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Scorpio and Cancer – sign compatibility

The relationship between these two signs is based on an inexplicable, fantastic attraction. Their world is built by supernatural instinctive understanding. The compatibility of the signs of Scorpio and Cancer is characterized by the fact that partners feel each other perfectly at the subconscious level.

Scorpio and Cancer - sign compatibilityEach sees the shortcomings of the other, but instead of trying to fix them, he regrets his chosen one. In such a union, the incredible happens: both Cancer and Scorpio grow spiritually under the influence of each other, at the same time receiving what they have dreamed of for so long – real feelings.

Scorpio and Cancer compatibility gives an idea of ​​an ideal relationship. Harmony reigns here, and no one makes any special efforts to this: everything goes on as usual. Cancer for Scorpio is a source of knowledge, while Scorpio opens a previously unknown world of sensations and instincts to Cancer. These signs are similar even in their rancor. The only difference is that Cancer is more impressed to close in itself in response to resentment, quietly sobbing away from society. Scorpio, on the other hand, cherishes and cherishes the plan of revenge in order to then carry it out.

These signs of the zodiac form a long-term harmonious union. They support each other in everything, it is extremely rare to hear reproaches or accusations here. Each of the partners seems to see themselves in the mirror, and their inherent selfishness does not allow offending their beautiful reflection.

The compatibility of the signs of Scorpio and Cancer is supported by a strong financial foundation. Together they are able to move mountains. Scorpio knows perfectly well how and where to make a fortune, and Cancer will easily preserve and increase it. In all matters, partners are able to support each other. They do not fight for territories, but in the best way divide spheres of influence. Among other things, their values ​​and ideals in life are identical. Scorpio and Cancer can create a strong, financially prosperous cell of society that has its own foundations.

However, this relationship also has a weakness. Partners should avoid excess in everything, and especially in alcohol, sex, drugs, etc. Any mistake can lower this wonderful union to the very bottom of society. And the way back will be very difficult for both.

Scorpio and Cancer sexual compatibility

The intimate relationship between Scorpio and Cancer is ideal. Scorpio lives by instincts, bed is his element. Cancer is madly attracted to this, in return he gives Scorpio a sea of ​​sensuality and emotions. The life of these partners together is full of passion, which is fueled by the inner strength and energy of Scorpio. They are very good with each other. It is difficult to imagine more suitable partners.

Compatibility: Cancer man and Scorpio woman

In such a pair, the head of the family is a woman. Lady Scorpio will provide her man with the stability, support and protection he needs so much. The Cancer man in response to this will be gentle and caring. The reward for the union will be the achievement of harmony and tranquility. Pluto, ruling Scorpio, has more power and authority than the Moon of Cancer.

Scorpio and Cancer - sign compatibilityThis explains such compatibility of the signs Cancer and Scorpio in the ratio of man-woman. Scorpio is leading in these relationships, but Cancer does not always want to be blindly led, especially since he is the head of the family. Therefore, at times the idyll of this married couple is violated by his insubordination. The Cancer man is capable of being very fussy and unbalanced. To remain himself, which means to be sweet and delicate, he needs his beloved to unobtrusively help him deal with his conscious and subconscious fears. Otherwise, Cancer faces another depression, which is very difficult for him to get out of on his own.

A Cancer man and a Scorpio woman should remember that humor is their main ally. However, the fine lines of humor cannot be crossed; any grin here can play a fatal role. Offended Scorpio is vindictive, if Cancer happens to hurt the pride of his chosen one, it is better to immediately seek shelter. Having offended Cancer, Scorpio, perhaps, will drown with him in tears, and then will try for a long time to again raise the spouse’s self-esteem.

If you do not go to extremes, this union is durable and brings happiness to both partners. Together, a Cancer Man and a Scorpio woman can reach the heights of a career, ensure financial well-being and give birth to children, unusually talented and beautiful.

Compatibility: Cancer woman – Scorpio man

The Cancer woman admires her timid mystery. She is able to arouse a lot of interest in herself. She looks cold and restrained, she is able to enjoy little things like a child, she has a great sense of humor. Due to external detachment, this woman is often misunderstood, considering her to be selfish and vain. One of the few who can make out her real one is the Scorpio man. After all, they are so similar, and I understand each other on an intuitive level. Understanding on the part of a partner gives a Cancer woman a tremendous sense of gratitude. She becomes sweet, gentle and caring, falling in love with a Scorpio man, who attracts her with his mystery. The compatibility of the signs of Scorpio and Cancer, when she is Cancer, he is Scorpio, is characterized by the external coldness of such a union. Their element is Water, and both partners consider it inappropriate to openly show their feelings. Scorpio is a master of self-control. He is very emotional, sometimes something incredible is happening in his soul, but no one will ever see it. This is his secret.

At the same time, He and She are very sensual and sentimental. And only Cancer and Scorpio can see this in each other. Problems can arise if a Scorpio begins to put pressure on a partner, trying to completely take over the relationship. Scorpio’s unbearable jealousy will not add to their happiness. In such a union, the main thing is to trust each other and maintain maximum openness. Then love will bring them a sea of ​​pleasure, and the relationship will be long lasting.

Cancer and Scorpio business compatibility

The business compatibility of the Scorpio and Cancer signs is truly phenomenal. In four hands, they are able to perform unimaginable feats. There is both creativity and down-to-earth practicality. This brilliant alliance is able to stand at the head of an entire corporation, competently guiding its development. As colleagues, Cancer and Scorpio understand each other perfectly, quickly finding ways to solve the most important problems.

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