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Gemini and Libra – sign compatibility

What to expect from the union of the two air signs Gemini and Libra? Of course, air squared gives lightness, freedom and the absence of any responsibility.

Gemini and Libra - sign compatibilityThis environment is great for friends who can complement each other at work. However, the mutual desire for freedom and all kinds of avoidance of responsibility, the marriage of Gemini and Libra can lead to a rapid collapse. The divorce statistics between these signs are proof of this.

Friendship and work

The compatibility of the signs of Gemini and Libra indicates that they have an instant understanding. They seem to live on the same wavelength, sociable signs will always find something to talk about, experiencing approximately similar emotions. This is a very important moment for both signs, in the person of each other they find a kindred understanding soul. They are fun and interesting, they will gladly start working together or go traveling together.

The business union of Gemini and Libra can be characterized as follows: one head is good, but two are better. In tandem of two creative personalities, the most incredible ideas are born, but someone else is needed to bring them to life. This third, most likely, will be found by the charming and able to captivate other people Libra. And then all the routine work will be dumped on the shoulders of that unfortunate person, and the aerial couple will start creating a new project. Neither Gemini nor Libra are inclined to follow through.

Gemini and Libra – Sexual Compatibility

In bed, Libra and Gemini easily find their wave. Their temperaments are so similar that one can say there is nothing to complain about. These signs are not seduced by animal passion, sex for them is not a quenching of their lust, but a way to enjoy the very fact of a love game. The compatibility of the signs of Gemini and Libra is such that one should not expect passionate outbursts in this pair. Everything is measured, romantic and leisurely with them, although both signs are not averse to trying something new in bed. Very often, on a friendly basis, sex without obligations arises, where there is not a single hint of jealousy. This state of affairs is quite satisfactory for both parties. However, a reasonable question arises: what next? What if one of them still wants a more definite relationship? It is here that sometimes insurmountable obstacles arise.

Gemini woman – Libra man: compatibility

The Libra man deftly arranges his love nets: a charming look, a mysterious smile and long speeches about everything that fills the world with beauty and harmony. A rare Gemini woman will not fall for this master of seduction. Given the compatibility of the signs of Gemini and Libra, in this union, most of the responsibility will fall on the shoulders of the man.

Gemini and Libra - sign compatibilityHe just needs home comfort, while Gemini is more mobile, it is difficult for them to cope with household chores. If the partner emotionally supports her chosen one, instilling confidence and decisiveness in him, he will turn a blind eye to her slightly dismissive attitude towards the family nest. But everyday problems and household chores will not go away from this. The indecisive and light nature of both signs can play a cruel joke with them: a heap of accumulated problems will one day cover them headlong, leaving no choice but to divorce. Most likely, such a decision will be made by the Gemini woman. Her life partner is too afraid of being alone and making a mistake when making a decision, while Gemini decides everything in a fit, although they may change their minds in the next five minutes.

Gemini Man – Libra Woman: Compatibility

This union has a slightly better chance of existence. A man in such a marriage will be a leader, giving his chosen one the role of a victim. Although it is, rather, self-sacrifice, which does not burden the Libra woman too much. She is ready to obey, support her spouse in all endeavors, giving him the freedom he needs so much. At first glance, such a couple seems perfect. But it was not there. The Libra woman has a great chance of becoming boring for her chosen one, turning into a shadow that the Gemini man simply will not notice one day. And then the spouse can go all bad in search of new bright colors and sensations. The compatibility of the signs Gemini and Libra advises a man in such a union not to forget that it is his chosen one, and not he, who carries a common life on his fragile shoulders. No need to test her patience, it may end.

Ease of communication, similarity of characters, love for the graceful and almost identical attitude to sex – these are the points of contact of Gemini and Libra. In such an alliance, everything is fine, until there is a need to make decisions and take on some obligations. Both signs love to have fun and spend money while they have it. All of this is suitable for friends and lovers, but not for spouses. The compatibility of the signs of Gemini and Libra in marriage is not so rosy, both parties will have to make a lot of efforts to preserve the family, often going against their desires and impulses.

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