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Gemini and Virgo – sign compatibility

This is a unique union that, on rare occasions, is able to overcome all the surprises and vicissitudes prepared by life. Purely theoretically, the compatibility of the signs Gemini and Virgo is zero. A strong long-term relationship between them is simply impossible. They are absolute opposites in everything.

Gemini and Virgo - sign compatibilityThe first meetings are covered with an aura of mystery. The signs are a mystery to each other. They are interested in the extraordinary (atypical) behavior of the second half, they want to comprehend new relationships for themselves. In principle, they do not find in themselves those character traits with which it would be difficult to get along. The sociable Gemini and the sensible Virgo have found a common language. Things are good. Therefore, the first months and even years, this union can be called ordinary, such as “like everyone else.”

Gemini man – Virgo woman: compatibility

When the first love passes, the veil falls from the eyes, life has made its own adjustments to everyday life, Virgo gradually begins to realize that her Gemini man continues to remain the same frivolous impulsive bachelor who loves a bright life and constant changes. Air is the element of Gemini, frivolity is a significant character trait. Earth is the element of Virgo, practicality, prudence, rationality are life priorities. What compatibility of the signs Gemini and Virgo can create two completely different elements? Zero.

But there are exceptions to any rule. Sometimes polar signs, “+” “-” are attracted. Do not forget that the fate of a person is influenced by the phases of the moon , the movement of the planets, the date and time of birth, other signs and symbols. That is why, when reading horoscopes, some character traits are close to us (as if they wrote about me), but we don't seem to have others.

A Gemini is endowed with those traits that can make him a good family man. The only question is whether Virgo has the strength and patience to curb a confused and illogical partner.

Having decided to link your fate with this sign, do not hope that after marriage he will change his habits. In his heart, your man will remain the same bachelor, and all the time he will look at the door, in the direction of freedom. Do not be afraid to let him go. Twins are not prone to cheating. If a woman can forgive her spouse for petty antics and love of freedom, then the compatibility of the signs Gemini and Virgo, despite all the prohibitions, can give a positive result.

Gemini woman – Virgo man: compatibility

A woman who has never lacked male attention will look for a partner that matches her spirit. She will not pay attention to just anyone. Knowing her brightness and attractiveness, a woman will more than apply them in a relationship with her man, and therefore can easily find a common language with him.

Gemini and Virgo - sign compatibilityBut! This will continue as long as it is interesting to her. The characters of the two signs are diametrically opposite. It is not easy to say that Gemini and Virgo are perfect compatibility. Being next to each other, they will walk along the edge all their lives, risking one day to disperse in different directions. However, practice shows, be that as it may, it is precisely the whole life that they walk together and part only in exceptional cases.

Virgo rarely shows their superiority or pride. His ability to rationally and soberly assess the situation gives a woman that unique feeling “like behind a stone wall.” Well, how can you get away from such a man?

Visible strife happens. Virgos are able to reasonably react to them, and therefore you will not find a month-long silent in this family. The capricious emotional companion quickly departs. In principle, if you look closely at the disagreements of this couple, you will notice the obvious: there is complete mutual understanding, loyalty and love.

It would be wrong to focus on the fact that the entire union, or rather its well-being rests on the correct outlook of the partner. Good compatibility of the signs Gemini and Virgo is also given by the unconscious behavior of the partner. Common sense, logic and a hard word are the three whales on which the character of the Gemini women is built. She is used to shining in society not only with her appearance, but also with her wit and intelligence. So, why not use such a powerful weapon to ensure the well-being of your own family.

A twin woman probably knows where to reproach her spouse, and where it is better to bite her tongue. She, as a competent strategist, will tactfully lead a man to the act that she needs. He, in turn, if it is not a matter of principle, will allow her to “manipulate” herself. Hence the conclusion that the compatibility of the signs Gemini and Virgo is such that it can cause both the envy of others and be equal to zero. Everything is in the hands of the spouses.

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