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Leo and Taurus – sign compatibility

The relationship between the elements of Earth and Fire has always been considered the most serious and stable, according to statistics, if such signs converge, then this is definitely for a long time. When necessary, the earth allows the fire to flare up, but not too much, because at any moment it is ready to extinguish it. The compatibility of Leo and Taurus  signs in love and in marriage is the highest. It's definitely a solid union. They constantly oppose each other in all areas of relations, but this is precisely what they complement the other, creating a single whole.

Leo and Taurus - sign compatibilityLeo is the undisputed leader in such a pair. He is slightly selfish, leads an active lifestyle, always achieves his goals. Taurus, on the contrary, is always calm, hardworking, he completely devotes himself to his family and home. Leo is able to suppress him, because, despite the jealousy of his partner, he will always remain a freedom-loving person who will strive for his own self-realization, taking risks on this path and sometimes committing irresponsible actions, which he can later regret.

In a pair of Leo and Taurus, life will never go smoothly, but after years both of them will be able to learn a lot from each other and their compatibility will begin to smooth out the rough edges. For example, Leo will learn patience, appreciate all his accomplishments, try to trust people, be the first to ask for forgiveness if he is wrong. Leo will be amazed at Taurus's hard work and organization, because even if his work stays in place, he will never leave it, but will try to achieve perfection. Taurus also has a lot to learn from Leo. He is very purposeful, loves to try new things, after achieving a goal, he immediately finds a new one, and continues his path, not stopping there. This delights Taurus, although sometimes he does not understand where he is torn, because he needs to rest.

With the compatibility of Leo and Taurus, disagreements arise very often due to different characters. Taurus, who loves consistency, prefers to stay at home and watch a movie on TV on their day off. Stubborn Leo constantly strives to break out into the company of friends, so as not to violate accepted traditions. If Taurus puts pressure on him, then he will find solitude in some business. At best, it will be a hobby, a computer game, a car, at worst, alcoholism. The selfish Taurus will immediately have to put up with the freedom-loving nature of the partner in order to avoid trouble.

Taurus woman Leo man – compatibility

This is a lasting union. For a Leo man, Taurus is ideal in every way. She is exactly what he needs. Coming home, he wants to see a caring wife with a prepared dinner, a tidy apartment, fed children and ironed clean clothes. Taurus just such a relationship seems to be the best. She gives him leadership in family relationships. Such a marriage suits them.

Leo and Taurus - sign compatibilityThe Taurus woman is very capricious, and this must be taken into account. It will always seem to her that she does not receive enough attention from her husband, that he too easily part with money, and sometimes takes great risks. Leo will never listen to the opinion of his wife, he needs complete submission. He will always do his own thing, although later he may admit that Taurus was right. Even this situation will not change anything. For him, money is gainful and is of little value to him. For a Taurus woman, this is wild, because they are very frugal natures.

Leo woman Taurus man – compatibility

From a Taurus man, Leo will always demand more than he can give. It is important for her to feel herself the most special, most desired, loved. She will always ask for compliments, but she will not tolerate criticism at all. A Taurus man will try to give her the life that, in her opinion, she deserves, but this will not always work out. Leo likes his stability and has complete confidence in him. Despite this, Taurus does not need to hope that the proud Lioness will sit at home, iron, cook, bring him beer when he watches TV. It is better to immediately accept that the keepers of the hearth are not very many, and more often they simply will not be at home. Scandals on this basis will annoy the Lioness, but this cannot be fixed. On very rare occasions, she can put on a robe and stay at home so that Taurus does not grumble,

Love, intimate compatibility Leo and Taurus

In an intimate life, the compatibility of Leo and Taurus signs is very high and they suit each other well. Creative Leo will add variety to the bed, show imagination or follow experiments that inspired him by watching a movie or reading in a magazine. Taurus will be enough to endure his strange desires, surrendering completely to him and agreeing to strange ideas.

Undoubtedly, Taurus will be surprised by the partner's fantasies, but this is not the main difficulty. The main thing is to decide who is the leader in bed.

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