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Virgo and Aquarius – sign compatibility

For Virgo and Aquarius, such a union is a real test. It is difficult to overcome it, but in case of a positive outcome, the partners will receive a good reward. The compatibility of the signs Virgo and Aquarius rarely becomes the basis of a long relationship. The formation of a strong union will happen only if these people have serious feelings for each other. Otherwise, they will scatter before they can get close.

Virgo and Aquarius - sign compatibilityThere are too many contradictions in their relationship, starting with the fact that Virgo is very responsible when choosing a chosen one, and seeks to conclude a long-term reliable union. Aquarius too easily, in her opinion, breaks any ties. He lives in his reality and always seems distant and detached to his partner. They are very sociable and have many friends and acquaintances, but they cannot really take anyone seriously. Aquarius needs to fall in love very much in order to become attached to a person.

To achieve harmony, both signs will have to try hard. Aquarius needs to show maximum loyalty and devotion to a partner, and also not to forget about the promises given to Virgo and at the same time calmly respond to criticism of his chosen one. Virgo will be forced to come to terms with the disorganized partner, guiding him in every possible way and trying not to be jealous of a huge number of acquaintances. In addition, Virgo will take on all the burden associated with organizing a home, since Aquarius is absolutely incompetent in this matter.

However, the compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius implies the presence of positive aspects in the relationship. Virgo, for example, will receive from Aquarius the emotions she needs so much, generated by the high creative potential of the chosen one. Aquarius will feel patronizing support from Virgo, she will take care of him and create conditions for self-realization.

Virgo and Aquarius sexual compatibility

The compatibility of the signs Virgo and Aquarius in the bedroom can rightfully be considered unsuccessful. Both of them lack sensuality and passion. They prefer physical intimacy. In addition, Aquarius is too crazy for a conservative Virgo, and she is too boring for him. It will not be possible to achieve mutual understanding, such sexual relations will only generate mutual resentment and can destroy the relationship.

Compatibility: Virgo man – Aquarius woman

This is a pair of two people so different that only a very strong feeling can connect them. A Virgo man does not marry for a long time, it is important for him to find the one that will give him happiness and become a faithful companion for life. For an Aquarius woman, marriage, like any other form of relationship, is a fickle substance. She can easily refuse an alliance with Virgo for the sake of, for example, an actress career. Or smoothly move from one relationship to another, because in this way she is looking for her happiness. Her whole life is saturated with the desire for an unattainable ideal. In addition, she spends a lot of time on memories of her former partners, which will poison the heart of the man next to her with the bitterness of resentment.

The compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius in this ratio stumbles upon the Virgo's rejection at times of the deliberate vulgarity of the Aquarius woman. She can behave very extravagantly, trying to attract the attention of the opposite sex with strange actions and stinging speech. A man born under the sign of Virgo will not see in Aquarius the very lady for whom you can move mountains and equip a family life.

The Virgo man has a subtle mental organization, he is jarred by the behavior of his chosen one. In addition, he tends to show tenderness in relationships, and for Aquarius, such a timid sensuality is the height of boredom and boring. He constantly rushes from burning-fiery passion to aloof coldness.

Virgo and Aquarius - sign compatibilityOnly a miracle can hold such people together. Or true love.

Compatibility: Virgo woman – Aquarius man

In such a relationship, the entire burden of responsibility will fall on the fragile shoulders of the Virgo. She will be a support, support and vest for her beloved, as well as the last straw of patience in the compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius. Simultaneously performing the functions of a mother, wife, mistress of their common home, personal secretary and psychologist, she will surround her extravagant partner with care. Strangers will constantly appear in their house, and Virgo will have the honor to receive them. Aquarius will easily succumb to the temptation to behave absolutely irresponsibly, because Virgo, with her inherent pragmatism, will settle everything.

Virgo will try to use her main weapon: she is a master of reproach and criticism. However, her partner is already so far from her that he is unlikely to be able to hear and understand anything. Obviously, the union will live as long as the Virgo has at least a drop of strength and patience.

Aquarius and Virgo business compatibility

The extremely unfavorable compatibility of the signs of Virgo and Aquarius in business will bring them only failure and disappointment. They are unable to understand each other, and even more so to organize fruitful cooperation. It is best to divide such colleagues into different areas of activity, since the interests of other people may suffer.

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