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Pisces and Gemini – sign compatibility

The relationship between the signs of Pisces and Gemini is quite complicated and contradictory. Gemini is very quick-tempered and frivolous, Pisces, on the contrary, is phlegmatic and sentimental. The mystery lies in the fact that Gemini, with their pragmatism and logical thinking, are able to bind emotional Pisces to themselves for a long time.

Pisces and Gemini - sign compatibilityAt the same time, marriages between Pisces and Gemini are almost never durable. The compatibility of the signs of Pisces and Gemini is questioned by the astrologers themselves. Such couples lack harmony in relationships and often misunderstandings. This is not surprising: Pisces and Gemini have completely opposite temperaments. Gemini always live according to common sense, as well as reality and do not hang in the clouds. Pisces, on the other hand, have a fine mental organization and live with feelings and emotions.

This is not to say that Pisces and Gemini are not interested in together – there are always common topics for conversation. However, even during heated arguments, Pisces is annoyed by the haste and intractability of Gemini.

By their nature, Pisces keeps memories for a long time and relives the most exciting moments of their life. This character trait is reflected in the arrangement of their own home. Pisces keep the most intimate: memorable trifles, photographs and records. The entire existence of Pisces becomes a mystery to Gemini. This is how she attracts him.

Pisces also has one more important advantage. They will emotionally and colorfully tell about their impressions and share them with their partner. At the same time, Pisces knows how to listen to the interlocutor to the end. Unhurriedly, thoughtfully, without giving any assessments of his behavior. For the fickle Gemini, such tolerance is essential. At the same time, Pisces enjoy realizing their own need and importance for Gemini.

These two signs have the same attitude to money: both are generous, open and able to spend every penny on each other. At the same time, Gemini often restrain their emotional impulses towards others, reproaching their partner for being too generous. This is further evidence that in financial matters, the compatibility of the signs of Pisces and Gemini is far from ideal.

The main contradiction arises in the relationship of these signs on the basis of a different approach to free pastime and leisure. Pisces are never in a hurry, for them a minute, an hour or even a day means nothing. “Can be done tomorrow” – this is the main motto of Pisces. Such irrationality enrages Gemini, who cherish every moment. “We need to do it today” is the Gemini's life credo.

Impressive and emotional Pisces want harmony, calmness and regularity in relationships. Cold and calculating Gemini are resentful of this lifestyle. Various spiritual values ​​often cause disagreements and become the reason for the breakdown of relationships.

Relationship in a pair Gemini – Pisces

The relationship between Gemini and Pisces is great at first. But this is only at the beginning. Pisces will surprise Gemini, who do not like monotony, with their ingenuity in love affairs. It is in this area that the compatibility of the signs of Pisces and Gemini manifests itself .

Pisces and Gemini - sign compatibilityHowever, in family relationships, getting to know Pisces more and more every day, Gemini quickly lose their passionate interest in them. Phlegmatic Pisces are not able to revive or warm up this interest. In such a union, Pisces feel uncomfortable – they do everything to save the relationship, and the partner does not want to sacrifice absolutely nothing. In the name of love, they change their habits, lifestyle and make huge concessions. In the end, there comes depression, apathy and the realization that the other half did not appreciate such victims. Very often, in a fit of despair, Pisces can drop everything and leave. Moreover, they will do this, most likely, silently and without saying goodbye.

Pisces and Gemini are not inclined to openly express their feelings. And if for Gemini individualism is the norm, for sensitive Pisces, lack of attention can become a serious problem.

Pisces woman – Gemini man: compatibility

She conquers the Gemini man at first sight with her dreaminess, mystery and developed intuition. However, the secrecy and slowness of the Pisces woman drives the Gemini man to a frenzy. A period of mutual reproaches, grievances and accusations begins.

The Gemini man is verbose, he loves noisy companies and can easily tell friends all family secrets. It is for this reason that the Pisces woman closes herself in the company and does not like fun parties. They tire her very much.

Pisces Men – Gemini Women: Compatibility

Such a union is the complete opposite of the previous one. A sociable Gemini woman has energy in full swing, she has time to visit everywhere. The Pisces man, on the other hand, does not attend any joint events. This is the difference between a man and a woman – Pisces, who meekly follows her partner everywhere.

In the initial stage of a relationship, a Pisces man will be able to attract the attention of the other half. He gives out information in portions, which is very intriguing for an inquiring woman – Gemini.

In such a union, a man will always experience the torment of jealousy. By nature, a man – Pisces – is monogamous, it is not typical for him to flirt left and right. The same cannot be said about loving Gemini. They cannot live without attention to themselves of the opposite sex. Moreover, they subconsciously seek non-long-term relationships. It is because of jealousy that the relationship, where he is Pisces, and she is Gemini, can collapse very quickly.

Of course, the compatibility of the signs of Pisces and Gemini leaves much to be desired. However, there is still hope for further relations and a prosperous union. Such a development of events is possible if Gemini and Pisces have astrological horoscopes atypical for their signs. For example, Gemini will be under the strong influence of Cancer, and Pisces – under the influence of Aquarius.

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