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Aries and Aquarius – sign compatibility

The pair Aries and Aquarius is an almost perfect union, about which we can say that it is made in heaven.

Aries and Aquarius - sign compatibility

At the very first meeting, a spark flies between them, the flame of love, passion, attraction is ignited, filled and vivid relationships arise, therefore the compatibility of Aries and Aquarius can be considered very harmonious. In addition, if both partners are typical representatives of their signs, then they will constantly strive for something new, forever moving away from the past and the familiar. Such a common feature for both Aries and Aquarius concerns not only personal relationships, but also work and family life.

Love, sex, marriage in a pair Aries and Aquarius

A couple in which the man is Aries and the woman is Aquarius is impossible not to notice. Their soulful, beautiful relationship makes one believe that a life partner has been found. However, when the first insanely romantic meetings take place, and little by little the veil from the eyes begins to fall off, the frantic energy of Aries and the prudence of Aquarius become obvious. And such opposite qualities cannot but come into conflict. Speaking about the compatibility of Aries and Aquarius, it is worth noting that men should not try to change the character of his companion (no matter how much he wants it), to make her more active socially. The rebound will be tough enough, and may even lead to a complete break.

If in a pair Aquarius is a man, and Aries is a woman, then their union will be more tolerant, the ability to listen to the opinions and desires of each other. But sometimes a cloudless and full of love relationship will get in the way of your own ambitions. So, Aquarius is always open to the outside world, loves fun and noisy holidays, gatherings with friends, often becomes the ringleader and soul of the company. It is typical for him to live in the present day and happily wait for the future. Regardless of the rules and traditions, he, meanwhile, is not inclined to tackle the law, although he loves risky activities. Of course, such a man will instantly captivate his chosen one, but only on condition that she fully accepts his ideas and plans for the future, and, moreover, will not control him. A woman in such a union should choose a secondary role, a dependent position (path and formal).the union of Aries and Aquarius will be long and happy.

In addition, such compatibility of the signs of Aries and Aquarius will be ideal if the goals and ideals of the partners are truly high, if they go along the path of moral and spiritual self-improvement together. Otherwise, their family life can easily break down into everyday life.

The intimate sphere of life of these signs is characterized by a strong erotic attraction, which both Aries and Aquarius feel almost at first sight. Unpredictable, inclined to various experiments, Aquarius arouses the constant interest of Aries who is thirsting for everything new and new in sex. Representatives of these signs are not inclined to follow stereotypes and traditions, they are constantly looking for something unusual, non-trivial.

Aries and Aquarius - sign compatibility

In the family life of Aries and Aquarius, periods of love, passion and mutual understanding alternate with stages of detachment, alienation and cooling of relations. As a rule, Aquarius is able to quickly find a way out of conflict and adapt to changes in the environment. Therefore, it is often he who, solving the arising problems and contradictions, becomes the head of the family.

Friendship between Aries and Aquarius

If we talk about friendship, then the compatibility of Aries and Aquarius is most successful in this area. Strong and warm friendships between such partners can last almost a lifetime. Aquarius is always ready to come to the aid of Aries if, due to his restless nature, he is in trouble. In addition, these two always have common interests, their views on life and goals for the future coincide. That is why the friendship between Aries and Aquarius, if the representatives of these signs are heterosexual, often develops into something more. Their companions and companions should always keep their ears open and watch how the relationship between friends develops. Otherwise, no one can keep neither Aries nor Aquarius from breaking with their halves.

Work and business

The excellent compatibility of the signs Aries and Aquarius creates excellent prerequisites for working together and doing business. The pace and style of doing business of these two signs is very similar. However, it is worth remembering that the maximum result can be achieved only if the labor union of Aries and Aquarius is concluded for a certain period of time to achieve a specific task. A more active and practical Aries will easily bring down Aquarius flying in the clouds to the ground, which, in turn, is always full of new ideas and creative ideas. It is easy for them to be business partners, but due to general carelessness, the results of joint work may slip away from them into third hands.

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