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Taurus – Taurus sign compatibility

Taurus is a calm, balanced sign that values ​​home comfort, loyalty, stability, and has tremendous endurance. When two such signs meet, then it is definitely for a long time. Compatibility Taurus – Taurus  signs is very high, because at the first meeting they see each other as a kindred spirit. Often they have the same outlook on life, they have common interests, because the characters are almost the same.

Taurus - Taurus sign compatibility

To those around, Taurus' relationships will seem monotonous and boring, because both will prefer a quiet family vacation in front of the TV to some kind of event. This monotony can only seem, because in fact they have complete mutual understanding and quiet family harmony without quarrels and disagreements. They can arise only against the background of everyday issues, because all Taurus are “domesticated”, and for everyone it is very important what color the curtains will be or where they will buy a new iron. In this case, if opinions differ, everyone will stand their ground. They are also united by a fear of novelty, of something completely unknown. It is important for both Taurus to understand that you need to learn to give in, supporting each other, and not be limited to discussing only everyday issues.

Taurus – Taurus compatibility is considered high due to the fact that they both avoid change. Often it is difficult for them to even go to file for divorce, because they will need to get used to an unfamiliar lifestyle. For the same reason, they will meet for a long time, because everyone is afraid to be the first to decide on such a responsible step. Passivity and lack of initiative are characteristic of Taurus. They will be more comfortable if the partner decides everything for him. From this it is difficult for them to take on new obligations and start living together with someone.

There is another feature in the Taurus-Taurus relationship – predictability. They do not tend to portray someone, they behave naturally. To start living together is a huge plus, because you immediately know with whom you will live, without surprises. But this can also be called a minus, because it is almost impossible to re-educate Taurus. If he came up with something and he has a clear plan in his head, he cannot be forced to change his mind. It also has a bad effect after the birth of a child, because those who liked to sit at the computer after work will never change their habits. Against this background, there are sometimes violent quarrels, but Taurus quickly agree to reconciliation, calmly returning to their previous stable life.

Feelings of Taurus are getting stronger every year, and habit plays an important role in this. If at the beginning of the relationship they showed concern and affection for their partner, then after many years nothing will change. Therefore, Taurus relationships in most cases are perfect. They love nature, do not live in their dreams, but work hard to achieve jointly set goals. Only jealousy can lead them to parting, because they are great egoists and owners, they always think only of themselves. They consider not only correspondence on social networks to be a betrayal, but also any manifestation of freedom. It's good that they both know how to ask for forgiveness and live calmly and patiently.

 Taurus – Taurus sexual compatibility

In bed, Taurus does not quite fit together. The same temperament does not allow to bring variety to the intimate life, but for them it is a plus.

Taurus - Taurus sign compatibilityIt is important for them to be consistent in everything, including in bed. But such stability will soon bother anyone, and they will no longer enjoy making love. For women, this is the perfect combination, but for men, this will be a stumbling block. Not all men – Taurus are ready to endure this, they have instincts to try themselves with different women. Taking care of each of them, they get great pleasure. But Taurus will have to accept that a Taurus woman is an emotional nature who expects loyalty from a partner and will not tolerate betrayal.

Taurus – Taurus in a working relationship

 Taurus is very comfortable with each other at work. They work at the same speed, unhurriedly, and always take their work responsibilities responsibly. They are not looking for something new at work, they are satisfied with what is. Often such a business relationship develops when both of them work for someone and they have the same job responsibilities. Taurus' business does not work out in any way, because they are not able to come up with new things, they are not ready to take risks.

Taurus and Taurus signs compatibility in friendship

Taurus are very good friends. They are loyal, devoted, and because of their special character trait – the fear of the unknown, they prefer to be friends with the same people for many years. They will always come to the rescue, support a comrade, no matter how stupid he does. It's in their spirit. With friends, they always have common traditions, for example, going to the bathhouse or quiet, quiet walks. They will never get tired of it.

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