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Taurus and Virgo – sign compatibility

The compatibility of the signs Taurus and Virgo is individual for each pair. They have different personalities, but these signs are not complete opposites. Virgos are purposeful, organized, ready to make concessions. Taurus, on the contrary, rarely set goals for themselves, but prefer to live life smoothly without much change. They are also a little selfish in their behavior and cannot change their lifestyle at the moment. Taurus and Virgo have one thing in common – they love to create home comfort, honor family traditions and respect their parents.

Taurus and Virgo - sign compatibilityBoth signs are united by the fact that they are not used to living fantasies and dreams. They do not like to plan anything and come up with new things, they are satisfied with a quiet, calm lifestyle. The signs understand that they will achieve a lot if they work for a long time, and not hope at random. They do not like to take risks and do not understand how other people live. Taurus and Virgo appreciate each other very much. They are always ready to give their beloved care, affection, love, which provides a solid foundation for building harmonious serious relationships. They both strive for this, despite the opinions of others, being for each other, first of all, friends.

Taurus and Virgo compatibility is not always perfect, and, like any couple, they often have quarrels. At the same time, they have their own peculiarity that they never “wash dirty linen in public.” Taurus does not like it when Virgo is too thrifty and tries to drag everything into the house. Everything suits him and he does not see any reason to change anything. Virgo is a hardworking, balanced sign that is always ready for improvement. If she is offered a new job with high wages, but for which it is worth learning, she will certainly agree. In this case, Taurus is ready to continue working where he knows everything, where everything is without surprises. Sooner or later, the purposeful Virgo will get tired of this, and she will begin to push her partner to change jobs, hinting at this. Often in their family, all conversations are conducted with a focus on the financial topic. Changing a Taurus is unlikely and a gentle Virgo cannot do it at all. From here quarrels and conflicts begin, although they pass quietly, but end peacefully. Virgo, in the end, because of her compliant nature, will agree with Taurus, and they will continue to live peacefully without changes. How these two signs will live depends mostly on themselves, and the compatibility of the signs Taurus and Virgo will develop more from household and social factors.

Taurus woman Virgo man – compatibility

From the first meetings, a lot contributes to such a relationship. They both love constancy, a calm quiet life, do not flutter in the clouds. Hence, we can say that the compatibility of Taurus and Virgo , if Virgo is a Man, is very high. In everyday matters, disagreements rarely arise, because Virgo is always ready to give in to an economic spouse.

Taurus and Virgo - sign compatibilityShe is ready to manage the family budget and pull everything on herself. She is an excellent hostess, which the Virgo man really likes. In relation to him, she shows enough wisdom so that he does not feel in a “golden cage”, but at the same time completely controls him. Both signs are satisfied with their life, because he is used to clean linen and a refrigerator full of food, and such stability is considered normal.

Virgo woman Taurus man – compatibility

Women – Virgo are too neat and economic. They like to buy new curtains, tablecloths, trendy appliances for their home. For Taurus, this behavior seems too wasteful, because they are used to saving up for something. They are economic by nature and love home comfort, but they never change their habits. If from childhood you do not teach Taurus to wash your socks or not to throw things away, then with age they will not change their habits. Virgos will not tolerate this, and there will be frequent quarrels. They love to take care of the house, they enjoy washing floors and dishes, working in the garden. They will push men – Taurus to this and teach them everything. To please their beloved, they can agree with her for a while. But they will do this only in order to avoid conflict. In fact, they will only get pleasure from the usual pastime, to which they have become accustomed for many years. Based on all this,Taurus and Virgo compatibility is below average. They are different, and do not want to accept each other's foundations, from which their relationship may soon fall apart. A lasting union can only be when the partner is completely depressed, or find solace on the side or in some interesting activity.

Taurus and Virgo love compatibility

Despite the fact that both signs are quiet and calm, their personal life does not suit either one or the other. Taurus is too straightforward and does not understand why there are so many foreplay before intercourse. Virgo, on the other hand, needs to hear more compliments each time, to receive a lot of affection and love. This is important to her. Taurus, on the other hand, does not think that you need to give your best to make love, and you will never get romantic actions from him. The Virgo will either have to come to terms with its monotony, or turn their attention to other activities. In this connection, the compatibility of Taurus and Virgo in bed depends on how much they love each other and whether they are ready to make concessions by changing their established principles.

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