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Gemini and Aquarius – sign compatibility

Gemini paired with Aquarius is an almost perfect, harmonious union. There is complete mutual understanding between them, which can become a solid foundation for creating long-term serious relationships, be it business cooperation, strong friendship or family. These two signs have a lot in common, they are like two magnets, reaching out to each other. Striving for freedom, readiness for any change and unpredictability unites them into one whole. The perfect compatibility of the signs Gemini and Aquarius is based on a sea of ​​positive emotions, entertainment and jokes. Every day they are ready to arrange small holidays and big surprises for each other. This is the meaning of their coexistence.

Gemini and Aquarius - sign compatibilityThey are quite ready to forgive each other some liberties: for example, Aquarius often turns a blind eye to Gemini's desire to communicate with the opposite sex. Despite the fact that the love between these signs is like a fire burning everything around, there is no really crazy passion between them. Few are able to marry such a freedom-loving partner as Aquarius. After all, he does not at all tolerate any attempts to coerce him. Gemini are excellent psychologists, they can convince their chosen one that he is eager to get married. The understanding between partners is simply amazing, but there are also stumbling blocks that prevent Aquarius and Gemini from feeling truly happy. Such an understandable and natural compatibility of the signs Gemini and Aquarius does not apply to the material side of life, here the partners find themselves at an impasse, because none of them is ready to take care of the arrangement of life and financial support of the family. It is possible that both of them will be satisfied with a certain creative mess that reigns in the house, as well as the commission of rash spending. They earn together and also suffer losses together. And does it matter whether they make a profit or a loss? After all, they strive to enjoy everything that happens in their life! Are they making a profit or a loss? After all, they strive to enjoy everything that happens in their life! Are they making a profit or a loss? After all, they strive to enjoy everything that happens in their life!

The compatibility of Gemini and Aquarius is largely due to the fact that both signs belong to the same element – the element of Air. Although Aquarius literally means “carrying water.” Maybe this is where its inconsistency and unpredictability lies?

Gemini and Aquarius go a little crazy, but it happens with them absolutely in the same rhythm. They feel, live, think on the same wavelength. The compatibility of the signs Gemini and Aquarius characterizes them as two pages of one book, closed to all other people.

Gemini and Aquarius sexual compatibility

In the bedroom of these partners, indomitable fun reigns rather than unbridled passion. Here Aquarius will rule, he is the author of sometimes crazy erotic undertakings, and Gemini is happy to bring them to life. Meanwhile, the latter should not meekly wait for instructions from Aquarius. Sometimes, for Aquarius, love and sex are two completely different substances, and Gemini does not always get what they want. Therefore, Gemini should not be inactive. After all, as already mentioned, this is the only sign that can influence Aquarius with impunity.

Gemini man – Aquarius woman: compatibility

The Gemini man has one small, but quite significant drawback – his irrepressible desire to flirt with the opposite sex can drive others into the paint. The Aquarius woman is not a jealous woman and will not keep her beloved man on a short leash.

Gemini and Aquarius - sign compatibilityShe will easily close her eyes to his pampering, at the same time freeing her personal space a little from the constant attention of her partner. In these relationships, the rule of the “golden mean” prevails: for a Gemini man and an Aquarius woman, independence and devotion are equally important. In addition, partners are very interested in spiritual communication, their intellectual level is quite high. The stars prophesy a comfortable and durable union for this couple.

Gemini woman – Aquarius man: compatibility

The Aquarius man amazes the consciousness of the Gemini woman, seeking her, conquering the heart with insanely beautiful actions. A relationship with an Aquarius man is a constant novelty, primordiality in everything: whether it be a simple conversation, walks under the night sky or amazing lovemaking. At the same time, the Gemini woman does not feel excessive pressure and obsession, leaving behind a little personal space. Such a union promises to be, if not ideal, then very fruitful for both partners.

Gemini and Aquarius business compatibility

Gemini and Aquarius work well together, such a union can generate a large number of bright, fantastically tempting ideas. However, both of them lack a certain down-to-earthness, they cannot soberly assess risks and work out algorithms for solving problems. Business compatibility of the signs Gemini and Aquarius will bear good fruit if they cooperate with the signs of other elements – Fire or Earth. Then their activities will be coordinated and directed in the right direction.

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