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Cancer and Aquarius – sign compatibility

Absolute opposites, these two signs will not be able to endure each other for a long time. The compatibility of the signs Cancer and Aquarius can be described as two opposite streams of water that will never merge together.

Cancer and Aquarius - sign compatibilityAquarius for Cancer is too unpredictable and unstable in their actions and decisions. Cancer is very emotional, it is difficult for him to perceive the thirst for adventure of Aquarius as a normal phenomenon, for him above all – the feeling of comfort and security both in general in life and in specific relationships. Aquarius also will not be able to understand such a partner's passivity and satisfy his need for feelings.

The next contradiction in the compatibility of Cancer and Aquarius is that Cancer is quite secretive by nature, he is not used to spreading about the details of his personal life in front of anyone. For Aquarius, opening cards in front of strangers is a matter of a minute: when he has something to tell, he obviously will not remain silent.

The compatibility of the signs Cancer and Aquarius has many negative signs, which makes it impossible to build any favorable predictions for the development of relations. These two antonyms will be able to communicate normally within five minutes, no more. Then a conflict and a deep resentment of Cancer towards the tactless and reckless interlocutor will surely follow.

Cancer and Aquarius sexual compatibility

This romantic union will not last long. At first, Cancer will endow Aquarius with its boundless sensuality, and he himself will enjoy the liberated behavior of a partner. However, after a while, the excessive fussiness of Aquarius will annoy his chosen one. At the same time, Aquarius will not linger in the arms of Cancer, because unforgettable adventures await him! Cancer, longing for emotions and real closeness from a partner, both spiritually and physically, will remain dissatisfied. Moreover, small joint successes regarding the sexual compatibility of Cancer and Aquarius will shatter against the harsh reality of life together, which for these partners will not be rosy at all.

 Compatibility: Cancer man – Aquarius woman

Here, as they say, an ambush on all fronts. Such an interesting combination, perhaps, will never be found in the Zodiacal circle. The Cancer man and the Aquarius woman are so different that only chance can bring them together. The compatibility of the signs Cancer and Aquarius, when he is Cancer, she is Aquarius, this is a complete mess and a tough clash of interests. Cancer is an indecisive man. He hides his head like an ostrich in the sand if life difficulties arise. The Aquarius woman is used to proudly walking through life, even if a headwind is blowing in her face, so Cancer's insecurity annoys her, she constantly scolds her partner for such behavior.

Cancer and Aquarius - sign compatibilityUntil their relationship touches everyday life and they are so passionate about each other that they do not notice anything around, it is quite possible that the illusion of an ideal union will arise. However, if the slightest contradictions arise, they will scatter in different directions.

Aquarius considers unacceptable the infantile behavior of a capricious Cancer, who is not ready to be as courageous and brutal as his chosen one wants. The periods when Cancer succumbs to nostalgic memories for Aquarius is an ordeal. She makes every effort to bring her partner back to sinful earth. Cancer will not find in the person of her beloved understanding of her vulnerable soul, and of course she will not receive the proper emotional response to her sensuality. Aquarius is still not too tactful and sensitive in relation to others.

Difficulties lie in wait for this couple in everyday life. An Aquarius woman who loves cleanliness and order seems to be ready to push her man out the door along with what he calls a creative mess. And her love to change the appearance of Cancer at her own discretion leads him to despondency. He increasingly thinks about escape.

The relationship of the Cancer man and the Aquarius woman is torment for both, a constant search for compromises. Such an alliance will soon fall apart.

Compatibility: Aquarius man – Cancer woman

In order for these opposites to make a happy couple, a priori they must be spiritually mature enough personalities. Their union is very difficult, and this is visible to the naked eye, even to others.

A Cancer woman for a partner is not a creature from this world. Aquarius is not able to understand the delicate sensitive nature of the chosen one, tormenting her with his reckless pressure and accusing her of excessive daydreaming. Rakinya can become an ordinary housekeeper in alliance with Aquarius, since he will abuse her love to take care of loved ones. You can't get that from Aquarius. Inborn selfishness allows him to forget about the interests of his partner.

Positively, if the partners rotate in the same sphere, belong to a certain circle of people. Then it will become a unifying factor for them. It is possible that Aquarius will be more attentive to the Cancer woman, and for this she will give him moral support, care and financial stability. The Aquarius man, in gratitude, will fill her life with new colors. Then these two will be able to reach heights in spiritual development, while not forgetting about material support.

 Cancer and Aquarius business compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius compatibility in business can bear fruit. Business cooperation is the only area of ​​activity where they will be able to achieve positive results. For Cancer and Aquarius, work is preferable, where together they will have to find non-standard ways of solving problems, as well as implement new ideas. Otherwise, these two innovators will become unbearably bored.

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