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Gemini and Taurus – sign compatibility

It is difficult to imagine the union of Gemini and Taurus as peaceful and lasting. These two natures are very contradictory, each of the signs has its own character and personal ambitions. Curious what the two might have in common?

Gemini and Taurus - sign compatibilityWhat unites Gemini and Taurus?

The compatibility of the signs Gemini and Taurus in different life situations manifests itself in different ways. Everything will depend on the emotional and psychological state of any of them.

Gemini is a bright, extraordinary type of humanity, up to a certain point it is interesting, entertaining and very exciting with them. They are in constant search for something new and unusual. Home peace does not satisfy them, they need thrills, new emotions, sometimes even the presence of fear excites them. Gemini is smart, comprehensively developed, but long-term communication with them brings a certain fatigue to Taurus, a person who is very calm and balanced by nature.

Taurus can do monotonous work for hours while alone. He tends to be constantly busy with some business. His goal is to make a fortune, to provide for his old age and future children. All that Taurus is interested in in life is that it makes a profit, even if it is very, very small.

It is very difficult to get the restrained Taurus out of oneself, but Gemini still succeeds. Sometimes, on the basis of misunderstanding between these signs, a small spark of a quarrel arises, which rapidly turns into a large-scale conflict.

Friendship of Gemini and Taurus

Diversity makes the compatibility of Gemini and Taurus in friendship unstable. Interest and friendliness are shown only for a while, getting to know better, they lose interest in each other.

The reason lies in the attitude towards others. Taurus cannot act dishonestly with people, he feels responsible for every step he takes. He never makes promises to friends that he cannot keep. Before taking any action, he will think it over from different angles. Taurus can be a true friend, but not for Gemini.

It is not difficult to promise anything to someone Gemini, but they are not going to fulfill the promise either. By easily instilling trust in people, they themselves destroy it. Gemini is not able to plan a serious event and hold it at the promised level. Irresponsibility and frivolity do not allow you to perceive a Gemini person as a true friend.

Marriage – Gemini and Taurus

It is interesting to observe when two different elements unite and it is difficult to imagine what result their union will lead to. In marriage, the compatibility of the signs of Gemini and Taurus is rather complicated, but despite everything, they can comfortably coexist for a long time. The main thing is that the spouses learn to yield to each other and go together towards common goals.

Gemini and Taurus - sign compatibilityAt the initial stage of dating, it is the differences in characters that attract Gemini and Taurus. Each of them is interested in learning more and more new qualities in a partner. The further the relationship goes, the more difficult it is to maintain it, as more and more contradictions appear. If the couple learns to listen to each other, mutual understanding will arise and the marriage will be happy, otherwise, it will not last long.

In the early years of marriage, Taurus is fascinated by Gemini's ability to manipulate people and adapt to any life situation, sometimes even resorting to deception. But over the years, the disorganized, sometimes inappropriate behavior of Gemini begins to annoy Taurus.

At first, Gemini also admire the practicality and reliability of Taurus, but over time, reproaches appear for his sluggishness, pedantry and unwillingness to change anything. Out of boredom or disappointment in a partner (partner), Gemini begin to look for new sensations on the side, which inevitably leads to the collapse of the family union.

If a conflict situation is brewing, the couple needs to focus on common goals. A collapsing marriage can be saved by common children or a joint business.

Gemini and Taurus compatibility in business

Common business, in this case, strengthens the relationship between spouses and helps preserve the marriage. The compatibility of the signs Gemini and Taurus in business relationships is fairly stable. The main thing is that each of the partners knows their tasks and sees their benefits.

Gemini is the inspiration and generator of new ideas in business. Constantly inventing something, looking for something, the restless nature of Gemini makes the business bright and “alive”. But they are not capable of coordinating activities, keeping accurate records of expenses / incomes, so this role goes to Taurus and he successfully copes with it.

So that the business does not “go bankrupt” Gemini and Taurus need to strictly distinguish between responsibilities and each to do only their own functions. A different approach of partners to activities can provoke a conflict between them. Gemini are engaged in business on a purely emotional level, without having a strategy or a specific scheme. Taurus, on the contrary, like to calculate every step in advance, develop their own methods and act strictly according to them. If you channel everyone's skills in the right direction, you can achieve tremendous heights.

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