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Gemini and Cancer – sign compatibility

Gemini and Cancer are two very similar signs. They have similar character traits, although Cancer is a representative of the water element, and Gemini is an air one.

Gemini and Cancer - sign compatibilityThey are united by the fact that they always have something to talk about and something to share with each other. They are both sociable, easily make new acquaintances. Often they fight for leadership in the company, because both can come up with games, tell funny stories, which is their main advantage – a sense of humor plays an important role.

In the professional field, both signs behave the same. Often they choose a creative profession for themselves, associated with the disclosure of their talents, which brings something new to life. From this, the compatibility of the signs of Gemini and Cancer in business relationships is above average. They make a team of good partners in marketing, journalism, if they are both photographers, designers or actors. The main thing is that each of them has a special role in the team, otherwise there will be constant rivalry, a struggle for power, which in the end will not bring good luck to either one or the other. For the same reason, they do not become better business partners. But if one of them is the boss, then the compatibility of the signs of Gemini and Cancer increases. Each of them values ​​and respects in people exactly the qualities that the other has.

Although the signs have the same character traits, they have enough differences. All representatives of the air, including Gemini, are very windy, the word “constancy” is not familiar to them. They are not at all stable in business, not in relationships. They feel the vital need to constantly change the environment, social circle and partners. Although Cancers are also leaders and behave very friendly towards new acquaintances, they tend to be regular and in the company of old friends they feel calmer. This is how they differ from active Gemini. Cancers love to keep everything and everyone under control, and Gemini do not like it when their freedom is violated. They know how to trust their partners, and Cancers think that they are indifferent to them. So they themselves will run into scandals or sometimes bring their partner with their sense of ownership.

Cancer is a mysterious sign, very sensitive, loves a manifestation of love, and at the beginning of a relationship behaves detached and does not want to open up. This is what attracts Gemini, who wants to know the unknown. Often they don't notice a lot when Cancers already know everything about them. They are able to stop in time, hold back overly active Gemini, which determines the compatibility of Gemini and Cancer. In conflicts, they are more reasonable and can make them think about the meaning of life, about their actions, push them to finish the job to the end, which is given to Gemini with difficulty.

Gemini Man – Cancer Woman: Compatibility

A beautiful lasting union and compatibility of the signs of Gemini and Cancer, if a woman is Cancer, is very high. This pair complements each other. They have common interests, but their hobbies and social circle are completely different, which allows them to constantly learn something new that they need throughout their lives.

Gemini and Cancer - sign compatibilityCancer loves home comfort, but at the same time does not forget about himself. In a relationship with Gemini, she needs to learn to control jealousy and not even try to understand what he really wants. Also, do not interfere with his free time and get used to the fact that he always acts spontaneously. A Gemini man is comfortable with a Cancer woman. She is able to surprise him every time, for which the love in their life will become stronger and stronger. But this is on condition that she learns to restrain her emotions and learns to trust.

Gemini woman – Cancer man: compatibility

In such a pair, the main thing in the relationship will not be the man, and if the relationship develops, then he will need to constantly prove superiority, or he will accept it. In a relationship, there will always be distrust, frequent checks, scandals, although this will temper their couple. A Cancer man will demand more affection, care, love, romance from his chosen one, so that she often remains at home alone with him. This is not typical for Gemini. They want to constantly get out somewhere, “to conquer new heights.” Sometimes they will be able to take out domesticated Cancers with them, which, in turn, will also enjoy entertainment, but upon returning home they will again become capricious, albeit with new emotions.

Gemini and Cancer love compatibility

Personal life for Gemini and Cancer is difficult. They have too different temperaments. Cancers need more feelings, and their partner needs more spontaneity. It is important for them to feel loved, to trust another, and Gemini has a priority on diversity, the inconstancy of the situation. They also do not like to plan anything in advance, and the prepared environment will seem boring to them. As a result, it is difficult for signs to find mutual understanding. They will have to constantly adjust to the whims of a partner to their detriment or look for someone on the side.

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