Antivertex, however, also symbolizes the influence of scripts hidden in the subconscious, rooted in the early childhood of its owners, and Vertex is the image that they need to take in order to be worthy of those partners that they unconsciously attract into their lives.

The sign where the turning point of fate stands is at the same time the arena of passions, the scenery of the proposed circumstances, but also a hint of what exactly to develop the owners of horosocope in themselves.

Vertex in Aries

People with the Vertex in Aries will have to make strategically important decisions in emergency situations and extreme circumstances. This is where they can show themselves brightly and find love. Sometimes they themselves provoke quarrels and conflicts, and then look for ways to reconcile. It is necessary for them to be proactive, brave, but not to climb on the rampage and listen to their intuition. The goal is to be able to decisively calm down conflicts.

Vertex in Taurus

Fate forces us to give up financial stability, to help others with money and simply materially, gaining support in trust and love. Before people receive, they must give. Generosity and independence will help in building successful relationships, and they can’t live at the expense of others and think only about improving their well-being.

Vertex in Gemini

The individuals with the Vertex in Gemini are placed in the position of a student, and then a teacher. They need to turn around, adapt, back up their words with facts, juggle several things at the same time. They are involved in relationships with several partners, where it is necessary to make a choice honestly and fairly. In partnership, they need to be innovators and experimenters.

Vertex in Cancer

Such people want to build a career and not get attached to anyone, but they are involved in emotional empathy with other people’s problems. They are forced to solve them, sympathize, support, care for those who suffer. Topics of problems – women, motherhood, family.

If there are many peers in the environment who have chosen marriage, leaving their careers, these natives clearly fall into the flow of the general scenario. The goal is to help and care for the people they love without losing their value system.

Vertex in Leo

People with the Vertex in Leo are pulled out of the team in which they want to dissolve, and forced to sparkle as a star, to be a leader and develop creative abilities through contacts with other people. The goal is to love themselves, be different from others, enjoy fame and share laurels with their inner circle from the height of the pedestal.

Vertex in Virgo

Such individuals are involved in situations where their advice, consultations, skills and talents bring practical results. They will have to disassemble the problem into molecules and give a step-by-step algorithm for overcoming the crisis. The goal is to create order out of chaos both in relationships and in work. Because of this, they are drawn to unorganized, infantile, co-dependent partners, from whom they are forced to create a perfect model of a person.

Vertex in Libra

In relationships of any kind, but especially in personal ones, the owners of the Vertex in the sign of Libra will have to solve conflicts and problems, giving up their selfish desires, maintaining objectivity and acting fairly.

The goal is to be a diplomat, learn humility, accept someone else’s point of view and value system.

Vertex in Scorpio

Such people are involved in Plutonian affairs: other people’s finances, big money, securities, magic and detective investigations.

The main purpose is to help others find safety, whether through investment or energy practices for healing. They can’t abuse this power, but it’s dangerous to sit in their comfort zone. They need to go into fear on their own and overcome it.

Vertex in Sagittarius

People are forced to always fight for justice in the sphere of the affected house. This applies both to the beliefs of other people in philosophy, religion, politics, and the partner’s lifestyle, his/her tastes and habits. They can’t be petty, gossip, live for today. They need a global goal, painted according to the stages of going to the top. Most often, significant persons are foreigners.

Vertex in Capricorn

People with such position learn to be  leaders and take responsibility when most of all they want to take care of the house and children. It is important to move forward on the career ladder without looking at their fears and vulnerability. They need partners with a high social status, a prestigious profession that will help them become equal to themselves.

The goal is to develop the inner caring parent in themselves and not seek the approval of others.

Vertex in Aquarius

People are forced to adapt to new teams. They needs to stop sticking out the ego, to be part of a group, and not shine alone. These are excellent organizers and innovators in creating collective holidays and creative associations. It is within the team that they grow and develop, even if for this they have to protect themselves. Friendship here equals love.

The goal is to learn to be  friends themselves.

Vertex in Pisces

The owners of the Vertex in Pisces are involved in situations where they have to sympathize with wounded souls, heal them, return good for evil, and make a choice: to be co-dependent on someone else’s pain or to be critical and look for a clear, step-by-step algorithm for getting out of the problem. They can not be with  partners out of pity, if only not to hurt and offend them. In love, they also need to mark the boundaries. Arena of action – places near the water, the temple, the hospital, the prison.

How to elaborate the Vertex in signs

It is necessary to develop in yourself the higher energies of the sign where the point of fate stands, and move away from the scenarios prescribed for the lower energies of the sign in which the Antivertex is located.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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