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Virgo and Pisces – sign compatibility

Virgo and Pisces compatibility is complex and interesting at the same time. These partners can very successfully complement each other, but the problem is that it is difficult for them to achieve understanding. After all, each of the signs lives in its own element: for Virgo it is Earth, for Pisces it is Water. The Pisces sign is always surrounded by a veil of mystery. His nature intrigues Virgo, forcing him to look for ways to solve the fish's secret.

Virgo and Pisces - sign compatibilityIn fact, Pisces is one of the most sensual signs, but how can Virgo understand this if she sees only a cold mask of indifference? Virgo is also not the most open type of people. She will be mesmerized to look into the eyes of her partner, but she will hardly openly declare her feelings. That is why these lovers suffer because there is not enough intimacy between them.

The compatibility of the signs of Virgo and Pisces rests on the infinite patience of the first. She is trying with all her might to maintain the relationship while Pisces occupy themselves with unreal fantasies and meaningless reflection. Virgo does not like the fact that crowds of people are constantly forming around her chosen one, crying for help, because it is difficult for Pisces to refuse anyone. In addition, the activity of the Virgo does not find an explanation for the laziness inherent in a partner. All this entails constant reproaches from the Virgo, and stinging criticism deeply hurts the heart of Pisces. The only way out for partners is to teach each other to live in different elements. Virgo will sometimes have to plunge into sentimental illusions, and Pisces will be forced to adapt to real life. Otherwise, partners cannot meet in a spiritual sense.

It's hard for these two to be around. Compatibility of Virgo and Pisces requires a lot of patience of both and constant work on the relationship. The obvious shortcomings of Virgo and Pisces too far outweigh the hidden advantages, and they should do their best to show these advantages to their partner. However, once having overcome such a barrier, they will remain together forever. Virgo wants to receive from Pisces, if not the ocean, then a huge sea of ​​feelings, and Pisces is capable of such a gift. Virgo, in response, will become the thread that will connect Pisces with reality, as well as provide them with financial protection.

Virgo and Pisces sexual compatibility

To achieve the perfect compatibility of the signs of Virgo and Pisces in an intimate relationship, Virgo will have to get rid of excessive restraint. Her conservatism and rational thinking in the bedroom won't do any good. Having entrusted her soul and body to a representative of the water element, Virgo will find herself at the height of bliss, since for Pisces, making love is the quintessence of sensuality and unity with a partner.

Compatibility: Virgo man – Pisces woman

For a man born under the sign of Virgo, it will be a real surprise that his chosen one can be so different. She is wise and submissive, but at times the features of other signs appear in her character, because she closes the Zodiac circle. Virgo does not like spontaneity, but then he will be surprised when Lady Pisces shows the assertiveness of Aries or the stubbornness of Taurus. Sometimes she demands worship, like a real Lioness, but it happens that her ambitions exceed all permissible boundaries – this is a cold breath from Capricorn.

The Virgo will have to come to terms with this state of affairs, especially since very soon his Fish will return in his guise, giving him warmth and sweet bliss. Virgo will receive in this union new impressions, endless sensuality and will know true love, and their compatibility will find harmony. Pisces will have to feel the support and care of their man, who, among other things, will improve their common home and ensure financial stability.

Virgo and Pisces - sign compatibilityThese are exactly the qualities that they have been looking for in the opposite sex for so long.

Compatibility: Virgo woman – Pisces man

Virgo is unable to resist the charm that is inherent in representatives of watermarks. Pisces will be mesmerized to listen to any stories of the chosen one, while imperceptibly moving closer and closer. Thus, this seducer easily wins the lady of the heart, instilling in her the desire for spiritual and physical intimacy. These two will bathe in love, and even the reserved coldness of the Virgo is not a hindrance here. Virgo for Pisces is the source of the poet's inspiration, surrounded by enveloping tenderness. Their relationship is beautiful and romantic, few people are capable of such emotions.

However, the compatibility of the signs of Virgo and Pisces, when she is Virgo, and he is Pisces, subjects their union to serious tests when it comes to the purely material sphere of being. Virgo is not happy with the generosity of Pisces. Such a man cannot refuse anyone who asks for financial support. But Virgo, who knows the value of every penny earned, will not let Pisces let their fortune go down the wind. It may even be beneficial for a representative of the water element, but it will invariably cause conflicts.

Another problem in relationships is Virgo's pickiness and criticism, especially when she's in a bad mood. However, all this is surmountable, and will not diminish the main advantage of their union – endless tenderness for each other.

Virgo and Pisces business compatibility

The compatibility of the signs of Virgo and Pisces in business can give amazing results. Where else can you find such an amazing combination of rationalization talent, which Virgo possesses, and the excellent intuition of Pisces! Such an alliance is capable of solving any problem, because they competently combine their approaches to work, never engaging in meaningless disputes. Each of the partners is an absolute complement to the other.

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