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Gemini and Gemini – sign compatibility

Gemini is the most sociable sign of the zodiac. They are ready to constantly talk on any topic they like. They are curious, always ready to learn something new, reading books, magazines, replenishing their vocabulary.

Gemini and Gemini - sign compatibilityWhen Gemini meets people of the same sign, they find a better companion for themselves, ready to also share a sea of ​​information. The compatibility of the signs Gemini and Gemini in friendship is the highest for this very reason. Such friends do not need to be constantly together, they are arranged with rare meetings. But if they happen, then they need to spend time usefully, having talked to their fill.

In a love relationship, Gemini is suited to one who loves to listen, who has versatile interests, and she is not limited only to household chores or meetings with her best friend. The compatibility of the signs Gemini and Gemini in this regard would be ideal, but it all depends on them. If both of them are ready to constantly share with each other the latest news, new information, go to various events together, then their union will be the strongest. It is important for them that next to him there is a similar person with the same outlook on life, with whom you can constantly develop. Gemini is exactly that. They see each other as a strong soul mate, with which they will not be lost.

A harmonious relationship in a pair of Gemini and Gemini will develop if there is not the slightest violation of the freedom of the other. They need to constantly change their role: either listening, then speaking, then being a teacher for a partner, then becoming an obedient student at the moment. They both feel the need to constantly expand their horizons, and if one falls behind, then disagreements and quarrels will arise. The successful one may start looking for another good companion. They need to feel as one with their soul mate, and for this they need to feel equal to him. Gemini have great imagination, and it will not be difficult for them to constantly make unpredictable plans, to surprise another. It is good to constantly expand your circle of acquaintances, and the more diverse their life together, the longer their relationship will last, and the compatibility of Gemini will become the highest. The main thing is not to get tired of each other and give them a rest, because they are both fickle, often changing their decisions. One of the Gemini in their pair needs to show great restraint and wisdom, directing these impulses in the right direction, otherwise the relationship of two unpredictable personalities will soon fall apart.

Difficulties in love relationships

It is very difficult for two bright personalities with the same characters to get along together. Especially Gemini. They listen to each other well and understand, but it is very difficult for them to set common goals.

Gemini and Gemini - sign compatibilityThis becomes noticeable when the child appears. The woman is busy with household chores, caring for the baby. She now needs more attention and support, but her partner is only ready to listen to her and continue to look for new friends, learning something new. Hence, quarrels and misunderstandings arise. And all from the manifestation of selfishness.

Advice to Gemini: you do not need to constantly think only about yourself, but learn to delve into the current problem and look for solutions, and not tacitly listen to complaints and later get away from the problem. This applies to both the man and the woman. If he has a constant hobby, you just need to give freedom and treat it indifferently, minding your own business, and not thinking that he spends too much time on doing it.

Gemini sexual compatibility

At the beginning of a relationship, a Gemini couple seems to have a perfect intimate life. They love spontaneity, experiment, bring new things into relationships. With such a “perfect” partner, they will want to try everything at once. This will eventually lead them to boredom. A stable connection and one partner can become very boring for them. Over time, they will perceive sex as a duty, as purely physical. In any case, there are exceptions. Gemini just need to take their time and not be predictable in front of their partner. The rarer and more varied their personal lives are, the more chances they have to live together for many years.

Business relationship

The compatibility of the signs Gemini and Gemini in work is much higher than in marriage. Both of them achieve great success in their careers, because their character traits include ingenuity, striving for perfection, and discovering everything new for themselves. But this all happens if their team has people of other signs who are more responsible and bring things to the end. If Gemini work alone, then it is better for them to engage in creativity, disclosure of talents, but not to be ordinary office workers. It will be bad for both business relationships and Gemini separately. They need to constantly develop, and not sit in one place.

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