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Cancer and Cancer – sign compatibility

Cancer and Cancer compatibility is good in terms of business partnerships. The love relationship of two Cancers is comparable to a kind of punishment for them. Even if such an alliance is long-term, each of the partners will want to have an affair on the side.

Cancer and Cancer - sign compatibilityA great start to a relationship between two Cancers is filled with romanticism, sensuality and tenderness. However, subsequently, Cancer traits emerge to the surface, from which both partners simply get tired. Over time, it becomes more and more difficult for them to make compromises and close their eyes to each other's shortcomings, especially since in these shortcomings they are like twins. The love that arose at the first stage of a relationship gradually fades away.

The compatibility of the signs Cancer and Cancer is characterized by the following contradiction. On the one hand, these partners are ideal life companions, because they are both secretive and withdrawn natures. Cancers feel and think the same way. They are subject to the rhythms of the moon, and their hearts beat in unison. Their lifestyle, priorities and values ​​are identical, which can be a good basis for a long-term union. On the other hand, any relationship requires constant development of partners. For two Cancers, living together is like a swamp: it draws in, and there is not the slightest breath of wind that can diversify their union. Relationships with other signs make Cancers develop emotionally and spiritually, satisfying them, giving strength to long-term relationships. Therefore, Cancers who have chosen each other as spouses often find real happiness on the side.

Changes in mood, tearfulness and resentment, characteristic of the Cancer zodiac sign, can drive you crazy. They find it difficult to endure the presence of each other for a long time. In addition, there is mutual secrecy in their relationship. Each of the partners believes that he has the right to secrets, but cannot stand it when his chosen one keeps something secret. If Cancers manage to become more open in relationships and not be so dodgy and evasive, their union will be spared endless reservations and quarrels. Another tool that can bring harmony back to their marriage is humor. Many far-fetched problems can really be translated into a joke, this will help a Cancer woman and a Cancer man feel happy.

Cancer man and Cancer woman – compatibility

The basis of the relationship of these partners is romance. The compatibility of the signs Cancer and Cancer is most vividly reflected in the creative key: accompanied by poetry and music, their feelings simply burn with fire.

Cancer and Cancer - sign compatibilitySerenity and tranquility make this couple happy. Trouble begins with the emergence of household and financial problems. Despite the fact that both partners are simply made for a family, they are not strong enough in spirit to comfort each other in difficult times. Lack of money simply kills Cancer's feelings. The life priority of this sign is stability and confidence in the future. Only having a solid bank account, they can fully enjoy life and love relationships, otherwise partners will gradually “eat” each other, mired in negative emotions.

The compatibility of the signs of Cancer and Cancer is based on the fact that their feelings and emotions are highly dependent on the rhythms of the moon and the change in the lunar phases. The waning moon is accompanied by mutual reproaches and accusations, the growing moon contributes to the reconciliation of partners and the return of romance to their relationship. The full moon for Cancers is like a natural aphrodisiac, during this period their sensuality increases tenfold, and all external problems pale against this background.

In general, Cancers may well be happy in marriage, provided that they are sincere and as open as possible in relation to each other, as well as are sufficiently secured in financial matters.

Sexual compatibility of signs

The compatibility of the signs of Cancer and Cancer is based on the fact that each of them intuitively seeks a partner who can forgive and understand his shortcomings, while trying to reveal his secrets to the end. Yes, they really feel each other like no other. It would seem that the sexual relationship of such partners should be ideal, but in reality they are just boring. Cancers are unable to give each other sparks, they only suffer from mutual grievances, tears and constant mood swings.

Business relationship signs

Business partnerships between Cancers can produce good results. The professional sphere is what two representatives of this sign need for cooperation. Here they are real friends, perfectly understanding each other. Given the features that characterize the compatibility of the signs of Cancer and Cancer , they should more soberly control their emotions, then they will be able to combine the flows of their energy and organize a truly effective enterprise. Further development of their business will be positively rapid.

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