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Taurus and Pisces – sign compatibility

People born under the signs of Taurus and Pisces are interesting and extraordinary. Absolutely different character traits bring them together, making a marriage or friendly union surprisingly to everyone very strong and real, so we can say with confidence that the compatibility of Taurus and Pisces is very high.

Taurus and Pisces - sign compatibilityMarriage compatibility: Taurus and Pisces

A marriage between Taurus and Pisces can be quite stable and long-lasting. It is based precisely on the different attitude of the zodiacal signs to everything that happens around. Taurus is passive and slow in life, Pisces, on the contrary, is mobile and expressive. Only by reuniting, they find common harmony.

The family union is held mainly on the strong shoulders of Taurus, and Pisces provide him with all kinds of assistance and support. The family foundation is reliable and strong, which makes the marital compatibility of the signs of Taurus and Pisces real and significant.

Taurus tries to work hard, except for the main profession, he always finds a part-time job for himself. Such hard work exhausts him, and Pisces creates the conditions so that Taurus can relax, restore strength and energy. This continues until a serious break arises in the union.

A successful marriage can only crack for one reason, which is the partner's infidelity. For Taurus, adultery means real betrayal. Until the end of his days, he will not be able to come to terms with the infidelity of his half.

Love between Taurus and Pisces

Both representatives of the signs know how to love themselves and allow them to be loved. Taurus is soft, gentle and honest in relationships. He is not ready to betray and do meanness to a loved one. Sometimes, due to an overestimated criterion of honesty, it seems to him that Pisces are deceiving him and even cheating, excessive suspicion adds a spoonful of dectus to a barrel of honey – with the compatibility of Taurus and Pisces. Taurus begins to suffer, exhaust himself with jealousy and suspicion. So that such a state does not lead to a break in relations, Pisces must always prove their sinlessness and love for Taurus.

Pisces dream to be loved for a long time and passionately, doing everything for this. They know how to value sensual relationships and, as a sign of gratitude, give their partner (partner) all the best that they have. In a love relationship, the compatibility of the signs of Taurus and Pisces is very strong. Feelings are strengthened day by day, grow and relationships can become ideal when high material wealth is achieved.

But there are times in life when Pisces really wants to retire, hide away from everyone. Such a moment alarms Taurus, the obsessive thought of adultery re-emerges in his mind. But over time, this passes when the state of mind of Pisces acquires harmony and they “return”.

Compatibility in bed between Taurus and Pisces is going well. The tenderness of Taurus and the romance of Pisces go well together, making the relationship tender and full of feelings. Often insane passion flares up between the signs, filled to the brim with love, tenderness and emotions.

Taurus and Pisces's attitude towards money

A very sensitive and delicate topic in relations between partners is the financial side. Often, how each partner views money plays a fundamental role in the relationship.

Taurus and Pisces - sign compatibilityTaurus strives to provide for itself by old age, thinking from a young age about how to collect solid capital. He devotes his whole life to this goal, even sometimes denying himself small joys. With the growth of money savings, Taurus gains confidence and meaning in life, which cannot be said about Pisces. This has a significant impact on the compatibility of the signs of Taurus and Pisces in financial matters. Sometimes there are serious disagreements between partners, and if someone does not give up, a break in the relationship will come.

Pisces, realizing their temporary “presence” on earth, live only for today. They are real spenders: not caring at all about the future, Pisces is spending everything today. Their goal in life is to maximize the satisfaction of their natural needs for food and sex. In addition to fine food, they like good wine or a stronger alcoholic beverage. Often carried away by alcohol, Pisces lose their sense of proportion, which creates increased tension between partners.

How do Taurus and Pisces spend their leisure time?

Each sign has its own interests and they do not intersect often. Taurus devotes all his free time to “creating” capital. He cannot live a day without earning money. For him, rest is a waste of time, which is more expedient to spend on something more substantial. He teaches this principle to his children, who from an early age are faced with such concepts as “save”, “earn”, “ensure financial security.”

This greatly affects the compatibility of the signs of Taurus and Pisces in the field of leisure, it is not stable, even shaky , because Pisces, unlike Taurus, just love to live without worrying about the coming day. They are interested in art, travel, play sports or dance and just have fun. Their life is a continuous holiday that ends with the last bill in their pocket. Pisces spends it without much regret on a movie ticket or a bottle of good champagne.

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