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Virgo and Virgo – sign compatibility

These partners are mirror images of each other. Their thoughts, feelings and aspirations are identical, but they do not form a single whole. The compatibility of the signs Virgo and Virgo is characterized by dryness and rationality in relationships, there is no place for feelings. Virgos are more likely to happily criticize each other and sort out mutual mistakes on the shelves, rather than enjoy spending time together. Romance in this union is completely replaced by a not always pleasant reality.

Virgo and Virgo - sign compatibilityThe couple, created by two Virgos, amazes others with apparent dryness and deliberate efficiency. The compatibility of Virgo and Virgo becomes the basis of an absolutely independent relationship, where each partner lives separately, independently solving all issues. The only thing that can unite such people is children or mutual friends.

Among the marriages concluded by two Virgos, it is difficult to find a harmonious happy couple. It is not love and tenderness that rule here, but dry calculation. There is usually an agreement between them, according to which each performs its function. Everything, as in any space surrounding Virgo, is grouped, laid out and numbered. An outsider cannot understand such a fanatical desire for order, which completely replaces any emotion.
The other side that the Virgo and Virgo signs have compatibility is the tendency towards the accumulation of mutual resentment and mistrust. Each partner carefully stores in the depths of the subconscious the unpleasant thoughts and feelings that the chosen one aroused in him. Not having the habit of sorting things out at the stage of the inception of the conflict, Virgos are thus digging a hole for themselves. Over time, everything secret becomes clear, which means that a scandal is inevitable. This is the only thing where Virgo's sanity fails her.

The external coldness and impartiality of the representatives of this zodiac sign actually harbors a desire to get a little tenderness from a partner. However, due to the excessive rationalization and dryness of communication of these people,
they are not able to explain to each other what they really want. Perhaps they will be able to master sign language, then their relationship will be a little more sensual.

Despite this isolation in relationships, Virgos may have one thing in common – a solid bank account. Thanks to their intolerable pettiness, they will fully achieve business success and will do business together.

The secret of this couple's happiness is to treat each other more easily, paying attention to the partner's merits, and there are not so few of them. They are smart, courteous and noble, and besides, they are real workaholics. They should appreciate each other and show more care. Then the doors will open for them, leading to the world of tranquility and harmony.

Virgo and Virgo sexual compatibility

At first glance, it seems that the compatibility of the signs of Virgo and Virgo in an intimate relationship is rather negative, because both are terrible conservatives and critics. They are rationalists, and this is not easy to live with. Nevertheless, in the bedroom they are not too demanding of each other: they are quite satisfied with the reserved sexuality that they possess. The connection of these representatives of the sign of Virgo becomes calm and gentle. The main thing is that both do not get bored.

Compatibility: Virgo man and Virgo woman

It's hard for these two together. She longs to see in his eyes at least some confirmation of feelings, and he, as usual, is busy with calculations and rationalization of time and space.

Virgo and Virgo - sign compatibilityHer pleading look won't make him put aside the accounting records or the star chart. The Virgo woman will walk after him for a long time, waiting for attention or at least a light touch, but all is in vain. In fact, the Virgo man is confident in his irresistibility and attractiveness, surprising his girlfriend with more and more intellectual feats. He does not even realize that she needs something completely different.

The opposite situation is also possible, when a Virgo man will sit at the feet of his beloved, waiting for her to turn her gaze on him. However, she seriously took up the study of Japanese (or pottery, not so important).

Thus, the compatibility of the signs of Virgo and Virgo is characterized by mutual external coldness, but none of the partners is able to explain how important the closeness and attention of a loved one is to him. This is the trouble with Virgos. They have a huge potential for mutual understanding, because they are so the same! One has only to take a step towards each other, and harmony will come. However, it often happens that after suffering and not finding the truth in these relationships, they enter into an alliance with more sensual, even hot, partners.

Virgo and Virgo business compatibility

Working together for these partners is not only a thoughtless receipt of financial benefits, but also the achievement of mutual satisfaction from cooperation. The habit of analyzing and rationalizing everything helps them achieve success in any field that requires a high level of intelligence, therefore the compatibility of the signs of Virgo and Virgo is very harmonious in the business sphere. They are good both in the role of leaders and in the role of ordinary employees, since in their position they clearly fulfill their duties.

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