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Yed Prior in the natal chart

Yed Prior – a 3rd magnitude star in the constellation Ophiuchus is located on his left wrist. However, in the natal chart it will be significant for those who have a conjunction or other clear and precise aspects to 3° Sagittarius. It is here that Yed Prior is located, a complex star that includes that stage of freedom called anarchy. The native is devoid of shame and any boundaries in the field of morality. In extreme manifestations, he is an atheist, anarchist and nihilist, while trying in every possible way to impose his way of thinking, furiously teaching others.

The star provokes the native to bully and mock the weak at a low level of his development; in other cases, he pours out aggression on people not in a physical, but in an intellectual way: disputes, competition, intrigue, even denunciations. It costs such a person nothing to slander someone and ruin his reputation, but he will only do this if that person gets in his way. The motive in this case is to eliminate a competitor on the path to glory.

Features of Yed Prior in the natal chart

This star has the nature of Venus and Saturn , and is very unstable and contradictory, akin to the opposition between these planets. Therefore, it makes a person shameless and conservative at the same time. He allows himself to break all the rules; they simply do not exist for him when he is overwhelmed by the desire for pleasure or self-expression, but he expects others to strictly observe the norms of decency and morality.

For example, the owner of Yed Priora can walk left and right, but he will simply destroy his wife because of one suspicion of treason. A girl with this position easily uses personal attractiveness and flirts for profit, and also starts office romances in order to advance in her career, or weaves intrigues against competitors, but will harshly condemn those who do the same.

The most dangerous time for the owner of Yed Prior is school years. Such people are naturally prone to bullying, humiliation of others and self-affirmation at their expense. Parents should immediately take this fact into account and correct this tendency towards moral violence with proper upbringing.

However, here it is important to look at which planet Yed Prior will be in conjunction with. If it is strong, such as Jupiter and Neptune, it is a potential cult creator, a skilled manipulator capable of clouding the brains and leading a group of people down the wrong path. A weak planet, for example Mercury in Sagittarius, and even an affected one, on the contrary, makes the native a victim of someone else’s violence.

Bullying and bullying directed against the native includes a defense mechanism through the energies of Yed Prior: skillful revenge, destruction of the enemy’s life, and in any case turns the native into an accomplice of evil. Such things happen especially often when the star is positioned in the 1st, 3rd, 9th houses. This can only be resisted through conscious resistance to dark people and energies.

However, rarely does anyone choose the path of unconditional goodness; the temptation to come into contact with crime and to sully someone else’s, and at the same time their own, reputation is too great. Unfortunately, a person perceives this desire as the right to permissiveness, imagines himself as God, but serves the devil.

Positive influence of Yed Prior

However, one cannot assume that the star creates only villains. At a high level of awareness and with proper upbringing, a person is able to control destructive emotions and dark aspirations, directing energy to the fulfillment of ambitious plans. He magnetically attracts friends and accomplices who are willing to go anywhere to materialize his ideas.

In conjunction with the MS, it gives glory and success in any business, but it is not a fact that it will achieve them exclusively by noble behavior. The native is characterized by negative charm, a wonderful sense of humor and increased libido.

Conjunction of Yed Prior with other planets

Depending on the connection with other planets, the semantic basis of the star’s influence will also change:

Sun : success in astrology, esotericism, social life, politics, but there is a danger of becoming a “black” teacher, creating a revolution in the activities that he leads, and shifting the emphasis from true values to false ones.

Moon : a complete mess in relationships with women, he either deceives and uses them, or they use him. The female native suffers from the frivolity of her mother and herself experiences gynecological problems. At a high level of development, on the contrary, there is love and sympathy from the opposite sex.

Mercury : talent of an entrepreneur and businessman, writer, journalist. Wit with a touch of sarcasm, an unusual view of financial matters. Trouble with the law, lack of real friends.

Mars : the desire to defeat competitors and rivals at any cost, which is well developed by participation in sports competitions. The talent of a military leader, the desire to work in crisis areas, where there is a collision with danger, to be a hero.

Jupiter : high position in society, double standards, ready to do anything for fame and money, comfort above all. They often go abroad, change their faith, name, speak a different language, as if they are playing the role of a successful adventurer.

To work through Yed Priora, it should be remembered that the shamelessness created by this star is initially given as the key to victory over fears. You need to start from here, calculating your phobias and parting with them without shame.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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