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Nursery in the natal chart

Manger is a nebula of 350 stars, the two brightest of which are Southern and Northern Donkey. It is located in the constellation Cancer, and in the natal chart the feeling of this powerful cluster is strongly expressed at 7° Leo. If there are planets or house cusps in exact conjunction, it means the person came with a great mission, because the Manger is associated with the birth of Christ. Various attempts to cast his horoscope have revealed the strong influence of this nebula, but it is difficult for an ordinary person to bear it.

The image of the Manger is a swaddled baby. It reflects the coiled spring of the native’s potential, which, due to various circumstances and generic programs, remains inactive for the time being. If the native does not reach his destiny and follows the scenario of masochism, suffering, rejection, hovering in them like the chrysalis of a butterfly, he will face early dementia, loneliness, brain diseases, but there is another option for the development of events.

Features of the Manger star in the natal chart

There are obvious contradictions in the generally accepted interpretations of the nebula. If it is manifested in the horoscope of Christ, why do other people follow the path of self-destruction and failure? However, at the birth of Jesus there was also a rare conjunction of three stars, which formed one, Bethlehem, and many others, and this will not be repeated.

The second point is that few people living today are ready to take on a truly powerful, large-scale mission and use the energy of the Manger to transform the surrounding reality. Given its nebulous influence, it is necessary to have a strong will and a rich imagination to materialize bold intentions on a global scale.

At a low level of development, the native falls into infantilism, expects that everything will be done for him, they will help, give advice, pull him out of the hole, but the years go by and this does not happen. The epigones here are Saturn and Neptune, which further aggravates the situation, because only a few can combine such different energies and manage them.

However, it has been observed that those born with an exact conjunction of planets at 7° Leo, where the Manger is located, have enormous potential and varied talents, but for some reason they are unable to manifest them.

For example, they live in a small town in a poor family and there is no opportunity to attend a math or art school, not to mention figure skating or ballet classes. Also, an obstacle to development can be insurmountable embarrassment and stage fright with an obvious wonderful voice or artistic gift.

They really seem to be in a tight swaddle of circumstances or prohibitions until they leave the infantile position of an adaptive child and move into the state of an adult. There is a certain generic ban on expressing oneself in the world, a strong fear that blocks publicity, since it was once the cause of great suffering. You can and should work with this.

Negative influence of the Manger star in the natal chart

Considering the location of Leo at the beginning and the creative power of this sign, the native is already experiencing great suffering, seeing that there is no opportunity to declare himself to the world. If he symbolically closes his eyes to the restrictions, resigns himself to the fact that there is no opportunity to move, get rid of fears, leave a family with drinking parents, and much more, he will inevitably begin to have vision problems. Nurseries almost always create eye problems in the destructive version of the life scenario, for those who prefer to remain in the cocoon rather than open the wings of a butterfly, despite all the problems.

The most difficult is the placement of the Manger on the Ascendant . On the one hand, the native really reacts to everything that happens like a small child: impulsively, emotionally, launching both joy and resentment at full capacity, on the other hand, it is very difficult for him to become an adult who controls his own destiny. The exception is strong and harmonious Saturn, Mercury, Neptune, Moon and Venus.

When conjunct the Ascendant and the Moon, blindness or damage to the left eye is likely, but the position of the Manger at 7° Leo alone is not enough for such conclusions; several other factors must be present, for example, defeat of the Moon, the ruler of the Ascendant, problematic Mars. If the latter has an opposition to Saturn, with the conjunction of the Moon and the Manger in the 1st house, a violent death can be assumed.

Conjunction of the star Manger with other planets

The star has a particularly negative effect on those who initially have problematic Moons and Suns in their horoscope. A placement on the MC portends a fall from career heights as a result of arrogance and inability to think globally. However, compounds have special interpretations:

The sun means achieving success thanks to childlike spontaneity and fresh thinking in the professional field. For example, the native does not hesitate to emotionally embrace his ideas, sincerely advocates for a common cause, and this does not go unnoticed. However, it cools down quickly and often does not finish the job, which contributes to the fall. If the Sun is damaged, there is a risk of getting into a shipwreck, fire, or being wounded with a knife.

Moon – the desire to be different from others leads to the development of leadership, can be a folk hero and savior of many, for example, in the role of a doctor or missionary. There is a danger of damage to the eyes, face, and female organs due to arrogance and hard-heartedness.

Mercury , Mars – heroism, courage, impulsive entry into battle with injustice, but rash actions can lead to death.

Venus – you need to develop love and mercy, find a balance between the material and spiritual, and be an example of this for other people.

Thus, the position of the Manger star on the Ascendant is considered the most dangerous, but through the correction of the energies of a particular planet, you can partially harmonize your destiny.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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