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Cancer and Sagittarius – sign compatibility

The union of Cancer and Sagittarius is full of difficulties. Each for each other is like a suitcase without a handle: it's hard to carry, and it's a pity to throw it away. The compatibility of the signs Cancer and Sagittarius is based on the fact that they are attracted by mutual differences.

Cancer and Sagittarius - sign compatibilityCancer delights Sagittarius with emotionality and sensuality, and Sagittarius attracts Cancer with its incredible supply of energy and strength. In the event that both partners show the best of qualities, a relationship with a completely favorable prognosis may develop. Everyone will have to change a little, sacrifice already established habits and attitudes and life. There are many problems in this union, and there is only one recipe for happiness for Cancer and Sagittarius – the compassion and sensuality of the first and the boundless sincerity of the second.

Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility is characterized by one obvious contradiction. Cancer seeks with all its might to conquer the personal space of Sagittarius, counting on the manifestation of closeness. Sagittarius, on the other hand, feels uncomfortable trying to free himself from the crustacean claws. He is unable to withstand such pressure from the chosen one, and he cannot give Cancer the sincere closeness that he needs so much. Painfully sensitive Cancer is very worried that he cannot manage a partner, this leads to endless depression.

A Sagittarius isn't always tactful in a relationship. He often speaks inadvertently against Cancer, causing his partner mental suffering. Cancer, in alliance with Sagittarius, gradually hardens, and over time begins to more calmly relate to the criticism of its beloved. However, this does not have a positive effect on relationships.

The money question can completely destroy the shaky, like sand, relations of two signs. For Cancer, financial stability is fundamental in life. It is on it that all his ideas about life are built. Cancer will never feel happy without a solid bank account. Sagittarius, on the other hand, is not able to hold on to new cash for more than five minutes. They easily earn, find, win money in the lottery, but they also easily spend it, absolutely not thinking about tomorrow. This attitude towards money causes a heart attack in frugal Cancer.

In order to maintain a relationship, these two signs will have to work hard on themselves. Sagittarius will have to sacrifice freedom and pay more attention to the partner. Cancer, on the other hand, needs to take care of the emotional closeness that has arisen, not allowing the slightest signs of alienation from their side.
The compatibility of the signs Cancer and Sagittarius is such that their relationship is a real test for both. And here everyone must decide for himself whether he is ready to make such sacrifices.

Cancer and Sagittarius sexual compatibility

The sexual compatibility of the signs Cancer and Sagittarius, as well as other aspects of their joint activity, is very controversial. On the one hand, Sagittarius is an ideal hunter, and for him Cancer is the sweetest prey. The role of a sacrifice for Cancer in the arms of such a strong and confident partner is a favorite scenario. It would seem that the ideal intimate relationship is provided. However, everything again rests on the excessive sensitivity of Cancer. He is too vulnerable and takes his partner's assertiveness and some rudeness to his heart. Sagittarius is unlikely to be able to penetrate into the emotional depth of his chosen one, and they will remain incomprehensible and dissatisfied with each other.

Compatibility: Sagittarius woman – Cancer man

From the outside, this couple looks something like this: a more silent husband and a mobile, sociable wife. This pair may well make a great family. Finance, as usual, is run by the husband. This means that the extravagance of Sagittarius in such a situation will be limited. Usually a Cancer man has a rich beautiful house, and this marriage is no exception for him. The Cancer man and the Sagittarius woman have wonderful children, this is a real source of pride.

Cancer and Sagittarius - sign compatibilityProblems begin when a Sagittarius woman, who is a little shameless by nature, hurts the tender feelings of her husband. Cancer, especially a man, is not capable of responding adequately. This means that a scandal will break out. And here Sagittarius will no longer be good. When everything is smooth in a relationship, the Cancer man is calm and even allows his active partner to dominate a little. The ambitions of the spouse of the fiery archer are most likely realized in the business sphere.

 Compatibility: Cancer woman – Sagittarius man

In such a union, the main stumbling block is the attitude of each of the signs to the concept of a family. For Cancer, family ties are an anchor, without which he cannot and does not want to continue sailing through life. Relationship with parents, brothers and sisters for a woman born under the sign of Cancer is sacred. She will never sacrifice blood ties for the sake of her own interests. She is just as strongly attached to her husband, not leaving him a single step. Sagittarius is frightened by such a close intertwining with relatives, he quickly runs away from his parents at the first opportunity. The Sagittarius man is freedom-loving, he does not need extra shackles. In a relationship with his wife, he is hot, and loves to show his irrepressible energy, but he does not seek to know real spiritual closeness. For him, personal space is the most precious thing. Of course, if there are real mutual feelings between the spouses,

 Cancer and Sagittarius business compatibility

Cancer and Sagittarius sign compatibility in business is unlikely to bear any fruit. If in a love union they are kept from conflict by the romance inherent in both signs, then in business this will not help. Sagittarius seeks to dominate Cancer, constantly proving his superiority. Cancer is too vulnerable to adequately accept attacks from a business partner. It suppresses him, and he quickly withdraws into himself. In addition, the extravagance of Sagittarius leads Cancer into a state of shock, and now he is already in deep depression, unable to work. Sagittarius remains in splendid isolation.

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